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ISKCON-EUROPE CIT OFFICE Consultancy-Intelligence-Training PowerPoint Presentation
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ISKCON-EUROPE CIT OFFICE Consultancy-Intelligence-Training

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ISKCON-EUROPE CIT OFFICE Consultancy-Intelligence-Training - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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ISKCON-EUROPE CIT OFFICE Consultancy-Intelligence-Training. ISKCON-Europe’s action center on funding options. Started as a proposal from the ELM meeting in october 2011 (Villa V rindavana) Main reasons to take this proposal serious was that: ISKCON Projects funded by the EU in the past

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iskcon europe cit office consultancy intelligence training

ISKCON-EUROPECIT OFFICEConsultancy-Intelligence-Training

ISKCON-Europe’s action center on funding options

context of cit

Started as a proposal from the ELM meeting in october 2011 (Villa Vrindavana)

  • Main reasons to take this proposal serious was that:
    • ISKCON Projects funded by the EU in the past
    • Economic recession
    • Milking the same cow
    • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
  • Brainstorming sessions during ELM and separately with devotees in a working group which was formed during the ELM.
  • Purpose of the working group to see the possibilities of how to establish an office that can support the different ISKCON projects in Europe in applying for funding by organizations as the EU.

 Establishing CIT in EURO-RGB meeting in May, Zagreb

Context of CIT
accredited by iskcon europe

“During the last meeting in Zagreb, Croatia on 12-13 May 2012 the Euro RGB approved creation of 'Consultancy, Education and Training Center' (CET Center) with an initial one time budget of 21,306.40 Euro which will be covered by European yatras”

Accredited by ISKCON-EUROPE
what have we done till now

Application of UK, BE, Croatia, and Slovenia for ELM travel. Accepted for Ram Charan prabhu & Isvara puri prabhu.

2. Radhadesh: EVS-Host (European Voluntary Service)

  • Radhadesh will receive €400-650/month per volunteer
  • Volunteers will receive 90% of travel cost funded
  • Volunteer will receive an allowance of €50-100/month (depending of the country)
  • Status: we are awaiting final accreditation.

3. BC application for EVS host accreditation

Status: awaiting for new statutes of BC

What have we done till now?
from may now 2

4. Meeting with JINT (Flemish Bureau: handles applications for the Youth-In-Action program)

5. Meeting with Xavier (EPOS-Vlaanderen: handles applications of Lifelong Learning Program)

6. Meeting with EU-Rail for partnership: Mobility program  willing to sponsor train tickets through Europe for youth up to 26yrs old.

7. Consultancy of Radhakrsna pr and Karmen for the masterplan of Villa Vrindavan

8. Meeting with Mobistar for mobile calling package for Radhadesh and BC

From May-now (2)
from may now 3

9. Bridges to Success (BTS) seminar application for funding by LLP in Slovenia. Funding was not granted.

CIT decided to still have the seminar because for the deadline of 1-10-12 some projects could still be submitted for funding. Seminar was in Sept, partially subsidized by R’desh and partially funded by the participants.

16 Participants of 7 yatrasattended.

Goal: familiarizing with application procedure, funding options, defining annual plan for CIT

From May-now (3)
from may now 4

10. Radhadesh applied for host-entrepreneur and is accepted.

  • Entrepreneurs who are interested to learn a certain topic contact Radhadesh and will get monthly a fee (830 €/month) for meals, accommodation. travel costs are separately funded. Radhadesh and Entrepreneur will have to submit a report.
  • Application for Mangalavati dd & Jahnava Sundari are accepted as young entrepreneur to learn certain entrepreneural skill in Radhadesh. Application of Arwind Netra pr is accepted and is running.
From May-now (4)
from may now 5

11. For the deadline of YIA 1st of Oct we applied:

  • Radhadesh: BTS seminar for mid January 2013 (20000 €)
  • HFB: Travelling 12hr Kirtan party: R’desh, Cologne, Paris, UK, ... (Youth-Initiative: 5000 €)
  • Rotterdam: Happy Cakes with Smiles (Youth initiative: 6900 €)
  • Den Haag: New temple proj (Postcode Loterij: 0,5mio €)
  • Antwerp: Seminar during Mellows (YIA:22000 €)
  • Slovenia: Pizza-Effect (Youth Initiave: 5,500 €)
From May-now (5)
go forward plans

Personal contacts with the EU-offices have proven to be invaluable.

  • Financial resources are necessary to make the personal contacts with the organizations and to operate.
  • Setting up a vibrant network with focal points of each yatra is crucial and needs special effort
  • Acceptingthat the possibilities of funding are real can make a substantial difference
Go forward plans
capacity building

H. H. Sridhara Swami: “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”.

  • Capacity building
  • Legal entities
  • Planning at least 1yr ahead
Capacity building