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The Official Publication of The Bernstein Family Circle, Inc.

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BERNSTEIN FAMILY CIRCLE, INC. THE TATTLER. The Official Publication of The Bernstein Family Circle, Inc. ~ SPECIAL 75 th ANNIVERSARY EDITION ~ ~ Summer 2009 ~. Alan Fine – Editor Helene Fine – Publisher finetimer @ phone & fax xxx-xxx-xxxx.

I am the owner, or an agent authorized to act on behalf of the owner, of the copyrighted work described.
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The Official Publication of The Bernstein Family Circle, Inc.


~ Summer 2009 ~

Alan Fine – Editor Helene Fine – Publisher

finetimer @ phone & fax xxx-xxx-xxxx

EST. 1934

Our beloved founders presented to us a beautiful temple of family ties.

It is our duty to preserve it for our future generations - cousins forever!

Next Meeting . . . .

Come on – join us

The next meeting of the BFC will be held at 11:30 AM on Sunday, September 13, 2009 at the home of Wendy Rothman, xxx-xx xxxx Avenue, xxxxxxx, xx. Please give her a call at xxx-xxx-xxxx to let her know if you’ll be attending. A collation will be served.

Last Meeting . . . .

Here’s some of what you missed

The last meeting was held on Sunday, May 3, 2009 at the home of Helene & Alan Fine in Somerset, NJ. The major topic of discussion was Stanley Rothman’s motion to eliminate the one-time $150.00 fee assessed for cemetery beautification and maintenance prior to the issuance of a permit for a footstone. Since the ‘point-of-reference’ for the motion was not part of the original motion as required, Sharon Ranonis read that information into the minutes – that information is: Article XIII, Section 3, Perpetual Care, Page 32.

After a ‘very colorful, very loud, and very high-energy’ discussion, the vote was called. Alan Fine handed in 31 sealed envelopes (and 6 e-mail votes) containing votes from cousins all over the country. Several of the envelopes also contained letters, all which were read aloud. Richard Bernstein also handed in 8 e-mail votes that he had received. The ballots were counted, twice, and added to the votes of those in attendance, with the following results: For = 20; Against = 57. The motion was defeated & the fee stands. The Board was delighted by the number of cousins that participated in this vote and would like to extend their ‘thanks’.

Jack Cohen Memorial Fund – Thank you for your contributions . . . .

% Arlene Rothman, xxxx xxxx xxxx., xxxxxxx, xx xxxxx Checks payable to Jack Cohen Memorial Fund

To the memory of Eddie Meyer: Alan & Helene Fine, Sharon & Tom Ranonis, Arlene & Harvey Weber, Robert & Nadia Bernstein

To the memory of Florence Shear: Sharon & Tom Ranonis, Arlene & Harvey Weber,

Robert & Nadia Bernstein

My Error . . . .

These ‘greetings’ were missing from the 75th Anniversary Journal . . . . So sorry!

Full Page – Ralph Leon Shear – “In Loving Memory of Harry & Bessie (Bernstein) Shear”

FullPage – Robert & Nadia Bernstein – “In Memory of Samuel & Ida Bernstein, Herbert & Vivian Bernstein, Muriel & Sheldon Bernstein, and Bernard Baskin”


From the Editor . . . .

The view from my desk

The BFC’s 75th Diamond Anniversary Reunion Weekend was held June 5-7, 2009. It’s exactly 109 miles from our garage in Central NJ to The Woodloch Pines Resort in Hawley, PA in the Northeast corner of the Pocono Mountains - the venue for our celebration. It should have been an easy 2 ¼ hour drive. We went up a day early to make sure everything was ready for our family, and to become more familiar with the facilities, activities and personnel. We drove on through the rain, and on, and on, and on. We had to stop for something to eat (hey – I’m a Bernstein!), and arrived at the resort in only 3 ½ hours!

My favorite was the steamed clams with butter – not just a few, but buckets and buckets of them! I was not the only Bernstein visiting the steamer kettles more than once (did I mention . . .)!

After lunch we headed over to the beautiful indoor/outdoor pool & spa and sports complex. It was, after all, time for a swim and a nap – but not necessarily in that order!. The rest of the afternoon was taken-up with other leisurely pursuits, including a dip in the lake (brrrrrr – 71 degrees!). As we walked around the resort that day, we couldn’t help but notice cousins involved

in many of the activities offered, some indoor as well as out. Speaking of indoor activities, Tom & Sharon Ranonis, Arlene & Harvey Weber, and yours truly, took first place in the weekend’s ‘trivia contest’!

Our Family Meeting took place before dinner. Center-stage on the dais was the beautiful (and tasty!) 75th Anniversary sheet cake, to be served as dessert after dinner. To open the meeting, both Sharon and I offered ‘Welcome’ comments, and reflected

It continued to rain on Friday, and since there are so many outdoor activities at Woodloch, I started to get concerned. We spent Friday antiquing, shopping and, oh yes, eating (did I mention that I’m. . oh yes, I did)! The weatherman (and the resort owner) promised us a beautiful weekend – both kept their word!

For those cousins who did not attend this marvelous weekend, here’s a little sample of

on the importance of sustaining interest in The BFC. Sharon presented two plaques for service to The BFC; the first was presented to Murray Tulis (who could not attend due to the untimely death of his son-in-law, Eddie Meyer), and the second was presented to Dr. Richard Bernstein. Carin Baskin made a surprise presentation to the family, of the ‘original, framed and matted’ “Proof of Certificate of Incorporation of The Bernstein Family Circle”, signed and sealed December 19, 1934. This Certificate had been ‘misplaced’ for many generations. The entire Circle owes thanks to Carin’s brother, Jeffrey Baskin, for getting it back home where it belongs. Carin suggested during her presentation, that we establish the position of “BFC Curator” as a logical repository for BFC historical documents, photos, etc. Sharon stated that she would bring it to the Board at the next meeting (sounds like we have a volunteer to me!).

what you missed. At breakfast on Saturday all you could see at our tables was a sea of blue – the beautiful blue BFC t-shirts that cousin Martin Tulis made especially for the reunion. After what can only be described as a ‘never-ending country breakfast’, (did I mention . . . . ) we waddled out of the dining room in search of our first activity. Helene and I took a paddle boat out on the beautiful lake. Others headed for more vigorous activities: nature walks, go carts, batting cages, water skiing, and more. After our ‘workout” we were exhausted so we hopped aboard one of the resort’s pontoon boats for a tour of the lake. The tour ended just in time for lunch – which today was Woodloch’s weekly cookout BBQ. But wait . . . yes, of course hot dogs & hamburgers, but also chicken, (both fingers & wings), fish, ribs, turkey wraps, corn-on-the-cob, plus almost every type of salad and relish you can imagine, fresh fruits, watermelon, and home-made ‘flying saucers’ for desert!


From the Editor . . . . Continued

I read a letter from the Governor of NY State, David Patterson, congratulating us on reaching this milestone. A letter from the Mayor of NY City, was received earlier and included in the Anniversary Journal. Both letters are reprinted in this Tattler. The Family Meeting ended with a candle lighting of our Anniversary Cake by all children in attendance.

Dinner was another Woodloch ‘feast’, and it was also a “theme night”, as the dining room was decorated to resemble a cruise ship, with all the waiters and waitresses decked out in dress white uniforms, plus many other surprises! Although the resort’s special desert that night was ‘mud slide ice cream pie’, when they rolled out our sheet cake, and the entire dining room sang ‘Happy Anniversary’ to us, I knew that I had to have that (and a little mudslide pie too – did I mention . . . ?).

After dinner it was ‘Showtime’ in the nightclub, and quite a show it was – continuing with the nautical theme, a full cast of singers, dancers and musicians entertained us with a production called “Cruising Through the 70’s”. The show included a Beijing acrobat/balance act , and ended with a comedian.

Breakfast on Sunday morning was another treat, featuring Belgian Waffles this time (Saturday it was Blueberry Pancakes!). After one more wonderful meal, many of us decided that this morning’s activity needed to be a walk (so we’d have room for lunch, I guess – did I mention. . . . .?). We spent about an hour walking through Woodloch’s beautiful fern-covered woods. Our walk exited the woods right at the spot that the hay ride was loading up, so that became our next activity. After the hay ride we decided it was time for the go carts. It was really good to do all these activities as a group! We had a lot of fun together!

How can I possibly describe lunch? Woodloch simply listed it as “Smorgasbord” on their Daily Program – I’d have call it a “Gastronomic Banquet”! The serving table started at one end of the dining room and went all the way over to the other end! I think that I saw the center table bending under the weight of all the jumbo shrimp and king crab legs. Many of us did our best to remedy that situation by helping ourselves to seconds (thirds?) of these delicious crustations (did I mention . . .?). Other offerings included carved London Broil, lasagna, shrimp stuffed with crabmeat, chicken, fish, salads and fruits galore – and even ‘peanut butter & jelly sandwiches’!

What did we like most about Woodloch? What comments did cousins make to me about the weekend? For most of us it was not only the resort’s magnificent setting, or its large, spotless, well equipped, well appointed, and well maintained accommodations, or it’ superb and seemingly endless activities, or all the quality meals, (I might have mentioned that Bernsteins like to eat!), but the #1 comment, the words I heard over-and-over again, was its absolutely outstanding staff! Woodloch needed to be congratulated on its selection and training of its employees – which is exactly what I did, as the resort’s 2nd generation owner, John Kiesendahl, (his sons can be seen in various management positions all over the resort – and even in the Friday night “staff show”), constantly strolls around the dining room at meal time, stopping at every table to speak to his guests, insuring their satisfaction with everything.

Most of us were preparing to leave right after lunch (although the resort had a 3:00 PM check-out time!), so, sadly we started saying our ‘good-byes’ to one another. What made all of the months of work involved to put this weekend together worth it for me, was that more than one cousin asked if we could come back to Woodloch Pines for our 80th!

Not a bad idea!

It’s the Gypsy in me . . . .

Here’s some recent address updates. Send your updates to:

Carl Bernstein xxx xxxxxxxxx Avexxxxx xxxxxxx, NY xxxxx-xxxx

Sunshine Greetings – Thank you for your donations . . . .

An easy way to say hello or publish a remembrance.

ANNA STERN – Forever in our hearts this Mother’s Day & everyday.

Your daughter Cynthia, & grandchildren, Jennifer, Melinda, Nicole & Peter.




From The Governor of NY




From The

Mayor of NYC

June 5, 2009

Dear Friends:

It is a great pleasure to welcome everyone to the 75th Diamond Anniversary of the Bernstein Family Circle, Inc.

Established in New York City in 1934 by Simon Bernstein, Sadie Franklin and Anna Sperling, the Bernstein Family Circle continues to honor the founders’ message of preserving the “beautiful temple of family ties” for years to come. Family is one of the most important bonds a person can experience, and I hope the younger generations of the Bernstein family will be able to learn from their elder’s wisdom and experiences.

On behalf of the City of New York, I congratulate you on your strong family ties and extend my best wishes for an enjoyable reunion.


Michael R. Bloomberg




The BFC Celebrates its



Diamond Anniversary

Photos by Ed Turkel & Alan Fine


Sunshine Report – Announcing your Birthday or Anniversary

Send updates to our Sunshine Lady: Maddie Silver, xxx xxxxxxx, xxxxxxxx, NYxxxxx-xxxx


Elaine Tulis Maddie Silver Elissa Sperling Allison Grabin

Lee Antman Amanda Lopez Jeanne Graulich Matthew Bernstein

David Shear David Sperling Jason Bernstein Sheri Partnow

CarlyBecher Dr. Ira Cheifetz Michael Stanley Turner Browne

Jerry Nathan Joan Goldstein Michael Aronow Dr. Stephen Sperling

Judith Taylor Harrison Weber Dr. Stuart Lubert Emily Bernstein

Paul Cheifetz Sharon Ranonis Lauren Bernstein Barry Goldsmith

Dylan Schwartz Sklar Albertson Daniel Ingberman Mark Graulich

Brent Antman David Goldberg Rebecca Bernstein Shirley Kirschbaum

Susan Roberts Barry Bernstein Dr. Saul Spielsinger Dr. Neil Spielsinger

JULY ANNIVERSARIES Melissa & David Aronow 

Lori & David Stone Sondra & Elliot Kerzner Sondra & James Bergquist

Rita & Larry Bernstein Melissa & Michael Stanley Carin Baskin & Ed Turkel

Judith & Arnold Taylor Audrey & Dr. Jerry Powell Barbara & Ronald Schwartz

Barbara & Joel BlumenBenay & Dr. Richard Shear Elaine Partnow & Turner Browne

Judith & Howard Slovin Sandra & Dr. Stuart Lubert Ruth & Dr. Arthur Ingberman


Susan Berl Jerry Lief Elena Salisbury James Barber

Alex Cohen Colby Laufer Marvin Sperling Tessa Rose Albertson

David Mash Stanley Rothman Joan Sperling Dr. Alvin Spindler

Andrew Grabin Dr. Michele Tulis Dr. Robert Berg Dr. Jeffrey Spielsinger

Clifford Stern Helene Hendricks Robert Albertson Ellen Antman

Laura Stern Marilyn Davis William Bernstein Daniel Rosenberg

David Shear Beverly Corbin Diane LichtMetheny Stephen Steinberg

Daniel Stern CarlyRenshawShainaRestaino Craig Becher

Kyle Ravens Bea Kaskowitz Dr. Dave Spielsinger


Helene & Alan Fine Farrah & Ben Wax Sondra & James Bergquist

Linda & Martin Silver Helene & Bruce Hendricks Dr. Lisette & Dr. Daniel Berg

Margot & Bruce Jaffe Barbara & Tony Truocchio Deborah & Dr. Steven Bernstein

Andrea & Tom Osmun Evelyn & William Bernstein Jacqueline & Dr. Robert Berg

Barbara & Joel Rothman Dr. Judith & Dr. Herb Hyman Nancy & Karl Brinkman

Robin & Gregg Goldstein


Aaron BergquistMacie M. Cohen Sophia Rose Rothman ArlyneDruckman

Shane Bergquist Victor Lazar Louise Nathan Marlene Rampal

Jim Bergquist Margo Tiffen Jesse Goldberg Myrna Margolin

Mark Tulis Richard Tulis Gregg Goldstein Jesse Max Meyer

Ian Ravens Roslyn Tobias Sheila Schulman AlexaLindenberger

ConnyBeil Frances Frank Bruce Hendricks Chad Berl

Joyce Tulis Rachel Lubert Samantha Bernstein Martin Tulis

Tyler Stone Sandra Lupert Richard Bernstein Dr. Robert Bernstein

Mark Cohen Jeffrey Kantor KarimKaspar Muriel Licht

Eddie Meyer Michael Ravens Richard Ravens Jeffrey A. Bernstein

Rita Smith


Ellen & Lee Antman Michelle & Richard Marker Audrey & William Grabin

Sallie & David Schneir Florence & Ralph Leon Shear Laurie & Joel Kramer

Sandy & KarimKaspar Carol & Dr. Richard Bernstein Melissa & Ross Berman


Membership Information . . . .

This could be your last Tattler

Very Important Information – Look for Your Name Below

If your name appears on this list, this is the last Tattler you will receive and your membership in The BFC will be suspended, including burial privileges!

Please contact our Ass’t Financial Sect’y, Arlene Weber at or via US mail at 2432 Cadillac Drive, East Meadow, NY 11554-1205, to take care of your dues responsibility. If you are on this list and have already taken care of your 2009 dues responsibility, please accept our apology in advance.

Beil, Jeffrey & Connie

Beil, Norman

Berl, David

Berl, William

Bernstein, Barry

Bernstein, Beverly

Bernstein, Harvey

Bernstein, Jeffrey

Bernstein, Richard W.

Bernstein, Rosalind

Bernstein, Victor

Cheifetz, Ira & Linda

Disick, Stewart & Aileen

Frank, Terry & Frances

Franklin, Eleanor

Goldberg, Stanley & Margaret

Goldstein, Glen & Beth

Goldstein, Joan

Goldstein, Nathan

Goldsmith,Barry & Michelle

Grabin, Andrew & Alison

Harris, Steven

Jaffe, Bruce & Margot

Kaspar, Karim & Sandy

Kramer, Joel

Lazar, Ethan & Karen

Lazar, Anita

Leaver, George & Michelle

Licht, Ben

Lief, Millicent

Marker, Richard & Michele

McNair Robert & Lynda

Metheny, Doyle & Wife

Miller, Harriet

Nadel, Albert & Isabelle

Pezzello, James & Eileen

Pugh, Joseph & Wife

Rodin, Phyllis

Rosenberg, Bradley & Jennifer

Shaw, Allyson

Schacter, Robert & Wendy

Schneir, David & Sallie

Schulman, Robert & Wife

Schwartz, Eric & Bonnie

Schwartz, Ronald & Barbara

Seltzer, Cerise

Spielsinger, Jeff & Maria

Spielsinger, Neil & Penny

Spielsinger, Saul & Luann

Spindler, Alvin & Patty

Stanley, Michael & Melissa

Steinberg, Steven & Barbara

Tiffen, Adam & Shadlin

Tiffen, Craig

Tiffen, Margo

Tobias, Jerry & Roz

Tucker, Dolly

Tulis, David & Lisa

Waxman, Harris & Lloyd

July 20, 2009

You must be a ‘member-in-good-standing’ of the BFC in order to continue to receive The Tattler or any other benefits.

Do you know someone on this list?

Do a Mitzvah – give them a call, they may not have seen their name here!

Did you know that if you are 65 or older and have been a dues-paying

‘member-in-good-standing’ for the last 10 years, you can apply for

Golden Age Membership in the BFC?

Golden Age Members pay no more annual dues, but receive full BFC benefits!

Contact Arlene Weber petoof @ xxxx xxxxxxx., xxxxxxx, NY xxxxx


Looking Into The Circle . . . .

News about family members from far and wide – send info about your family to:

Jerry Bernstein reports that his granddaughter, Jodi Schnier was married on May 30, 2009 to David Kreizer, an attorney practicing law in NJ. The nuptials took place at the Ocean Club in the Bahamas. Mazel Tov!

Michael Aronow, great grandson of Anna Berl, was called to the Torah as a Bar Mitzvah on July 11, 2009. Proud parents are Dave & Missy Aronow, grandma is Susan Berl. Mazel Tov!

Ralph Leon Shear has been appointed as a Chevalier in France’s Legion of Honor in a letter from the President of France to the Ambassador in Washington, DC.

The unveiling of a stone to the memory of Florence Shear took place on June 14, 2009 at Beth Moses Cemetery, Plainview, NY.

Brett Rampal has received his Master’s Degree in Nuclear Engineering from UF. He has accepted a position with Westinghouse Energy, first in Pittsburgh for 6-months, then in Charlotte, NC. Congratulations!

Becca Baskin has completed her first year in her Doctorial Program for Physical Therapy. She still finds time for ice dancing and working on Internationals (Olympic dances)!

Irene Shear was recently visiting Beth Moses Cemetery to see her mother-in-law, (Florence Shear) and met Marsha Hills Gorman who was there visiting her husband (James Gorman). The two cousins did not know each other then, but do now!

It is with sorrow that we announce the untimely passing of Eddie Meyer, husband of Dana Tulis and son-in-law of Murray & Joyce Tulis. Our condolences to the entire Tulis family.

Daniel Stern graduated from High School on June 2, then enlisted in the U.S. Air Force on June 8. WOW!

Bernie Baskin graduated from Washington University Law School in May. He is currently studying for his boards in Boston and has accepted a position at a law firm in Singapore! Brother Danny Baskin graduated from Maryland Institute College of Art and plans on moving to New Orleans after the summer. Parents Jeff Baskin and Sue Weinstein Baskin are proud of their boys.

From the April 30, 1941 Tattler . . .

“Ten Important Rules to Kill an Organization” Written by Thomas ‘Tubby’ Barnett


If you do come, come late.

If the weather doesn’t suit you, don’t think of coming.

If you attend a meeting, find fault with the work of the officers and other members.

Never accept an office, as it is easier to criticize than to do things.

Nevertheless, get sore if you are not appointed on a committee, but if you are, do not attend committee meetings.

If asked by the chairman to give an opinion regarding an important matter, tell him you have nothing to say. After the meeting, tell everyone how things ought to be done.

Do nothing more than is absolutely necessary, but when other members roll up their sleeves and willingly, unselfishly use their ability to help matters along, howl that the association is run by a clique.

Hold back on your dues as long as possible – a much better idea, don’t pay any at all.

If you don’t receive a bill for your dues, don’t pay – according to your records you owe the association nothing., create a job for the secretary and an expense for the association mailing out statements, then yell that you didn’t receive any.


BFC Oktoberfest Fun Cruise to Bear Mountain

Autumn bursts with a magnificent display of

foliage in the Hudson River Valley and there’s no

better way to witness this event than aboard

Circle Line Sightseeing Cruises’ Bear Mountain

Cruise. Take in the crisp autumn air and awesome

views as the vessel makes its way up the

scenic Hudson River to historic Bear Mountain,

where you will have the opportunity to disembark

for two-hours and enjoy Bear Mountain’s annual

Oktoberfest. Admission to Oktoberfest

is complimentary.

Join your cousins for a fun-filled day on Saturday, October 3

Ship sails from Pier 83 – W. 42nd St, & 12th Ave, NYC

Boarding time: 8:30 AM – Return: 5:30 PM

Parking is available for $30.00

No picnic baskets please!

Food & refreshments available on-board and at the Oktoberfest

Group RateBFC Member Rate*

Adults $40.00 $10.00

Seniors (65+) $35.00 $ 5.00

Children (12 & under) $30.00 FREE

*For the first 40 ‘Members in Good Standing’. Underwritten by The BFC.




Reservation Form

BFC Cruise to Bear Mt.

Saturday Oct. 3, 2009

Name _______________________________________ Phone ___________________

Address________________________ City________________ St___________ Zip________

Tickets: # Adults ______@ $10.00 = $_________ E-Mail __________________

# Seniors _____@ $ 5.00 = $ ________

# Children ____ @ FREE = $ ________

TOTALS _____ = $ ________

PLEASE LIST ALL NAMES: ____________________

___________________ ____________________

___________________ ____________________

___________________ ____________________

Checks payable to BFC must accompany your reservation. Send to:

Alan Fine

xxxx xxxxxxx xxxx

xxxxxxxx xx xxxxx



Own A Piece

of History

We have a limited supply of Reunion Weekend Journals

(includes the new, updated Family Tree)


Beautiful BFC 75th Diamond Anniversary t-shirts

in sizes: S, M, L, XL, & XXL available for sale

All items are $6.00 each which includes postage.

Specify your sizes and send your check payable to BFC to:

Alan Fine, xxxx xxxxxxxx xxx, xxxxxxxx, xx xxxxx


Alan Fine – Editor

Helene Fine – Publisher

xxx xxxxxxx xxx

xxxxxxxx, xx xxxxx

~ ~ ~

Home Office & Fax:

(xxx) xxxxxxx

~ ~ ~


finetimer @

Special Edition

~ 75th Diamond Anniversary ~







1934 - 2009