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Democratising Business Intelligence

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Democratising Business Intelligence - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Democratising Business Intelligence. Rupert Nicolay Architect Microsoft Services BIN203. Session O bjectives – Answer:. What challenges can be addressed through ‘democratising’ BI? How does the Microsoft BI strategy align to these challenges?

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democratising business intelligence

Democratising Business Intelligence

Rupert Nicolay


Microsoft Services


session o bjectives answer
Session Objectives – Answer:
  • What challenges can be addressed through ‘democratising’ BI?
  • How does the Microsoft BI strategy align to these challenges?
  • How do I use what I have to make a difference now?
  • How does the story evolve in the next product Wave?
democratising bi thoughts
Democratising BI - Thoughts

Concept:User empowerment leads to better decisions & higher user sat with less of an IT burden?

reduced it burden
Reduced IT burden?

IT Dept.


democratizing bi thoughts
Democratizing BI – Thoughts
  • BI tool usage is seldom compulsory (thus more democratic than typical LOB or ERP systems) - success demands end user satisfaction.
  • BI remains highest priority because it enables much of what CIOs want to deliver.
democratising bi thoughts1
Democratising BI - Thoughts
  • Since resources are limited effective IT management of BI services remains critical.
  • Does IT need to retain responsibility for data interpretation & usage scenarios
    • Probably NOT – but we can help
  • If BI is to be pervasive what about the costs of the tools all these users?
from enterprise to self service bi
From Enterprise to Self Service BI
  • Requirement still exists for standardised, scalable, reporting.
  • This may require extra data transformation or sophisticated formatting that takes specific skills to achieve.
  • Demand continues to grow with regulatory requirements.
evolution of the enterprise bi team
Evolution of the Enterprise BI team
  • Gartner suggest a BI competency centre (‘BICC’) to integrate technologies, address org dynamics associated with competing BI priorities:
    • Understand the degree of governance required – low for special purpose & dept. solutions – high for corporate apps.
    • Like any shared service the funding model for shared BI investment is often the subject of vigorous debate. Subscription or Service based? As an overhead?
    • Team may be virtual or physical & change over time
from enterprise to self service bi1
From Enterprise to Self-Service BI
  • Some form of self-service BI is likely happening now in your organisation at an individual or even possibly departmental level through some means
microsoft bi strategy
Microsoft BI Strategy

Low Total Cost of Ownership

Leverage your existing Infrastructure

bi in bi delivery
BI in BI delivery
  • Can we improve Enterprise delivery to align better with the user & ‘empowered’
  • Use the analysis tools we apply to our data to our process.
  • Make Enterprise BI more accessible, empower users in their interactions, be more responsive to demand.
  • Measure team effectiveness, create self-improving feedback loops.



  • As important as ever to balance user satisfaction with control.
  • Restricting delivery != control.
  • If Self-service requires data and IT holds the data then to what extent is self-service reliant on the data being prepared and accessible?
  • Data Quality
    • Relative to current / relative to ideal
enterprise dept bi delivery for all
Enterprise & Dept. BI Delivery for All
  • Leverage the portal for delivery.
  • Make enterprise analysis the starting point for delivery.
  • Integrate semi-structured and unstructured data into the delivery.
  • Microsoft big-bets: SharePoint as primary delivery mechanism, Excel as primary analysis platform.
web 2 0 democratising bi
Web 2.0 & Democratising BI
  • Consume & collaborate: surface ideas and provide the means to capture otherwise tacit conclusions.
  • Mix structured and unstructured data.
  • BI & search.

self service data mining
Self-Service Data Mining
  • Add-in plays very much in the self-service space.
  • Analysts often unaware of capabilities that map to current activities.
  • Understand the features and consider promoting to higher-end analysts – risks are low.
where are we going
Where are we going
  • Significant self-service investments across the next wave in the 1st half of next year:
    • Office 2010, Gemini, SharePoint 2010, SQL 2008 R2 incl. Report Builder 3.0
  • Address sourcing & analysing data.
  • Greater detail on these in other BI sessions at TechEd – watch related items list at the end.
report builder 3 0
Report Builder 3.0
  • MAP support. Shape File support.
report builder 3 01
Report Builder 3.0
  • ‘Grab & Go’
report builder 3 02
Report Builder 3.0
  • Other relevant self-service call-outs:
    • ATOM feeds
    • Indicators

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