the exploration of a spider n.
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The Exploration of a Spider

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The Exploration of a Spider - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Exploration of a Spider. By: Michael Rozelle & Laurie Turbeville.

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the exploration of a spider

The Exploration of a Spider

By: Michael Rozelle


Laurie Turbeville


One sunny but wet day Sam the spider was wondering around his neighborhood. He stopped to enjoy the surroundings. So after a while he continued to stroll along until he came upon a circular but wet object . He didn’t know what it was, so he figured it was time to investigate.


So Sam continued onward to investigate his journey. He reached his friends and told them he saw a weird circular wet object laying in the neighborhood park. But when he told his friends about this object they didn’t know or recognize what it was either. So they all left and went to the park.


So they got to the park and saw the puddle still nobody recognized the object. They questioned it, maybe it could have been something from the night before because there but still no solid hypothesis. So since they didn’t come up with an answer the kids decided to go to school and ask there teacher.


So the three friends reached the school. They told there teacher what happened and what they experienced. Luckily the teacher told them what it was. "it’s called a puddle she said”. They all were confused, not knowing what a puddle is. They asked” what is a puddle”, she told them to follow her and then motioned toward the door.


So the three friends and the teacher went outside the school to take a look at many more puddles. Big and small filled and dry. She was explaining what the puddle actually was. She was telling them puddles are rain that’s left behind and kept in a circular object. There are two types of water, Adhesion and Cohesion. The puddle is both adhesion and cohesion, adhesion is when water sticks to other objects like grass and cohesion is when water doesn’t feel like spreading apart from other water they stick together. Then she asked where she saw the puddle, so they leave and are going to show her where it is.


So they reach the park and the teacher sees the puddle. She tells them that a puddle is like a glass of water and is a universal solvent .