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  1. ARBOLON´S DAY The most famous festivities in Cangas are those of EL Carmen and La Magdalena, which honor Our Lady of El Carmen and Mary Madgalene, respectively. Before these big festivals, we have the Arbolon´s day on June 29. We call it Arbolon´s day, but it is St. Peter’s day. On this day some men from Cangas go to the river banks and fell the biggest and highest tree they can find. They plant in front of Ambasaguas church and a man from Cangas places a wreath on its highest part.

  2. El Carmen On July 14th the festival of El Carmen begins with the opening ceremony and a parade; then, rockets are fired all through the night.

  3. On the night of the 15th of July, at 1 am, there is a firework display. It is very beautiful and spectacular and it lasts around an hour. For some people it is the best part of the festivals.

  4. July 16th is the big day. Hundreds of men from Cangas shoot rockets as part of La Descarga, some by hand and the majority of them using machines. The starting point for La Descarga is the arrival of the procession of Our Lady of El Carmen to the lamp in the center of the bridge known as the Roman Bridge. It can be so noisy that sometimes the glass on some windows has been broken.

  5. La Magdalena On July 21 the Festival in honor of Mary Magdalene, patron saint of Cangas, begins. There are generally fewer people than in El Carmen. This time the main center of the celebration is the Oliva square, where the main church is. July 22 is the last day of the festivities. Many people go to Santana for a picnic in what is known as La Gira de Santana.