what is a simple machine n.
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What is a Simple Machine? PowerPoint Presentation
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What is a Simple Machine?

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What is a Simple Machine? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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What is a Simple Machine?
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  1. What is a Simple Machine? • A simple machine has few or no moving parts. • Simple machines make work easier

  2. Simple Machines • Simple Machines can be put together in different ways to make complex machinery

  3. Inclined Planes • An inclined plane is a flat surface that is higher on one end • Inclined planes make the work of moving things easier

  4. Example of Inclined planes

  5. Wheels and Axles • The wheel and axle are a simple machine • The axle is a rod that goes through the wheel which allows the wheel to turn • Gears are a form of wheels and axles

  6. Example of Wheel and axle

  7. Pulleys • Pulley are wheels and axles with a groove around the outside • A pulley needs a rope, chain or belt around the groove to make it do work

  8. Example of pulley

  9. Wedges • Two inclined planes joined back to back. • Wedges are used to split things.

  10. Example of wedge

  11. Screws • A screw is an inclined plane wrapped around a shaft or cylinder. • The inclined plane allows the screw to move itself when rotated.

  12. Example of Screw

  13. Levers-First Class • In a first class lever the fulcrum is in the middle and the load and effort is on either side • Think of a see-saw

  14. Example of 1st class lever

  15. Levers-Second Class • In a second class lever the fulcrum is at the end, with the load in the middle • Think of a wheelbarrow

  16. Example of 2nd class lever

  17. Levers-Third Class • In a third class lever the fulcrum is again at the end, but the effort is in the middle • Think of a pair of tweezers

  18. Example of 3rd class lever

  19. Cartoonist not inventor. Used simple machines in his comics to accomplish simple tasks. Rube Goldberg

  20. Your Task • To create a Rube Goldberg design with the ending result being to accomplish something minimal (like cracking an egg) with a complex (hard) effort.

  21. Guidelines • At least 3 simple machines involved (use notes taken today) • Only the first action can be a “human action” • Must have at least five actions.

  22. Examples of Tasks • Crack an egg • Pop a balloon • Feed a pet • Bring in a newspaper

  23. Types of Materials you can use • Dominos • Tubing • Ruler • Marbles • Funnel • Wind up car • Pulleys

  24. Don’t Go And Buy Anything

  25. Your Grade • Simple Machine Notes/Planning sheet • Rube Goldberg Blueprint – drawn w/ ruler, labeled • Rube Goldberg model • Did your Rube Goldberg complete the task? Extra credit given.

  26. Today’s Task • Begin brainstorming a simple task for your machine to complete. • Decide which simple machines you are going to use. (Need at least 3) • Decide what materials you need and who will bring them. We begin building tomorrow. Don’t buy anything.

  27. Final Design of Rube Goldberg Draw and label below Task_________ List the 2 types of simple machines used in your Rube Goldberg How many actions are in your Rube Goldberg Rube Goldberg Rubric Simple machine notes(5) Blueprint (15) Rube Goldberg(80) Did Rube G. complete the task(extra credit) (10)

  28. Remember • Notes and Planning sheet due today. • You are able to work by yourself or with others of your choice. • Groups must be on task and productive at all times. • A warning will be given to any group note adhering to the above guidelines. • Once a group has a total of TWO warnings, the group will be dissolved.