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Cuba. Patriotism or death. 1492  Columbus claimed Cuba for Spain. 1898  Spanish American War gave Cuba to the United States until it’s independence in 1902. Kept Guantanamo Bay

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Patriotism or death


1492  Columbus claimed Cuba for Spain.

  • 1898  Spanish American War gave Cuba to the United States until it’s independence in 1902.
    • Kept Guantanamo Bay
  • Fragile democracy was replaced by the authoritarian dictator Batista in 1952; corruption and oppression of the people.
  • 1959  Overthrow of Batista by Fidel Castro who made a single-party state under communism.

Castro and government seized all private property; took control of all social sectors of society (media, government, education, medical, etc.); imprisoned or exiled political opposition.

    • Executed 15-17,000 people
    • “re-educated” teachers, professors, religious leaders, etc.
  • U.S. angered due to the seizing of U.S. property equaling about 1 billion dollars.
  • 1961  U.S. Bay of Pigs Invasion attempted to overthrow Castro government; CIA trained Cuban exiles.

1961  Cuban missile crisis occurred when JFK demanded the Soviets withdraw Cuban missiles pointed at the U.S. (90 miles from Florida).

1962  U.S. embargo on Cuba; restriction to spend money in Cuba results in a travel restriction for U.S. citizens to go to the island.

Over 1 million Cubans fled Cuba for the United States.

Obama Administration seeks “new beginnings with Cuba;” has allowed Cuban Americans to travel and new visa options for Americans.


2008  Fidel Castro succeeded power to his brother Raul.

2011  Cuba announce the beginning of private property and business within a year.

Reform possible under Raul.

o bservations

Beautiful environment.

Infrastructure amazing, but falling apart due to them not being “kept up.”

No racism or sexism

No poverty, homelessness, disease, etc.

People frustrated and wanting more.

Political suppression

Police state

No options for ANYTHING

Propaganda everywhere


2 types of currency

  • Not enough rations
  • Black market
  • No technology
  • Old vehicles and machinery
  • Feeling of safety
  • Music everywhere!
  • Discrimination against able bodied intelligent people.
    • “In communism, inequality comes from placing mediocrity on a level with excellence.” –Pierre Joseph Prudhon