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Peter III. Of Russia. Danielle Farrand. HISTORY. Born February 21, 1728 Born in Kiel, Germany and became Duke of Holstein- Gottorp after the death of his parents ( His mother died 2 weeks after his birth and his father died when he was 11 years old).

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Danielle Farrand

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Peter III. Of Russia

Danielle Farrand

  • Born February 21, 1728
  • Born in Kiel, Germany and became Duke of Holstein-Gottorpafter the death of his parents (His mother died 2 weeks after his birth and his father died when he was 11 years old).
  • He later became the Proclaimed King of Fineland.
  • He had an arranged marriage with Catherine the Great .
  • He gained the throne of Russia in 1762.
  • Emperor of Russia for 6th months
foreign policy
  • Very pro-Prussian
  • Immediately after taking over the throne, he ended the 7 years war and made peace with Prussia
  • After withdrawing troops from Prussia, Prussia claimed Russia to be an ally and no longer an enemy
  • Desired to expand Russia’s power westwards —he looked to Denmark and Northern Germany
  • Planned a war against Denmark- accused of planning an unpatriotic war (ultimately this was is seen as a failure for Peter III.)
domestic policy
  • Passed 220 new laws during his throne
  • Called for religious freedom in Russia
  • Got rid of the secret police within the country
  • Fought corruption within the country
  • His most popular reforms was the manifesto of February 1762, which exempted the nobility from obligatory state and military service. It also gave them freedom to travel abroad.
  • Established the first state bank in Russia
relationship with catherine
  • Their marriage was arrange and not a happy one.
  • Catherine described peter as an “idiot”, “drunkard from Holstein”, and a “good-for-nothing”.
  • They produced a son, Paul. Although, Catherine had claimed that Paul was not fathered by Peter.
  • During their residence in Oranienbaum, each had numerous other lovers.
peter s death
  • Died July 17, 1762
  • His supposedly assassination was a result of a conspiracy led by his wife, Catherine.
  • Catherine’s lover, his brother, and the guards carried out this murder. They announced to Catherine in a letter that “the monster is dead”
  • It was announced that he had died of hemorrhoids.
  • After his death, Catherine the Great claimed the throne.
  • Catherine established that she was the savor of Russia and that Peter was going to be the crucifier of Russia.
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