Town of taghkanic highway department
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Town of Taghkanic Highway Department. Highway Facility Addition and Salt/Sand Storage. Potential Plan Overview. Facility History Proposed Construction Construction Costs Financial Implications. Taghkanic Highway Department Existing Facility.

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Town of taghkanic highway department
Town of TaghkanicHighway Department

Highway Facility

Addition and Salt/Sand Storage

Potential plan overview
Potential Plan Overview

  • Facility History

  • Proposed Construction

  • Construction Costs

  • Financial Implications

Taghkanic highway department existing facility
Taghkanic Highway Department Existing Facility

  • Original land was transferred to the Town in early 1950’s, with the building being built shortly thereafter. (>50 years old), Now Approx. 2 acres

  • Current location is centrally located within the Town of Taghkanic.

  • Garage building has remained relatively unchanged for over thirty 30 years

  • All highway operations are performed from the current site.

  • Existing facility consists of the main garage facility (2000 sf), vehicle storage, on-site material storage and petroleum storage.

Highway facility options
Highway Facility Options


  • Stay in Existing Site

    • Renovate, expand existing facility

    • Raze existing building and build new facility

    • Build new sand/salt storage facility

  • Construct a new facility new location

    • Purchase property

    • Building new facility

    • Building new sand/salt storage facility

  • Do Nothing

Stay at existing site and renovate
Stay at Existing Site and Renovate

  • Renovate existing building to improve working conditions, add additional space for vehicles and equipment, improve the exterior appearance.

  • Expand onto the rear of the existing building with a 2000 sf addition

  • Add one new additional garage bay (Approx. 1,300 S.F) at the existing facility located south of the building.

  • Install new sloped roof, and exterior siding to improve exterior appearance.

  • Repair/renovate existing building, including: new bathroom, Roof insulation, wall insulation.

  • Construct new 3,200 S.F. salt storage building.

  • Improve site stormwater management, and increase landscaping

Stay at existing site and build new facility
Stay at Existing Site and Build New Facility

  • Raze existing garage building facility

  • Relocate and reuse existing petroleum storage tanks.

  • Build new utility infrastructure for new garage (water, electrical service, septic system)

  • Build brand new garage building consisting of approximately 9,000 sf pre-engineered metal building, concrete slab, elect, heating, plumbing, etc.

  • Construct new stormwater management facilities.

  • Construct new 3,200 S.F. salt/sand storage building.

Existing site with new building
Existing Site with New Building

Construct new facility at new location
Construct New Facility at New Location

  • Locating, evaluating and purchasing property for new location.

    • Town has performed an outreach campaign regarding potential locations (+/- 25 properties).

    • Town has visited site and evaluated potential sites.

  • Construct new Highway Facility Garage.

  • Construct New Sand/Salt building.

  • Clean-up and potentially sell existing facility

Sand salt building options
Sand/Salt Building Options


  • Concrete and Wood Structure ($$$)

    • Cast in place concrete walls with foundation

    • Wood Post structure with wood trusses, and metal roof

    • Asphalt floor and exterior mixing pad

  • All Wood structure ($$)

    • Wood post structure set on Concrete piers

    • Wood Trusses, wood siding on sidewalls

    • Asphalt floor and exterior mixing pad

  • Canvas Structure ($)

    • Canvas cover on galv. Steel roof frame

    • Pre-cast concrete block sidewalls

    • Asphalt floor and exterior mixing pad

Potential course of action and improvements
Potential Course of Action and Improvements

  • Stay at the existing site

    • Housekeeping of existing site

    • Comply with NYSDEC requirements for soils issues

    • Perform Monroe Balancing of Interest Test

    • Renovate, upgrade and expand on existing building

    • Approach County regarding reconfiguration of County Route 27 and Pumpkin Hollow Road

    • Construct fabric salt storage facility

    • Install stormwater management system, and landscaping

    • Continue to utilize the existing storage shed

Preliminary construction costs
Preliminary Construction Costs

Next steps to consider
Next Steps to Consider

  • Complete Phase 2 – Pollution Testing

    • Do additional testing in positive result area

    • Develop a Remediation Action Plan

    • Establish final pollution remediation costs

    • Establish impact on what can / cannot be done with the current site

  • Site Decision:

    • Eliminate all unsuitable sites

    • If there is an alternative site, establish scope and cost of a new facility

  • Compare costs of existing site upgrade + Salt Shed and new facility

  • Decide on site for Highway Facility

  • Establish several building scenarios and cost impact on budget and taxes

    • If the life of a Pole Barn Salt Shed costs less that the likelihood of two fabric sheds for the same period, perhaps it is better for the town to invest in the Pole Barn now – the immediate least cost solution is not always the best one in the long run.

    • If using current site, does it make sense to put up the extra bay on the existing building now?