Retention is a membership focus
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Retention is a membership focus !. Why is retention important? Who in your club is responsible for retention? How is your club doing?. “The high turnover rate in existing clubs is the most pressing membership issue facing Rotary today”. Ignite: Retention means….

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Retention is a membership focus

Retention is a membership focus!

  • Why is retention important?

  • Who in your club is responsible for retention?

  • How is your club doing?

“The high turnover rate in existing clubs is the most pressing membership issue facing Rotary today”

Ignite retention means

Ignite: Retention means…

  • Every Rotarian needs a friend

  • Every Rotarian needs a job

  • Every Rotarian needs nourishment

    • Rotary information

    • Internal satisfaction and recognition

Every rotarian needs a friend

Every Rotarian Needs a Friend

  • Focus on fellowship

  • Engage family members

  • Social events

  • Listen & Learn

  • Personal Outreach

Every Rotarian is a member of the

Family of Rotary

Every rotarian needs a job

Every Rotarian Needs A Job

  • Committee member

  • Hands-on Projects

  • Fundraiser

  • Recruiter

  • Scorekeeper

Find your members’ talents and interests &put them to work

Every rotarian needs nourishment rotary

Every Rotarian Needs Nourishment: Rotary

  • Communicate your clubs activities and events

  • Share Rotary stories from your members or from Rotary International resources

  • Invite members to share their Rotary moments

  • Know how your club is making a difference in your local community and around the world

  • Create pride in being a member of your Rotary Club and of Rotary International

  • Be able to answer the question: tell me about your Rotary club

Rotarians need to know about the organization they joined

Every rotarian needs nourishment personal

Every Rotarian Needs Nourishment: Personal

  • Know your club members’ interests

  • Discover and use their special skills

  • Reach out to your club members for feedback

  • Engage new members from their first meeting

  • Remember longer-term members need attention

Create value by meeting members’ needs

Membership retention program

Membership Retention Program

  • Do you know :

    • Why members leave your club?

    • What keeps people in your club?

    • Why members have become “missing in action”?

    • How every member is involved in your club’s projects, activities and events?

Create and implement a

membership retention program in your club

Why people leave a rotary club

Why People Leave a Rotary Club?

  • Business Needs

  • Can no longer afford

  • Joined for the wrong reasons

  • Lost Interest

  • Conflicts with other Members

  • Didn’t recognize value in Rotary

  • Moved

  • Died

We can’t do much about the last two.

We can address the others!

What keeps people in rotary

What Keeps People in Rotary

  • Relevant

  • Rewarding

  • Responsive

  • FUN

Satisfying a member’s needs ensures that Rotary is high on their value scale

New members need special attention

New Members Need Special Attention

  • Assign different members to “host” the new member at meetings and other club events

  • Engage new members in developing service projects worthy of the name “Rotary” and that do substantial good.

  • Help new members to attend the district functions by offsetting registrations fees and other costs.

  • Have members who join in the same Rotary year work together on a project

  • Reach out to the new member’s family members

Retention starts the first time a prospective member meets your Rotary club

Engage your veteran members

Engage your veteran members!

  • Great mentors for newer members.

  • Keepers of the club traditions

  • Insight on what has and hasn’t worked and what has not been tried

  • Proven resource to support club projects and programs

New All member needs special attention

Summary retaining members includes

Summary: Retaining Members includes…

  • Have interesting and relevant club programs.

  • Find your new member’s passions and get them involved in those areas

  • Focus on participation – not attendance

  • Hold regular meetings with members to continue their Rotary education and answer their questions.

  • Create opportunities for members to interact outside of club meetings, hand on projects, and socials.

  • Encourage members to take advantage of events and training outside normal club meetings

Inve$ting in Rotarians pays big dividends for your club

What you should do now

What You Should Do Now!

  • Establish your club retention plans and goals

  • Assign a retention team

  • Formally monitor Rotarian participation

  • Have an action plan to respond to Rotarians who are MIA

  • Understand why your members are Rotarians

  • Have their reasons changed

  • Are you meeting their needs

  • Monitor and complete the Premier Club worksheet

  • Report often to your club about progress against goal

Retention ensures the time, talent and treasure needed to meet your club goals