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University Chair on Innovation

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University Chair on Innovation. Centro METID Kick-off Meeting Graz – 5th february 2009.

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university chair on innovation

University Chair on Innovation

Centro METID

Kick-off Meeting

Graz – 5th february 2009

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.This publication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

introduction centro metid

Introduction – Centro METID

METID - Metodi E Tecnologie Innovative per la Didattica

Set up in 1995, METID is born to foster the development and adoption of innovative tools and methodologies in university teaching.

Today METID is the University Center dealing with design, development and delivery of e-learning services, both at national and international level, offering training on the issues of e-learning, e-collaboration, Web 2.0


Introduction – Centro METID

About 40 people operate at METID, with different roles (IT administration, editing, software development, visual design, tutoring, e-community animators, projects management)


Introduction – Centro METID

  • 8 project areas:
  • International
  • Science & young people
  • Didactic and innovation
  • Enterprises
  • Lifelong learning
  • Inclusion & Cooperation
  • Communication and Collaboration

Introduction – Centro METID – International Projects


Interior Architecture OnLine: experimentation with new strategies for internationalization based on the development of distance learning supported by new technologies.

The project is realized with the School of Civil Architecture in collaboration with University of Tianjin and Italian companies operating in the Republic of China


Introduction – Centro METID – International Projects


Project developed in collaboration with Daido Institute of Technology Dit and Politecnico BEST Department, using eproject platform for distance activities between Italian and Japanese students, engaged in the design of new buildings for artists in disused area of Sesto San Giovanni, on the outskirts of Milan.


Introduction – Centro METID – International Projects


Realization of Learning Objects (LO) repository and teacher training on repository creation and use.


Introduction – Centro METID – International Projects


eLearning Network is a consortium in which METID is a founding member, born as a result of the publication of the collection of case studies “Virtual models of European Universities” sponsored by the European Union in 2003.

The consortium realized 3 projects funded by European Union:

eLene TT, e-learning teachers and trainers network creation;

eLene EE, research and analysis on e-learning economics;

eLene TLC, creation of a Teaching and Learning Centre, European collaborative space for teachers, tutors and students on ICT issues.


Introduction – Centro METID – International Projects


SenioR Employees training on inFOrmation and CommUnication technologies: project funded by European Union on reconversion and training of “over 45” employees: definition of the learning model, in collaboration with LIUC, Carlo Cattaneo University and other European partners.


Introduction – Centro METID – International Projects


Platform to delivery distance learning courses in the field of Supply Chain Management in collaboration with European Union and DIG, Management Engineering Department, of Politecnico

Country Partners

Hungary, Germany, Romania

previous tempus experiences

Introduction – Centro METID – International Projects

  • VIRTUS - Croatia: Realization of an on-line information service with the mission to unify all available information resources about scholarship opportunities available to Croatian citizens for study both at home and abroad
  • Project type: Structural and Complementary Measures: 1 years
  • Coordinator:SIC - International
  • Educational Center Zagreb
  • Contact person: Ninoslav Scukanec
  • Partners:
  • Grant Applicant: Technische Universitat Dresden
  • 1st EU Partner: Politecnico di Milano
  • 2nd EU Partner: CNOUS France
  • Regional Partner: World University Service, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina and all of the Croatian universities (6): University of Zagreb, University of Rijeka, University of Zadar, University of Split, University of Dubrovnik, University of Osijek

Previous TEMPUS Experiences


Introduction – Centro METID – International Projects

Previous TEMPUS Experiences

  • DEACST - Accreditation and standardization of distance education
  • Coordinator:
  • Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan (Sweden)
  • Partners:
    • - Scientific Learning Production Complex "Academy of Distance Education" (SLPC "ADE") , Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, National technical University of Ukraine "Kiev Polytechnic Institute"    Ukraine
    • - Swedish National Agency for Higher Education  Sweden
    • MMB Institute for Media and Competence Research  Germany
  • Objective: To facilitate the introduction in Ukraine of standards and a system for accreditation for distance education, compliant with the European ones

Centro METID – Unchain: WP5

WP5: EU – MEDA Virtual Environment

Centro METID is going to lead Task Group 5* in WP5:

Developing an EU – MEDA Virtual Environment and Strategy for University – Industry

Cooperation in Innovation

The EU-MEDA Virtual Environment is aimed at ensuring the following aspects:

internal and external dissemination

communication between universities

sustainability of the innovation chair initiative

Partners involved:

* Task Group 5 is composed by: Centro METID andMEDA Universities staff


Sharing web resources and ideas

Progettazione della comunicazione


Centro METID – WP5 activities (FY M1 – TY M12)

WP5 is composed by the following main activities:

5.1 Enhancement of the IT infrastructure of the MEDA universities

5.2 Design and customization of the online tools

5.3 Technological/methodological training in e-cooperation for enhanching

University (UE and MEDA) – Enterprise networking

5.4 Online activity management, creation of an University – Enterprise online knowledge sharing system


Centro METID – WP5.1 activities (FY M1 – FY M8)

WP5. 1: Enhancement of the IT infrastructure of the MEDA universities


enhancing the IT infrastructure necessary to support the MEDA universities in the use of the e-learning

and e-cooperation tools developed in the project


preliminary analysis of the available IT infrastructure;

establishment of 3 computer labs at 3 different MEDA Univ. (Cairo, Hassan II, Aleppo);

upgrading and adding more IT tools to the existing computer labs (other MEDA Univ.)

Staff involved:

The MEDA universities will have to order the required IT equipments after consulting Centro METID.

One staff member from Centro METID will be available at the MEDA universities during the installation to

provide technical support.

Centro METID: technical support;

MEDA Univ.:

IT team of Cairo (Egypt), Hassan II (Morocco) and Aleppo (Syria) Univ: Resp. for lab installation (PC,server and network), Resp. for ICT purchases

other MEDA univ: : Resp. for lab installation (PC,server and network), Resp. for ICT purchases


Centro METID – WP5.2 activities (FY M3 – FY M8)

WP5. 2: Design and customization of the online tools


implementing a customised mix of e-cooperation platforms (communication, interaction and cooperation between all the actors involved about the innovation topics)

developing frequent interactions among all the subjects involved (professor, industry representatives, students, etc.) to support interpersonal exchange of experiences for the creation of a common strategy definition


Context analysis (local technological facilities, usage rate of distance cooperation tools, normative rules which could affect the project activities, needs of cooperation actors both on the University and the enterprise sides)

Adapting the established/available computer laboratories, where necessary

Design and installation of software facilities necessary to the network (synchronous and asynchronous platforms and web2.0 tools).

Staff involved:

Centro METID: wp5.2 responsible

MEDA Univ.: participating to achieve process’ good practices


Centro METID – WP5.1 and WP5. 2 draft plan/ proposal (trips)*

* The same trips will be used to achieve at the same time activities of WP5.1 and WP5.2


Centro METID – WP5.1 and 5.2 activities (FY M1 – FY M8): Next Steps

Next Steps: First trips/ meetings (1/2 day+ 1 day+1/2 day)

Staff involved:

Centro METID

MEDA Univ:

- 1 Thecnical (responsible for lab installation and upgrading)

- Staff en charge of project activities

- anyone else considered by PM MEDA Univ. important to be involved at this stage of the project


- Inspection of locations for labs installation (Cairo, Aleppo, Hassan II)

- Inspection of existing labs (Sekem, S. Joseph, Sfax)

- Inspection of distributed IT station (PC of professors, researchers, students,other staff, etc.)

- Interview to staff involved to point out the following aspects: contex of the project activities, users

needs (specific for the project), previous experiences of MEDA univ. Staff in e-cooperation, on line

communication, internet use, etc

All relevant information for WP5 project activities


Centro METID – WP5. 3 (FY M9 – SY M3)

WP5. 3: Technological/methodological training in e-cooperation for enhancing University (UE and MEDA)- Enterprise networking


supporting the outcomes of the project: University Chair activities (output 1), re-skilling program (outcome 3) and MSc twining program (outcome 3). Representatives for the three programs will be selected to be trained under this activity

creating the basis of a sustainable and durable e-cooperation among European Universities, MEDA Universities and Enterprises operating in all MEDA Countries, through an effective and efficient exploitation ofICT resources and web 2.0 e-cooperation tools


set of blended course (face to face and online meetings) to train the selected group on e-cooperation initiatives

development of a dialogue between universities and universities - enterprises

Staff involved:

Centro METID: wp5.3 responsible

MEDA Univ.: participating to the proposed training activities (target groups)


Centro METID – WP5. 4 (SY M1 – TY M12)

WP5. 4: Online activity management, creation of an University-Enterprise online

knowledge sharing system


spreading the results of the cooperation activities

pushing the growth of more interesting collaborative projects and discussions

stressing on the necessity to establish a university chairs on innovation in the MEDA region


supporting the work group during the identification of projects that require collaboration (as the MSc

twinning program) and cooperation of university Chairs to trigger virtuous mechanisms that enforces the exchange of reciprocal experiences;

follow up the work group during both the planning of the activities to be performed through the use

of tools placed at disposal and the coordination and management of the same activities;

monitoring and evaluating the experiences of exchange between Universities and Enterprises developed in order to rise out significant interaction models that incorporate methodological and technological choices;

collecting and sharing in an online knowledge sharing system all the contents and projects developed by Universities and Enterprises involved by putting in evidence good practices developed

Staff involved:

Centro METID, Task Group 5, EU/MEDArepresentatives involved in the project


Centro METID – Planning





Do you agree on the proposed planning?

OK: AGREEMENT with partnership on the proposed PLANNING.