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S tudent Visa Presentation for Australian Awards Scholars PowerPoint Presentation
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S tudent Visa Presentation for Australian Awards Scholars

S tudent Visa Presentation for Australian Awards Scholars

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S tudent Visa Presentation for Australian Awards Scholars

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  1. Student Visa Presentation for Australian Awards Scholars • Lulu Sacdalan • Student Visa Program Coordinator • Australian Embassy Manila

  2. Getting There Your next step is to apply for a visa to travel to Australia. Among other things, the Department of Immigration and Border Protection will assess: Your financial capacity to support yourself and your family; Your health; and Provide information on your likely visa conditions.

  3. The Regulations stipulate that a certain Australian dollar amount must be accessible by the applicant in order to support their stay. This figure is not necessarily indicative of the actual costs of living in Australia. Aus Awards scholarship winners are provided with scholarship funds to allow them to support themselves whilst studying in Australia. Your scholarship allowance will cover this requirement. Financial Capacity

  4. What if…? But…..what if I want to bring my family to Australia?

  5. Dependent family members may be included in your visa application and accompany you to Australia on a Student visa. Family members considered as dependents: Spouse Children, who are still dependent on their parents Dependent family members MUST be declared on the application. If not declared, your dependents will not be eligible to travel to Australia as a student visa dependent. Exception: subsequent marriage or birth after the Student visa has been granted (provided it is still valid) Secondary (Dependent) Applicants

  6. Your dependents – Financial Calculations • Dependent family members also need to have the support of Aus Awards for the grant of a visa (and 'nil' VAC). • If there is evidence to suggest that the stipend/allowance is not sufficient to cover the family (for example, if the family unit is large or Aus Awards have indicated that they are not providing financial support for the family) • The scholar must provide evidence that they can meet the financial capacity requirements to cover the costs related to their dependent family unit members

  7. If you include your dependents to travel now, or add a new application later, you must show you have the financial capacity to support their travel for the first 12 months of their stay in Australia. Living costs: Main applicant – AUD 18,610 per year Spouse (35%) – AUD 6,513.50 per year 1st child (20%) – AUD 3,722 per year 2nd + child (15%) – AUD 2,791.50 per year each Travel costs: Each applicant – AUD 1,500 per person Your dependents – Financial Calculations

  8. For example: Mary has received a scholarship with full tuition and a stipend/allowance of AUD 24,000 per year. She wishes to take her husband and two children with her to Australia. She therefore needs to show the following amounts: School/tuition costs: $ Paid by scholarship Living costs:Mary $18,610.00 Husband $6,513.30 (35%) Child 1 $3,722.00 (20%) Child 2 $2,791.50 (15%) Travel costs: 4 people $6,000.00 TOTAL: $37,636.80 Example Calculation

  9. Mary has to show she has access to AUD 37,636.80 She has been awarded a scholarship allowance, on top of the tuition, of AUD 24,000. Total financial support required $37,636.80 - Allowance awarded $24,000.00 =Remaining financial support $13,636.80 Therefore, to take her three dependents (her husband and two children), she needs to show evidence of a further $13,636.80 on top of the scholarship allowance. This amount is required whether the dependents are added now or later. If they are not intending to join the main student, then only $9,136.80 is required as financial support, which can be covered through the scholarship. Example Calculation (cont.)

  10. Money deposits of loans held with a financial institution under your name, family, or other financial supporters connected to you. There is a current list published of Philippine banking institutions which meet the definition of ‘financial institution’ under Australian migration legislation. Funds presented from foreign accounts can be considered. Acceptable Sources of Funds

  11. You must show that they will be financially supported during your absence. No monetary figure is allocated to this support required, but it must meet the local living standards in the Philippines. Ways of providing evidence that your family will be supported whilst you are in Australia include: Evidence of ongoing employment and/or income of spouse; Evidence of accommodation arrangements; and Evidence of financial support from a third party/family member. Dependents not travelling

  12. Health Requirement All student visa applicants must meet the health requirement by completing examinations with an Australian approved panel doctor Any dependents travelling will also need to undertake medical assessments with a panel doctor. Any follow-up examinations or treatment can delay your application.

  13. My Health Declaration My Health Declarations (MHD) is a service for clients who have not yet lodged a visa application and wish to do health examinations before lodging their visa application. To avoid delays, you can complete your health examinations before lodging your visa application by using My Health Declarations. Complete the electronic My Health Declarations online:

  14. Visa Conditions 8105 work limitation You may work while in Australia, but no longer than 40 hours a fortnight while school is in session, and not before your course begins. 8104 work limitation (dependents) Your dependents may also work no longer than 40 hours a fortnight while school is in session and not before you start your course. If you are studying a Masters or Doctorate course, no limitations apply for dependents. Fortnight means the period of 14 days commencing on a Monday

  15. Special Return Criterion You are not able to apply for a future visa to return to Australia within 2 years of returning from your study, without written support from Aus Awards. This includes any travel for tourism or business purposes.

  16. Your Facility representative will assist you in making your application for visa. A valid passport is required to be granted a visa. Your health assessment must be assessed as clear, with any requested additional medical testing and/or treatment completed. Your dependents who are travelling with you must also have completed medical assessments and passports before a visa can be granted. What do I need to apply?

  17. Visitor Visa an option? Student Dependant Visa • Work: Spouse/partner may work (allowable hours) • Study: Children may study • Visa validity: same as the visa validity of the student (based on the duration of study) • Visa Application Charge: Free Visitor Visa • Work: not allowed • Study: allowed for up to 3 months • Visa validity: maximum of 3 months stay • Visa Application Charge: PHP 5,600 each

  18. Good luck in your studies and time in Australia! Questions?