Evaluation assessment testing chapters i ii
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Evaluation, Assessment, & Testing Chapters I –II - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Evaluation, Assessment, & Testing Chapters I –II. Jacob Luth. What is a Test?. A way to measure someone’s ability knowledge, or performance in an area. What is a Test?. It requires performance from the test taker -- t he student must answer a question from a reading passage

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Evaluation assessment testing chapters i ii

Evaluation, Assessment, & Testing Chapters I –II

Jacob Luth

What is a test
What is a Test?

  • A way to measure someone’s ability knowledge, or performance in an area

What is a test1
What is a Test?

  • It requires performance from the test taker

    -- the student must answer a question from a reading passage

    It must measure a specific skill

  • -- In seconds how quickly can you cover one hundred meters

What is assessment
What is Assessment?

  • Assessment is the process of gathering and discussing information from multiple and diverse sources in order to develop a deep understanding of what students know, understand, and can do with their knowledge as a result of their educational experiences; the process culminates when assessment results are used to improve subsequent learning.

    (Learner-Centered Assessment on College Campuses: shifting the focus from teaching to learning by Huba and Freed 2000)

Examples of assessment
Examples of Assessment

  • Observing the classroom

  • Asking students questions

  • Giving a quiz or exam

  • Students reflecting on the class

Formative assessment
Formative Assessment

  • Evaluating students as a “process” with the goal of helping them achieve the course objectives…

    • For example

      Classroom Observations

      Discussion Questions

Summative assessment
Summative Assessment

  • Aims to measure what a student has learned throughout the course

    • For example:





  • The extent to which a test is dependable and repeatable

  • It is not whether or not a test is achieving its purpose – That’s something else!

Types of reliability
Types of Reliability

  • Student Related Reliability

  • Rater Reliability

  • Test Condition Reliability

  • Test Reliability

Rater reliability
Rater Reliability

-- Human Error

-- Subjectivity and Bias


  • The extent to which inferences made from assessment results are appropriate, meaningful and useful.

  • Does a test measure what it is suppose to measure


  • Content Validity

  • Criterion Related Validity

  • Construct Related Validity

  • Face Validity

Content validity
Content Validity

  • Does a reading test measure a student’s reading ability?

  • Does a speaking test measure a student’s speaking ability?

How can i increase content validity
How Can I Increase Content Validity?

  • What are the objectives of the course?

    For example: Students will be able to write using the simple past, present, and future tenses.

  • What are your test objectives?

    • Can students write with fluency in the simple past tense? (Do your test objectives align with your course objectives)

  • Do your test questions align with your test objectives?

Face validity
Face Validity

  • The degree to which a test looks correct and appears to measure the knowledge or abilities in claims to measure

  • (If you think the test is good. The test is a good!)

How can i increase face validity
How can I increase ‘face validity’?

  • Directions are easy to follow

  • Questions are easy to follow

  • The difficulty level is just right

  • It has high ‘content validity’

  • Students understand the format of the test


  • The effect of testing on instruction (teaching & learning)

    -- The things on the exam become the things that are emphasized in the course

Discussion questions
Discussion Questions

  • Is it good to have wash back in the classroom? Why?

Discussion questions1
Discussion Questions

  • Is it important to have ‘face validity’ if your assessment contains ‘content validity’?

Discussion questions2
Discussion Questions

  • Why is rater ‘reliability’ important?