recruiting 101 trying to make sense of the process n.
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Recruiting 101 Trying to Make Sense of the Process PowerPoint Presentation
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Recruiting 101 Trying to Make Sense of the Process

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Recruiting 101 Trying to Make Sense of the Process - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Recruiting 101. Recruiting 101 Trying to Make Sense of the Process. What is Available?. 795 Colleges and Universities play football in US 1.2 million High School football players in around 14,000 High School programs. School Breakdown. Divisions Players $/Team Schools

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Recruiting 101 Trying to Make Sense of the Process

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recruiting 101 trying to make sense of the process

Recruiting 101

Recruiting 101

Trying to Make Sense of the Process

what is available
What is Available?
  • 795 Colleges and Universities play football in US
  • 1.2 million High School football players in around 14,000 High School programs
school breakdown
School Breakdown

Divisions Players $/TeamSchools

  • Div. 1 13,758 85 120
  • FCS/1AA 11,900 63 119
  • Div. II 15,764 36 154
  • Div. III 22,813 0 239
  • NAIA 9,200 24 92
  • JC 7,100 85 71
what are they looking for
What Are They Looking For?

Division I


Example: Alabama Roster Averages


6-4 302 6-4 298 6-2 240 6-0 218


5-11 190 6-2 200 6-1 188 6-4 245

division i
Division I

They will recruit their needs

What do they have returning?

Who got hurt in the Spring?

SEC – Big Ten

Local talent first then go out of state

Ball State Notre Dame

Indiana Purdue

football championship series
Football Championship Series
  • Size/Speed/Grades – some will have speed to compete but maybe not as big
  • Size – but maybe not as fast
  • Split their scholarships – package players
  • Local Teams: Indiana State
  • Butler and Valparaiso – Division 1 Non-Scholarship
division ii
Division II
  • Size and Speed are still important
  • Grades become more important – many are private schools
  • Package Players – Grants/Academic/Athletic
  • University of Indianapolis
  • St. Joseph College
division iii
Division III
  • Non-Scholarship
  • Grades are very important – Merit based money
  • Most are private schools
  • Academic money plus Grants, loans, need based money
  • Wabash, Hanover, Depauw, etc.
  • Not governed by the NCAA
  • Athletic Money, grants, need based money and loans
  • Limited number of scholarships – usually broken up
  • Marian University
  • St. Francis University in Ft. Wayne IN
junior college
Junior College
  • NCAA regulated
  • Full Scholarships available
  • Division I athletes not eligible
  • Two year schools and then recruited again to Division I schools – may commit after one year
  • No football playing Junior Colleges in Indiana
  • Joliet and a few in Michigan
recruiting funnel
Recruiting Funnel

Division I School Recruiting Process

Recruiting Letters 10,000-20,000

Film 1,000-2,000

Phone Calls 500

Verbal Offers 65-200

Signed Players 25

where can i play
Where Can I Play?
  • Go online and check out the roster
  • Do I match their height/weight of the players at my position?
  • Google the highlight films of the players on the roster – Do I play at the same speed?
how do i help myself
How do I help myself?
  • Be Proactive
  • Create a one page resume – send to school with link to highlight film
    • Height/Weight
    • Speed
    • Grades
    • Why you want to play college football
    • Short and sweet do not have time to read too much
    • Do not lie!!!!!! – George O’Leary
highlight films
Highlight Films

Do not put a speed down

No Music!!!!

Best 5 plays first!

Circle yourself – unless you are a QB

No instant replays

No slo-mo

No more than 4 minutes

Add your best game so they can watch you play a whole game

highlight films1
Highlight Films
  • Good and Bad Film
  • Bad Film

  • Good Film
  • Money Maker
  • Question: What do YOU get for your money?

40 Time/Height-Weight/Bench/Agility time


Do Colleges pay attention to them?

Invite you back – pay more money to go?

recruiting services
Recruiting Services
  • Make you a highlight film
  • Send it all over US

You can make your own film – Hudl

I can send anywhere you want

Do you really want to go to Northeastern Arizona State University?


college one day camps
College One Day Camps
  • Tryouts – auditions
  • Go to big camps with the most exposure
  • Plus – lots of coaches
  • Negative – lots of kids

Bottom line: big schools want to watch you move – then offer or move on

Watch you interact as well – all filmed

Spend a lot money and time – choose wisely

what should i do time frame
What Should I do? Time Frame
  • Freshmen – GRADES!!!! – Play ball/lift
  • Sophomore – if you play varsity – create highlight film
    • Create resume/cover letter – send it out
    • Shot gun effect – some big/some middle/some small
    • Realize location (SEC and Indiana example)
    • GRADES!!!!
time frame
Time Frame
  • Junior – Play well – send film out/GRADES

Big Schools – offer in January – April prior to senior season

Big Schools will be done by summer

BSU/ISU etc. – little slower but may offer

D2/D3/NAIA – just beginning – see what has trickled down

  • Eligibility Center –
  • New Rules –
  • Find sliding scale for grades/test scores
  • New for incoming freshmen class
  • ACT/SAT – spring of junior year
  • Not all grade count: Theology/PE/Art/Music, business and Band
time frame1
Time Frame
  • Senior – GRADES

Not offered by Big Ten – probably not going to happen

D2 offers in fall with college visits in January

D3 – college visits in January/February – financial aid packages based on FAFSA forms

March – D2 and D3 decision time

Walk-ons – Preferred v. regular

coach s role
Coach’s Role
  • Create list of juniors
  • Height/Weight/Academics – contact information
  • Coach will recommend based on universities requirements
  • Distribute to as many coaches that come to building or send an email
  • Somewhere between 40-50 schools
coach s role1
Coach’s Role
  • #1 – Coach cannot get your player a scholarship
  • Recommend based on requirements of the university – HT/WT/Speed/Grades etc.
  • D1 usually takes care of itself – they will decide if you can play or not – Trueblood example
  • D2/D3 – coach’s job – to help sell these kids
coach s role2
Coach’s Role
  • The College coach’s mortgage payment is based on whether he can see talent
  • They will do their homework
  • Borderline – tweeners
  • Three things I will vouch for:
    • 1- Academics
    • 2- Work Ethic
    • 3- Character
parent questions
Parent Questions

What does the scholarship pay for?

How long is the scholarship for?

What kind of academic support do you give the players?

Where is my son on your recruiting board?

What is the time commitment for football versus academics?

bottom line
Bottom Line

Be Proactive

Recruit the school you want to go to

*Schools cannot call you back but you may call them as many times as you wish – visit too!

Find a school where you will be comfortable if football goes away

thank you
Thank You
  • Questions??