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GUIDELINES FOR OUT-OF-HOME IMPACT AND MEASUREMENT. Presented at the ADVAN Peer-to-Peer Learning Session 2 nd July, 2010 By BANKOLE ADEMULEGUN, frpa President, OAAN. My pleasure ladies and gentlemen to present to you, Guidelines for Out-Of-Home Impact and Measurement.

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guidelines for out of home impact and measurement


Presented at the

ADVAN Peer-to-Peer Learning Session

2nd July, 2010



President, OAAN


My pleasure ladies and gentlemen to present to you, Guidelines for

Out-Of-Home Impact and Measurement.

Outdoor Advertising:

  • The most powerful way to reach a mass audience effectively, a

medium without remote control.

…Time Magazine

  • A medium without a control button for individuals to play with.

Out-Of-Home media in Nigeria has witnessed in recent times, unprecedented growth in quality and investment, in both men and materials. What was considered undoable sometime ago, we have conquered in a couple of years. It has been growing steadily since 2002 and analysts believe it has great growth potential.


May I now present to you, the medium that works for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year, informing visitors of commerce and other exciting opportunities available in Nigeria. 


Because of the evolution of the Out-of-Home media, which includes billboards,

Bus Shelters, Transit, Mobile etc, other factors introduced by environmentalists

and town planners restrict sizes on different roads, highways, expressways, etc.

some benefits of outdoor advertising
Some Benefits of Outdoor Advertising
  • Convert sales through brand awareness when making a purchase decision
  • Extends the reach of a mixed media campaign. Cost effective way to consistently reach many consumers 24/7
  • High advertising message recall
  • Most Accessible medium of advertising
  • The world of outdoor media display is continually changing with companies investing more in innovation and new technologies
  • Improvements in print production and lighting have already enhanced the appeal of the outdoor medium, as has new digital technology, 3-D imagery and fibre optics.
  • Computer imaging, multi-dimensional digital screens and interactive panels are just some of the examples of the options now available to advertisers and creative agencies
  • Better tracking systems and the ability to change advertisements with wireless technology are also on the agenda.
most accessible
Most Accessible
  • In terms of access to the different advertising media, TV is considered the most accessible.
  • The second and third most accessible are Radio (61%) and Billboards (35%) respectively .

Source: Research Int’l

advertising media awareness overall
Advertising Media Awareness - Overall
  • Almost universal awareness for TV, Radio and Billboards as sources
  • of advertising.
  • Other sources of advertising aware of are Cinema (51%) and
  • Internet (49%)

Source: Research Int’l

makes you notice a product immediately
Makes You Notice a Product Immediately
  • Unipole billboards have the highest impact/noticeability during day time
  • half of the sample agrees that it makes you ‘notice a product
  • on a billboard immediately.

Source: Research Int’l

sizes that are most attention grabbing by total
Sizes that Are Most Attention Grabbing - by Total

Highest Claim in Lagos: 63%


Source: Research Int’l

day and night time measurement of impact by board type
Day and Night Time Measurement of Impact - By Board Type


  • Aware
  • Most Often
  • Notice A Product
  • Remember a Product
  • Most Attention Grabbing
  • Try a Product

Source: Research Int’l

factors affecting impact indices
Factors Affecting Impact - Indices
  • With the inclusion of size, the most important factors influencing
  • impact are content and quality.
  • The least important are the number of sites available and the
  • means of travelling

Source: Research Int’l

summary awareness impact
Summary - Awareness & Impact
  • Billboards are generally seen everyday, with a higher level of exposure in Lagos. Weekends account for the least exposure rate.
  • With the exception of 4-sheet, more than half of the total respondents are aware of the different types of billboards.
  • Respondents in Lagos are the most exposed to billboards with high saliency scores for all board types.
  • On the average, the Unipole (77%), 48-Sheet (77%), Backlit/Digital (74%) are the most popular.
  • The Unipole, by and large, has the highest impact coming tops with the following measures for billboard impact:
    • Notice a product immediately = 47%
    • Makes me remember a product while shopping = 41%
    • Has led to product trial = 19%
    • Is the most attention grabbing = 44%

Source: Research Int’l

summary awareness impact1
Summary - Awareness & Impact
  • Though the Unipole has the highest impact at day time and at night compared to other board types and the Backlit/Digital, notwithstanding, the impact of the Backlit/Digital at night is remarkable.

Source: Research Int’l


Gammalin 20, to target cocoa farmers in primary areas like Ondo State.

  • Suzuki Outboard Engine to target the people in riverine areas.
cost effectiveness billbo ard
Cost Effectiveness - Billboard


  • Population (Projected 2002 -2008)

(12-60) - 140,000,000

  • Reach (69%) - 96,600,000 (69%)
  • Notice Hoarding (average 93%) - 89,838,000 (93%)
  • Rate for 48-Sheet - 50,000
  • Cost Per Thousand Efficiency - 50,000 x 1000/89,838,000
  • Cost Per Thousand Efficiency - N0.56