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Our Saints Presentation . By Grade 4M St. Mary School Monroe, Michigan 2011. St. Cecelia, pray that our singing at liturgy may be a true prayer!. St. Cecelia . St. Cecelia is the saint of music. A legend says St. Cecelia was stabbed in the neck with a sword three times.

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our saints presentation

Our Saints Presentation

By Grade 4M

St. Mary School

Monroe, Michigan


st cecelia

St. Cecelia, pray that our singing at liturgy may be a true prayer!

St. Cecelia

St. Cecelia is the saint of music.

A legend says St. Cecelia was stabbed in the neck with a sword three times.

St. Cecelia wanted to give her life to God but her parents forced her into marriage with a nobleman named Valerian.

Ruchita Coomar

st blase

ST. Blase

He blessed throats which is a Catholic custom.

He was a doctor before he was a priest.

He was a priest who tamed the wild animals.

St. Blase, pray for us.

Blake Amato

st matthew

St Matthew

St. Matthew is the patron saint of bankers. St. Matthew became an apostle. St. Matthew quit his job and followed Jesus even though Matthew’s job paid him a lot of money.

St. Matthew, pray that we may not be fooled into thinking money can give us the most important things in life.

Logan Varsogea

st luke

St. Luke, pray for us.

St. Luke

St. Luke is the patron saint of artists, painters, doctors, sculptors, glass-workers, and butchers.

St. Luke’s feast day is October 18.

The symbol for St. Luke as an evangelist is an ox.

Jessica Long

st elizabeth

St. elizabeth

She was the first person

born in the United States. She opened the first American Catholic parish school. She had five children, two boys and three girls.

St. Elizabeth Seton, pray for us.

Libby Notario

st mark

St. Mark

He is a Gospel writer.

He was the pioneer in Gospel writing. Little is known of Mark.

St. Mark pray that we may thirst for the word of God!

Amber Snider

st mary

St. Mary

Mary was born on September 8th. She was a young Jewish girl who lived in Nazareth, a town in Galilee. When the angel Gabriel was sent by God to Mary to announce the Savior’s coming, Mary was engaged to Joseph. On January 1, we celebrate the Solemnity of the Mother of God.

Holy Mary , Mother of God , pray for us.

Anna Cusumano

st stephen

St. Stephen , pray that we have a happy death , that we die full of faith and love!

St. Stephen

He was a patron saint of stonemasons.

He died at age 36.

St. Stephen was one of the first deacons in the church.

Jack Lindquist.

st justin

St. Justin, pray for us!

St. Justin

When Justin was young he searched everywhere for truth. He traveled to many big cities, where he talked and studied wise teachers. He also went to Rome and opened a school of Christian philosophy. In about 165 A.D. Justin was arrested for being a Christian, but he refused to deny his faith in Jesus and his Church.

Max Prochnow

st anthony

St Anthony, pray that we may be strong against temptation.

St. Anthony

St. Anthony was born in Egypt in 251

He lived to year 251 to 356

He was the Patron saint of butchers, grave diggers and graveyards, domestic animals, skin diseases.

Anthony Levesque

st nicholas

St. Nicholas, pray for us and help us give gifts

of love to others.

St. Nicholas

St. Nicholas goes to people’s houses and throws bags of gold into their houses because they are really poor. The man who lives in that house that he threw a bag of gold in he couldn’t even afford weddings for his three daughters. Later he heard the oldest got married and later he heard the youngest daughter got married.

Nicholas Newcomer

st joan of arc

Saint Joan of Arc,

pray for us.

St. Joan of arc

St. Joan of Arc is the patron saint of French soldiers . She was born on January 6. One day when fourteen year old Joan was working in the garden, a light came upon her and a voice called her name. Later she heard three voices. She kept these voices a secret. When she was 16 she was captured and sold to the English. As she was led to the stake an English soldier made her a cross of twigs. We learned from Joan that when we allow God to work in our lives we can do the impossible things.

Maddie Haut

st andrew

St. Andrew, pray that we live up to the name “Christian.”

St. Andrew

St. Andrew is a patron of Russia, Scotland, the Greek Church, fishermen, and fish dealers.

St. Andrew’s feast day is November 30th.

Drew Bodine

st rose

St. Rose

St. Rose, pray for us.

Rose was a girl that loved flowers a lot.

St. Rose was born on April 20th, 1586

and she died on August 24th 1617.

In the last years of her life she became very ill.

She died at the age of thirty one.

Rose Smith

Rose Smith