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  1. worldapps software development & marketing

  2. world m

  3. miworld™ is a proprietary content management infrastructure that aggregates online information from multiple locations on to a personal mobile device • Key Benefits • Content owners gain greater control over social media content and security • Content can be developed from a single proprietary source and distributed to multiple channels in the required format (i.e. twitter, facebook) • Content owners realise new revenues from existing sources without changing their current social media preferences • miworld™ intelligently re-orders content, simplifying the consumer experience and making content more accessible • miworld™ consolidates online marketing creating a focal point for future initiatives 1 5 Content 1 miworld™ 2 miworld™ Mobile Application miworld™ Content Publisher App 4 Consumer 2 3 Content Management System Content Owner Marketing 3 4 5

  4. miworld™ adds order to an increasingly complicated social media experience for the consumer by focusing content around the subject matter • How it works? • A high-profile individual /organisation uses miworld™ to publish links to disparate online content • miworld™ proprietary middleware aggregates and then orders this content into a mobile format • The content owner uses existing social networking channels to market their official miworld™ app • The consumer downloads and pays for miworld™ through established mobile payment systems (i.e. iTunes) • Worldapps links in third-party services and markets directly to the consumer 5 1 Content 1 miworld™ miworld™ Mobile Application miworld™ Content Publisher App 2 4 Consumer 2 Content Management System 3 Content Owner Marketing 3 4 5

  5. miworld™ gains unique access to the social media channels of high-profile individuals (some with more than 20m subscribers) • Consolidates existing marketing • Brings together existing online marketing channels (and not reliant on a congested App Store for marketing) • Creates dynamics new channels • Expands commercial opportunities – creates a plug ‘n play channel to commercialise third-party innovation • Future-proofs online initiatives (technology developed for mobile and not wedded to social media platforms) • New revenue streams from existing sources • Creates new revenue streams for high-profile individuals without them having to change anything about how they currently interact with social media • Monetises social media through mobile payment systems • miworld™ prototype screen shots • The biggest issue facing the mobile application business is the lack of control developers have over increasingly congested marketing channels (there are now 500k+ apps competing for consumer mindshare on iTunes) 5

  6. miworld™ is one of the first mobile content management systems to comprehensively integrate text, audio, video and photographic content across varying mobile clients • miworld™ is one of the first developments to utilise the embedded social media integration of the new iOS5 Apple Operating System • More intuitive for the content creator • Proprietary technologies enable the creation and distribution of content from a single mobile source to multiple locations (i.e. facebook, twitter) regardless of format • Richer offering for the consumer • Simplifies the social media offering, aggregates all official content and creates a start-point for future online journeys • More control for content owners • In-built management controls for greater social media content security • Creates a focal point for online marketing • Future-proofs further online developments 6

  7. Worldapps has unique access to A-list celebrities and global brands across geographies Phillips Odowu Gareth Bale Jessica Ennis Usain Bolt Cristiano Ronaldo Kobe Bryant London 2012

  8. In-house management experience in critical areas -client engagement, marketing, technical development Social Media - Brian Whittle European Athletics Championship Gold Medal Winner. Former director of Talent Nation, extensive business start-up experience. Responsible for miworld™strategic customer acquisition and marketing Mobile Marketing - Gavin McClement Former head of mobile marketing and product development at BT. Responsible for miworld™ product development and marketing Celebrity Management - John Regis MBE Olympic Silver and World Championship Gold Medal Winner. Current athletics director with Stella Management. Non-executive director and miworld™ shareholder. Technical Development – Scott Sherwood and Marek Bell • Have worked in partnership with a number of blue-chip organisations to write mobile solutions for iOS, Android and Windows Mobile devices. Scott and Marek are responsible for technical product design and managed service management

  9. Investor Information miworld™creates: • A highly scalable product and a flexible business model, based on proprietary technology that has a number of potential uses miworld™would generate: • Approaching £6 million in revenue by the end of Year 2, with profits in excess of £1 million (after tax) (22% - 36% margin) miworld™would develop: • An estimated customer database in excess of three-million (Year 2) • A significant third-party development network in the fast-growing mobile application market