the bass flute n.
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The Bass Flute

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The Bass Flute - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Bass Flute. By Crystal M. Stroman and Britney Jones. What is the Full Name of Your Instrument?. Bass Flute. Are there any other names for your instrument maybe in a different language or in a different culture?. Japanese Flute- Shinobue (left) Chinese Flute- Dizi Korean Flute- Daegum

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The Bass Flute

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    1. TheBassFlute ByCrystal M. Stromanand Britney Jones

    2. What is the Full Name of Your Instrument? • Bass Flute

    3. Are there any other names for your instrument maybe in a different language or in a different culture? • Japanese Flute- Shinobue (left) • Chinese Flute- Dizi • Korean Flute- Daegum • Slovakian Flute- Fuyara • The Native American Flute

    4. What family of instruments does it belong to? • Flute Family

    5. Which section of the band does it belong to? Woodwind, Brass, Percussion? • Woodwinds!!!

    6. When was your instrument first invented/discovered/used? • The transverse flute was the last of all flutes to be invented. Probably it was first built by nomads in central Asia. It travelled to Europe together with goats and sheep. • The very first flutes of prehistoric ages were made of animal bones. • The earliest picture on which a flute is clearly to be seen is an etruscian relief from near Perusa. It was made in the second or first century b. c.

    7. Pictures of very, very old versions of my instrument.

    8. When was the modern form of your instrument discovered or invented? • 1832 Theobald Boehm finally developed a completely new flute. Almost nothing stayed the same. Instead of wood he used metal, the thickness of the tubes wall, the number, dimension and arrangement of the holes even the mouth-hole were modified by him. Despite critics (first of all tulou) at the beginning, the new instrument succeeded at last. It finally gained acceptance when in 1860 Dorus got the chair at the Paris conservatory. The model of 1832 was a flute with ring keys. The holes for the keys were exclusively placed by acoustical experiments. As not all of them could be reached with the fingers, the instrument was supplied with a completely new key work. This first prototype still had a cylindric headjoint, the conical drilling starting only from the middle joint.

    9. Who is credited for inventing the modern version of your instrument? • Born at the 9th of april 1794 in Munich, being the oldest of 11 children of the goldsmith Karl Friedrich Böhm • Died on the 25th of november 1881 in Munich

    10. Name some famous performers who play your instrument. Jeanne Baxtresser Julius Baker Lori Bell William Bennet

    11. Name some important works of music that were composed specifically for your instrument. • Fur Elise -Beethoven • Air on a G String -JS Bach • Badinerie -JS Bach • Brazilian Bombshell -Frank Naylor • The Entertainer -Scott Joplin • Irish Washer Woman -Traditional

    12. Crystal I picked the flute because I thought that it was pretty and would be a nice instrument to play. Britney I chose the flute because it was a very humble instrument. What made you choose to play this instrument?

    13. Why is your instrument the most awesome in the band? • The flute/piccolo is the most AWESOME-NESS-NESS instrument in the band because it is a small package delivering a BIG Surprise. The flute may be small but it gives off a high and mighty sound. REP YO FLUTE…..REP YO FLUTE!!!!

    14. More great pictures of the Bass Flute

    15. Fun facts that you found while working on this web quest. • The prehistoric flutes were made out of bones. • The flute is made in the form of an open cylindrical air column about 66 cm long • A flute is a reedless wind instrument that produces its sound from the flow of air against an edge.

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