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our community our kids n.
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our community. our kids. PowerPoint Presentation
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our community. our kids.

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our community. our kids.
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our community. our kids.

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  1. our community. our kids.

  2. Introduction To Foster Care Redesign • Guiding Values and Principles: • Family driven • Youth guided • Community-based • Culturally competent • Individualized • Least restrictive setting • Coordinated among agencies

  3. Single Source Continuum Contract (SSCC) • our community. our kids. (OCOK) • A division of ACH Child and Family Services • Serving children referred for paid foster care and purchased services from Region 3b • Erath • Hood • Johnson • Tarrant • Palo Pinto • Parker • Somervell

  4. Provider Network - Development of A System of Care • Transparent • Collaborative • Accountable

  5. Companion and Guiding Documents • DFPS Minimum Standards • Governing State and Federal Laws • Provider Services Agreement • Provider Manual • Master Region 3b SSCC Contract

  6. OCOK Organizational Chart

  7. Performance Measures • Children are safe in foster care. • Children/youth have stability in their placement. • Connections to family and others important to the child are maintained. • Youth are fully prepared for adulthood. • Children/youth in foster care are placed in the least restrictive placement setting. • Children/youth participate in decisions that impact their lives.

  8. Placement Process

  9. Assessing, Conducting and Managing Placements A child’s first placement should be the best placement

  10. Intake • OCOK Intake staff will be available for placement referrals 24/7/365 • When CPS removes a child they will call the OCOK Intake line as opposed to the CPU • OCOK Intake Specialists will gather information regarding the child/youth and enter it into ECAP (Every Child A Priority) to secure the best placement possible for the child/youth • OCOK Intake line (answered 24/7/365) 1-844-777-6265 (OCOK)

  11. Types of Placement • Emergency Placement • Child or youth is in immediate need of placement (new removal) • Non-Emergency Placement • Child or youth is currently in DFPS conservatorship and needs paid foster care placement • Placement Change • Child or youth is currently in a paid foster care setting within the OCOK Network and requires a new foster care placement within the Network

  12. Placement Timeframes • For all emergency placements OCOK has 4 hours to secure placement for the child/youth. • Once placement is identified (using ECAP) the OCOK Intake Specialist will call the Provider Case Manager to discuss the potential placement • The Provider Case Manager has 1 hour to respond with an approval or denial of placement • Once OCOK has an acceptance from the Provider Case Manager they will then notify DFPS of the potential Provider and Medical Consenter • DFPS has 1 hour to respond with an approval or denial of placement

  13. Initial Coordination Meeting • The Initial Coordination Meeting (ICM) focuses on the needs of the child and outlines services to help meet those needs. • All parties meet to share information about a child who requires a new emergencyplacement, including: • OCOK Care Coordinator • Removal worker and supervisor • CVS worker and supervisor • Family Group Decision Making Specialist • Provider Case Manager • Caregiver (when appropriate)

  14. Placement Timeframes • For all Non-Emergency placement requests: • The requesting party must provide OCOK with at least 30 days notice • OCOK must have placement secured within 3 days of the move • Once a placement is identified (using ECAP), the OCOK Intake Specialist will contact the Provider Case manager to discuss the potential placement • The Provider Case Manager must respond with an acceptance or denial within 2 days • Once OCOK has an acceptance from the Provider Case manager they will then notify DFPS of the potential Provider and Medical Consenter • DFPS must respond with an acceptance or denial within 3 days

  15. Pre-Placement Staffing • A Pre-Placement staffing must occur for all non-emergency moves and placement changes. • The Provider Case Manager and caregiver will be invited and will be expected to attend either in person or by phone. • The child or youth over the age of 10 will be invited and expected to attend.

  16. Placement Process • In all placement need situations the OCOK Intake Specialist will contact a Provider if one of their families is identified as a potential best match placement option for the child. • The provider will need to ensure that the OCOK Intake Department has updated contact information for staff that are responsible for making placements during business hours as well as after hours and on weekends. • The Provider is responsible for being available and present for placement 24/7/365.

  17. Placement Process • At the time of placement the OCOK Intake Worker will ensure DFPS provides: • Medical Consenter Form • Education Decision Maker Form • Placement Authorization • OCOK Intake will provide relevant documents to the Provider Case Manager as received (could take 30-45 days to receive from DFPS caseworker): • Common Application • Removal Affidavit • OCOK Initial Referral Form

  18. Foster Home Profiles • Providers will be required to keep their home profiles up to date in ECAP. • Standard home profile in ECAP includes: • Location of the home • Demographics of the parents • Type of family (basic, therapeutic, etc.) • Capacity • Preferences of age and sex • Behaviors the home feels comfortable working with

  19. Discharge • Network providers will request a placement change through the Intake Department. • When requesting a placement change the Provider Case Manager will complete the Residential Child Care Discharge (Form 2109) and will forward it to the OCOK Care Coordinator. • OCOK may remove a child whenever OCOK determines it is in that child’s best interest.

  20. Delivery of a Timely Array of Services • The Provider will work with CPS on the “first visits” after a child is removed from parental custody and ensure they occur within 72 hours. • The Provider Case Manager will ensure that all visitation and service plans will be developed in a timely fashion. • Both OCOK and the Providers will commit to be timely in communication.

  21. Service Planning

  22. Service Planning • Provider Case Manager will coordinate and facilitate Service Plan Meetings • Sibling Groups will be combined whenever possible • Every 90 days or more frequently if circumstances or significant events occur

  23. Service Planning Coordination • The Provider Case Manager will ensure the coordination of all service planning meetings, including: • Schedule meeting date and time • Reserve meeting place and/or scan call line • Invite all relevant participants • Work with OCOK and DFPS to ensure barriers to parent and/or family participation is mitigated • Notice is provided to all participants • Email invitation for OCOK, DFPS and other relevant professionals • Ensure DPFS receives 14 day notice • Ensure parents, family members and others who may not have access to email receive timely notice

  24. Service Planning Meeting Participants • Service planning meeting participants will include: • Child or youth’s parents and parents attorney • Child(ren) or youth • Family members • Current caregiver • Provider Case Manager • OCOK Care Coordinator • DFPS conservatorship worker and/or supervisor • Legal representatives (i.e. CASA, ad litem, etc.) • Other relevant professionals • Other persons identified in the case who can contribute to service planning with the child • PAL

  25. Timeframes • New Placements • Within 26 days of removal • Current Placements • Every 90 days for all children

  26. Service Planning Meeting Documentation • Provider Case Manager will inform OCOK Care Coordinator of the exact date • Provider Case Manager must complete the plan five business days prior to the service plan meeting and send to OCOK Care Coordinator

  27. Service Planning Meeting Documentation • The Provider Case Manager will ensure the plan incorporates and is consistent with: • Permanency Planning and Permanency Goals identified by DFPS • Any short term and long term behavioral goals established by the child’s team • Components of a child’s IEP and ITP developed by the schools • Components of the CPS Transition Plan for youth 16 to 22 years of age to include results of the Casey Life Skills Assessment • The ECI Individual Family Service Plan if applicable

  28. Service Planning Meeting Documentation • Provider Case Manager will: • Record service plan from meeting • Ensure everyone in attendance signs the acknowledgement of participation • Ensure each participant receives a copy of the plan

  29. Child and Family Assessment • Providers will complete CANS (Child and Adolescent Needs and Strengths) • Family Focused • Strength Based • Trauma Focused • Culturally Respectful

  30. Child and Family Assessment • CANS will be completed within 3 weeks of placement and reviewed and approved by Provider’s Treatment Director • Assessments must be completed by a professional meeting the following criteria: • Bachelor’s Degree • CANS Certification

  31. Child and Family Assessment • The Care Coordinator will review all assessments and complete Level of Care determination’s in this first year.  • LOC reviews will be completed every 90 days for Specialized and Intensive children and yearly for moderate children, or when there is a significant change in the child’s status which warrants review. 

  32. Healthcare Services

  33. Healthcare Services • Network Providers must access all medical, dental, vision and behavioral healthcare services through STAR Health Network provider. • Medical Consenter must participate in each healthcare appointment. • DFPS Medical/Dental/Vision Examination Form (2403) will be utilized. • Provider will send completed 2403 to OCOK within 72 hours after the appointment. • OCOK will provide a copy to the DFPS caseworker

  34. Healthcare Services • Youth ages 16-22 have the right to become their own Medical Consenter. • Star Health Denial letter will be sent to OCOK no later than the 2nd business day of receipt. • Provider will refer children under the age of 3 years to ECI if a disability or development delay is suspected.

  35. Psychotropic Medication Appointments • Provider Case Manager will facilitate an office visit for all children prescribed psychotropic medication at least once every 90 days. • Appropriately monitor the side effects of the drug; • Determine whether the drug is helping the child achieve the treatment goals; • Determine whether continued use of the drug is appropriate.

  36. Psychotropic Medication Appointments • Provider Case Manager must provide OCOK documentation addressing: • That the child has been provided appropriate psychosocial therapies, behavior strategies and other non-pharmacological interventions; • That the child has been seen by the prescribing physician, physician assistant, or advanced practice nurse in the STAR Health Network at least once every 90 days.

  37. Consenting to Psychotropic Medication • Provider Case Manager will ensure that all caregivers or employees who serve as medical consenters for a child: • Notify OCOK in writing of any initial psychotropic medications and subsequent dosage changes by the next business day; • Complete and sign the Psychotropic Medication Treatment Consent (form 4526) with the healthcare provider; • Provide a copy of the form to OCOK within 3 business days.

  38. Foster Daycare Services • Provider Case Manager will provide Foster/Relative & Other Designated Daycare Verification (Form K-908-1809) to each foster parent household for new application or renewal of daycare • Provider Case Manager will submit to OCOK Care Coordinator: • 3 months of employment verification for each caregiver; • Completed K-908-1809.

  39. Academic Success of Children/Youth in Care • Provider Case Manager will ensure children are enrolled in school within 3 days of placement. • Provider Case Manager will also ensure preschool age children will attend a pre-kindergarten program, early childhood education program or Head Start. • Provider Case Manager will provide OCOK verification of child’s enrollment within 5 calendar days. • Provider Case Manager is responsible for the educational stability and success of children and youth in foster care. • Provider Case Manager will ensure that the Educational Portfolio is current and accurate and updated quarterly.

  40. Court Requirements

  41. Notification of Court Hearings • Immediately upon notification from DFPS of an upcoming court hearing, OCOK will notify the Provider case manager. • The Provider must immediately notify the Caregiver and the child or youth.

  42. Children and Court Attendance • The Provider Case Manager must ensure that children attend court hearings unless excused by the presiding Judge prior to the court hearing. • Children are not generally expected to be in attendance at Adversary Hearings (14 day hearings), unless the child’s attorney ad litem requests the child’s attendance. • If the child/youth is expected to attend court, the Provider is responsible for transportation to the court hearings.

  43. Provider Staff and Court Attendance • The Provider must identify staff that has personal knowledge of the child to attend all court hearings as well as all other court preparation meetings (as requested by DFPS, CASA, attorney ad litem or other court officials). • The Provider must notify the OCOK Care Coordinator within two (2) business days of notification of the court hearing or as soon as possible if an emergency hearing is scheduled. • If next court hearing is announced in court, the staff in attendance must immediately notify the OCOK Care Coordinator of this date.

  44. Legal Service Notification • The Provider Case Manager must immediately notify OCOK of any service of legal process that are delivered to the Provider agency, employees, caregiver or child/youth. (Examples: subpoena, summons or discovery notices)

  45. Court Reports • Foster Care Redesign, allows Providers to have the opportunity be a voice for the child with the completion of the sections of the court reports that are relevant for the child.

  46. Court Reports • OCOK will provide the court report template that must be completed by the Provider case manager. • The OCOK Care Coordinator will notify the Provider case manager of court report due dates. • The Provider completes and submits this template back to the OCOK Care Coordinator 12 days prior to the court report due date.

  47. Court ReportsChild Section • Summary of Child’s Medical • Permanency Plan & Progress Report to the Court: Well-Being of the Child • Placement Review Report to the Court: Well-being of the Child

  48. Addendums and Case Changes • If additional information is requested, the Provider case manager will provide the information within 24 hours of request. • For any significant changes/events that occur after the submission of the report the Provider Case Manager should email the changes to OCOK for inclusion in the court report.

  49. Transitional Living Services

  50. Transitional Living Services • Transition Plan Development • Service plan review meeting just prior to youth turning 15 ½; • DFPS caseworker will introduce Transition Plan (form 2500) and Circle of Support • Circles of Support • Provider Case Manager, OCOK and Family Group Decision Maker staff will work jointly to engage the youth and other caring individuals; • Provider Case Manager will participate in the COS and will ensure the youth attends; • OCOK will update the child’s service plan in IMPACT with input from the Provider Case Manager.