digital design and printing technology for wall art decor n.
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Digital design and printing technology for wall art decor PowerPoint Presentation
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Digital design and printing technology for wall art decor

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Digital design and printing technology for wall art decor - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Digital design and printing technology for wall art decor

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One of the known tricks used by the professional decorator are wall decals and wall decor. These adhesive applications are designed to stick on any wall, providing a small space to express any pattern, feature or emotion desired.

With digital design and printing technology evolving, there are now a massive variety of wall decals and wall decor available.


They can come in the form of abstract designs, detailed portraits, quotations, maps and a thousand other variations.


Some of the different types of wall art and wall decor that are being used by professionals today to individualize your home are images, quotes, and designs. These are the most basic types of wall art and wall decals.


The images are the most popular. Digital technologies have allowed for more elaborate and in-depth imaging than ever before.


The most popular images include trees, birds, cityscapes, animals, maps, characters from films, flowers - even the faces of famous movie stars like Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe.


All types of decals allow for you to become an artist and express yourself through your home. Whatever you choose reflects on your own tastes and passions and this is why wall decor has become very popular in modern day décor.


Wall decals are also available as designs. These can be abstract, original designs in black and white or color. They can be more recognizable designs, such as musical notes, a modernist take on a real object, such as flowers, or even something more unusual such as bar code.


The designs are able to add to existing décor. They are also versatile enough to mean something different for each viewer, so that a design you choose because it reminds you of the wallpaper in your childhood home may strike someone else for an altogether different reason.


Designs are very popular, but perhaps the fastest growing category of wall decals is the third and final we will look at, quotations.


Quotations provide for the most individualistic expression of all decorating tools. These can be created by purchasing letters, or the exact quotation can be purchased.


These are most often used to express a positive attitude toward life, to keep someone motivated, or an expression of love for one's family and home.


Placed on the wall, they can have a big effect and add the right touch with just about any décor that might be in the room.


When it comes to wall decorating, personal is best. Professional decorators can select one for you, of course, but the one you will appreciate most is the one you select for yourself.


It will be something that speaks to your passions in life, your dreams and the things that you hold most dear.


Whether it's the image of the eiffel tower, a tree branch with budding flowers symbolizing a new you, or a quote from your favorite movie, the right wall decal will personalize your home more than anything else.