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  1. Palaestra Pompeii, Herculaneum and Sport

  2. Pompeii • The Pompeii Palaestra was built during the Augustan Period. • It was located on 141 x 137 meters of land. • There were ten gates that led into the palaestra and had a wall that surrounded it. • When first built there were two rows of trees that went parallel along the walls.

  3. Pompeii Palaestra with pool in Background • The Pompeii Palaestra had a large swimming pool that was in the centre of the grounds. • In the south west side of the palaestra their was a room that was dedicated to the cult of Augustus.

  4. Pompeii Palaestra Over View • The pool of the Palaestra was used for swimming for people of all strengths and was also used for mock navy battles.

  5. Palaestra 118 Colloums • The Palestra had 118 colloums that supported the roof of the walkway that went around the outside of it. • The palaestra also had a place for gymnastic exercise to be performed.

  6. Palaestra Grounds • The Palaestra grounds were used for Wrestling, Boxing, Running, and other events. • It had the space to have people throw the discuss and Javelin.

  7. Herculaneum • The Herculaneum Palaestra is over 80 meters long and up to 11 meters high. • It would have been built for a population of around 5000 people. • Parts of the Palaestra are still covered as solidified mud has encased these parts.

  8. Statue in the Piscina • This statue was in the centre of the Herculaneum Piscina. • The Statue also worked as a fountain spurting water out of it. • The statue was bronze and had a tree trunk with five serpents twisted around it that spurted water.

  9. Herculaneum Palaestra • The Herculaneum Palaestra was more Elaborate in design compared to the Pompeii Palaestra with it having upper story’s and more room on its Insula. • The Herculaneum Palaestra was not as open as Pompeii and did not have as large open grounds compared to Pompeii.

  10. Herculaneum Palaestra Pool • The Herculaneum pool was different to the one at Pompeii as this onee is longer and narrower compared to the one at Pompeii

  11. Herculaneum Walkway • This walkway could provide access for lower class citizens to watch the games as they took place out in the courtyard.

  12. Sport • The Sports that Occurred at the Palaestra were Boxing, Wrestling, Javelin, Discuss, Running and Swimming these were the main activities some would also have a place for Gymnastics to be performed.

  13. Boxing/Wrestling • Boxing was one of the most prominent sports that were played at the palaestra as it took up little room and was considered a tough sport. • Apart from Boxing wrestling was also practiced as it showed a persons strength as well as thei skill at the sport.

  14. Swimming • The Swimming pool was used b people of all strengths of swimming as it provided a gentle slope so people could swim in any height of water. • The Swimming pool was not only used for swimming it was also used to put on mock navy battles.

  15. Discuss/ Javelin • Discuss and Javelin were the sports that needed more room as they would be hurled large distances. • They are of Greek heritage and background.

  16. Palaestra Instructor • The statue of an Instructor of the Gymnasium Palaestra he was a prominent teacher of Gymnastics in the Palaestra’s. • He was known for carrying a large wooden staff.