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  1. SmartBoards What Are They, and What Do We Do With Them? By Bruce Huffman,

  2. Introduction Many of you have seen the Smartboards around the high school and at other schools in the Johnstown-Monroe School District. These are tools that can significantly enhance the classroom experience for both students and teachers, and can serve in many different capacities. The purpose of these pages is to help you to use (or plan to use) a Smartboard in your classroom, either for an occasional lesson or as a regular part of your class planning.

  3. General Uses for Smartboards (Things You Knew It Could Do) Your Smartboard has many functions built into it, just by virtue of it being a computer. As such, it can run many standard programs/functions:

  4. General Uses for Smartboards (More Things You Knew It Could Do) CD/DVD Player- Most computers can play CDs and/or DVDs in their CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drives, and as such they can be used to show movies or play music to your classes. The large screen size makes it easier for all students to see, and speakers can be added to enhance the sound. For those still showing the occasional VCR tape, the VCR can be hooked up through the projector to show those tapes on the larger screen, as well.

  5. General Uses for Smartboards (More Things You Knew It Could Do) PowerPoint- PowerPoint presentations are perfect for Smartboards, since they take advantage of all its major features. They are designed for computers to begin with, and Smartboards are (at heart) just computers with big screens.