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Early America By Trevor Matheney. Heninger Elementary School Mrs. Ritchie. Colonies. When colonists arrived to America they were beginning a new life in what was to them a “new world.” Spain and England were the first countries to build settlements in the Americas.

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Early AmericaBy Trevor Matheney

Heninger Elementary School

Mrs. Ritchie

Heninger Elementary SAUSD

Colonies l.jpg

  • When colonists arrived to America they were beginning a new life in what was to them a “new world.”

  • Spain and England were the first countries to build settlements in the Americas.

  • Settlements were called colonies.

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Selection vocabulary l.jpg
Selection Vocabulary

  • Colonists: people who helped to start a colony or land controlled by a nation or a country.

  • Civilization: human societies with their own organization and culture.

  • Inherit: to receive from someone, usually a relative, who has died.

  • Diverse: different;varied

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Many groups that settled or visited early america l.jpg









Many groups that settled or visited early America

What do you notice about these countries?

Hint-look for a root….

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St augustine florida l.jpg

One of the first settlements established.


St Augustine, Florida

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Established colonies l.jpg

The next colony to be formed was the ROANOKE COLONY

Why was this colony called the “Lost Colony?”

Established colonies

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Other colonies l.jpg
Other colonies…..


Founded 1607

Plymouth Colony

founded 1620

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Important points to remember l.jpg
Important points to remember

  • The Native Americans helped these early colonists survive the first years.

  • Some were upset at having their lands taken away.

  • Early settlers brought diseases deadly to the Native Americans.

  • Clashes between the colonists and the Native Americans continued throughout the Colonial Period.

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Comprehension questions l.jpg
Comprehension Questions

  • Why did people come to the New World?

  • Where were the first Spanish Settlement established?

  • What were the first two English colonies to survive?

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Classifying and categorizing l.jpg
Classifying and Categorizing

  • Think of some categories that could be formed using the following words:

    • England

    • France

    • Sweden

    • Ireland

    • Scotland

    • Africa

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Handing off l.jpg
Handing off

  • The object of the game is……. Being part of a group. Take out your study guide and start to review the answers.

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Handing off12 l.jpg
Handing off

  • 1. Who were the first people in what is now called Americas were…….

  • 2. When Europeans arrived they were from the following countries……

  • 3. The first colonies were………….

  • 4. Life at the colonies was………..

  • 5. Slavery began in the colonies by…….

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Literary elements l.jpg
Literary Elements

  • What type of organization does the author use in early America?

    • He uses chronological order.

Provide some examples showing this literary style:

(hint page 484)

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Slide14 l.jpg

  • Take out your Spelling and Language Arts skills workbook and

  • complete pages 134-136

  • Thinks Classification and Categories!!

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