Results a key business tool for integrated mofr and licensee operations
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RESULTS: a key business tool for integrated MOFR and licensee operations. RESULTS RE porting S ilviculture U pdates & L and Status T racking S ystem. Presented by Ralph Winter Thanks to Paul Rehsler, Mei Ching Tsoi, Christine McClarnon and Tim Salkeld. June 2007. Objectives.

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Results a key business tool for integrated mofr and licensee operations l.jpg
RESULTS: a key business tool for integrated MOFR and licensee operations

RESULTSREporting Silviculture Updates & Land Status Tracking System

Presented by Ralph WinterThanks to Paul Rehsler, Mei Ching Tsoi, Christine McClarnon and Tim Salkeld

June 2007

Objectives l.jpg

  • How the new Electronic Submission Framework (ESF) and RESULTS is integral to streamlining the MOFR and silviculture business

  • Scope of RESULTS and who uses the system

  • Illustrations of business questions the system addresses

  • The future

Slide3 l.jpg
Prior to Dec 2002 FPC and FRPA changes, companies were using or building comprehensive silviculture information systems

  • To electronically report on harvesting, silviculture accomplishments and forest cover information to MOFR

  • Efficiently and consistently track their reforestation obligations

  • Keep track of information for certification and forest management plan commitments

Results was an integral part of the redesign and streamlining of government l.jpg
RESULTS was an integral part of the redesign and streamlining of government

  • Ministry and industry negotiated significant changes to silviculture in the transition from the Code to FRPA

  • 80% reduction in regulatory elements for silviculture

  • Changes were contingent on industry electronically submitting to government key silviculture reports to document obligations and stewardship information

  • BCTS and industry no longer required to send to the ministry 75,000 pages/year of silviculture prescriptions for review and approval (transactional cost savings $10 million/yr)

  • As of March 2007, a significant saving in not having to submit, review and approve

    • 300,000 SP pages

    • 60,000 pages of amendments and declarations

Results was an integral part of the redesign and streamlining of government5 l.jpg
RESULTS was an integral part of the redesign and streamlining of government

  • MOFR was required to find $3 million/year in savings by moving major systems applications to an Oracle platform

  • RESULTS is part of that major conversion

  • Remove duplications, rationalize business process and and streamline with FTA system

  • MSRM and MOFR carried out significant reorganization of databases and software to provide industry and MOF users with more and quicker access to $1 billion in information

  • New design was to provide industry and other key users with unprecedented access to both textual and spatial information contained in the LRDW

Background reduced mof staff l.jpg
Background – Reduced MOF Staff streamlining of government

Ministry Staff FTE’s since 1994 (Source: Ministry annual reports)


















Total Ministry FTE's
















  • With FRPA, staffing dropped during implementation

  • Staffing drops occurred during learning curve periods associated with implementation of new and complex legislation

  • Only 10% of the silviculture staff left in MOFR

Background reduced mof staff7 l.jpg
Background – Reduced MOF Staff streamlining of government

  • Government direction was not to reduce environmental standards, yet maintain stewardship of the forest resource

  • Ministry downsizing initiatives have increased reliance on electronic processing systems

  • Paper processing no longer possible with reduced staff levels in the ministry

  • Over the past 4 years there have been major changes in companies, practices and standards…

  • Electronic processing of key silviculture information was the only way that government could handle these changes

  • Avoid duplication and triplication of data entry and information management

Background need for timely info l.jpg
Background – need for timely info streamlining of government

  • With the dramatic expansion of the MPB epidemic came the need for clarity on what was harvested and to quickly update the forest inventory.

  • 5 years ago a joint MOF-Industry task force recognized the opportunity to provide more timely info by linking RESULTS and the inventory update process

  • Major investments were carried out to achieve this electronic linkage

Provincial coverage of results l.jpg
Provincial Coverage of RESULTS streamlining of government

THLB1 23 million hectares

As of Feb 2007:

Number of Openings: 206,000

Represented area: 9.2 million hectares

(40% THLB)

Annual additions: 7,800 openings per year

220,000 hectares per year

1 Timber Harvesting Land Base - Just the Facts

Results is used to track l.jpg
RESULTS is used to track streamlining of government

  • What are the current obligations on logged areas

  • Who owns the obligations

  • What is the status of the obligations

  • Achievement of end results milestones

  • Silviculture accomplishments

  • Forest cover conditions

Results who submits data to it l.jpg
RESULTS – Who submits data to it ? streamlining of government

  • 3000 users (72% industry)

  • Licensees and BCTS are required to report to Ministry on basic silviculture obligations on 83,000 cutblocks

  • These cutblocks contain 139,000 standards units, with an estimated $1.3 billion in accrued silviculture liabilities

  • Key tool used by industry to make streamlined free growing declarations on 15-25,000 standards units/yr

  • Used to approve 1100-2200 amendments/month

  • 150,000 webhits per week

Results who uses it l.jpg
RESULTS – Who uses it ? streamlining of government

  • Licensees, BCTS and the ministry run 17,000 reports run per year to answer key business questions

  • BC International marketing campaigns

  • External agencies – COFI, ENGO’s, researchers, educational institutions,

  • Links to other program areas:

    • Vegetation Resource Updates,

    • Timber Supply Analysis,

    • National Forestry Database and Council of Canadian Forest Ministers

Ministry business linkages l.jpg
Ministry-Business Linkages streamlining of government

Service Plan

Net Area Reforested to Area HarvestedRatio

Ministry business linkages14 l.jpg
Ministry-Business Linkages streamlining of government

Internal Performance Measures

% achievement of ministry regeneration obligations under FSMF (P040)

  • % of catastrophic event hectares within FFT strategic plan assessed for reforestation (New)

  • % achievement of monitoring targets completed by district (P202)

  • % of FFT Fire Impacted areas treated compared to area planned for treatment in the fiscal year (P205)

  • % of FFT Pest impacted areas treated compared to area planned for treatment in the fiscal year (P206)

  • % of cutblocks in FTA that are reported into RESULTS

Ministry business linkages15 l.jpg
Ministry-Business Linkages streamlining of government

Ministry’s Uses:

  • Tracking of Non-Replaceable Forest Licences managed by District Manager (Forest Stand Management Fund)

  • Compliance & enforcement on basic silviculture obligations

  • Tracking silviculture field delivery of Forest For Tomorrow & Forest Investment Account

  • FPRA Section108 Relief of Obligations Applications

  • Information on current & past field practices to support legislation & policy-development

Ministry business linkages16 l.jpg
Ministry-Business Linkages streamlining of government

TSR Process - building assumptions

  • total not satisfactorily restocked land

  • average regeneration delay

  • regenerated species composition

    • young stand’s growth and yield

    • forest cover (VRIMS)

  • species shifts

  • planted seedlings with reference on improved seed sources

  • comparison of regenerated profile against harvested profile

Ministry business linkages17 l.jpg
Ministry-Business Linkages streamlining of government

Vegetation Resource Inventory Management System (VRIMS) –

  • It is a cut-in tool which will use forest cover update information from RESULTS to incorporate into vegetation inventory coverage.

  • Information is used extensively in TSR and key planning initiatives

Ministry business linkages20 l.jpg
Ministry-Business Linkages provincial forest cover inventory

Forest Tenure and Administration System (FTA)

  • RESULTS is fully integrated with FTA, to record what is logged by whom and who owns the obligations over time

    Forest Stewardship Plan Tracker (FSP Tracker)

  • All new FSP stocking standards will come from this tool and linked to RESULTS

    Integrated Land and Resource Registry (ILRR)

  • June 2007 –RESULTS will link to ILRR to display basic silviculture openings

  • Helps provide public access to key layers of commonly used information via a wide range of users including Agriculture and Range, Oil and Gas, First Nations, Land use planning, Real Estate etc

Ministry business linkages21 l.jpg
Ministry-Business Linkages provincial forest cover inventory

Forest Resource Evaluation Program (FREP) – uses RESULTS to generate sampling lists on harvested cutblocks for their field assessment processes for four values:

  • Stand Level Biodiversity

  • Riparian

  • Soils

  • Forest Health

    Forest Practices Board – RESULTS serve as baseline information to support any audits & reviews on basic silviculture obligations.

  • Free Growing Assessment Review (2006)

  • Species Composition and Regeneration in Cutblocks in Mountain Pine Beetle Areas (2006)

  • Results other uses l.jpg
    RESULTS – Other Uses provincial forest cover inventory

    • The State of BC’s Forests

    • National Forestry Reporting & Criteria and Indicator Reporting

    • Generate key information for Climate change

    • Consolidated stocking standard data in standardised format to assist with Forest Stewardship Plan development (multi-licensee, potentially spanning districts)

    • First Nations Consultation (Cost – Sharing)

    • Forest Appeals Commission

    • Information to support Legal Cases

    • International Challenges (US Countervail, Softwood Lumber)

    • Environmental Non-Government Organizations

    • Research

    Diminishing silos leads to greater cross business data usage to represent land based management l.jpg
    Diminishing Silos – Leads to Greater provincial forest cover inventoryCross-Business Data Usage to Represent Land-based Management








    Other MOF


    • Prior to Transformation

    • Data not standardized

    • Stored in different locations

    • Data issues


    Land Resource

    Data Warehouse

    • Centralized Applications

    • Data rationalization

    • Centralized location

    • Easy access

    • Ability to share information



    Other Spatial




    Results current status l.jpg
    RESULTS - Current Status provincial forest cover inventory

    • Companies have done an excellent job in meeting the annual May 31st legislated information submission deadline

    • on June 1, 2006 - 93% of key silviculture information was in the day after the deadline

    • on May 31, 2007 – 105% of key silviculture information was in the day of the deadline

    • Companies are doing an excellent job of updating and improving the accuracy of information within their systems and in RESULTS

    • 40% of licensees providing 90% of the data via ESF

    • Smaller licensees and woodlots are stepping up to the challenge this year

    Results training l.jpg
    RESULTS Training provincial forest cover inventory

    • Currently available using online computerized training via LearnLinc

    • Over 1,650 participants and 174 training sessions so far

    • Many industry participants have been happy with the distance education approach and 1.5 hour long training modules

    • We will be continue to deliver and build new modules over the coming year

    • Carry out face to face training sessions where there is sufficient demand

    The future l.jpg
    The future provincial forest cover inventory

    • Integrating and leveraging the wealth of information that we have in the $1 billion dollar warehouse

    • Building tools that provide real-time knowledge for day to day business questions – (ie Walmart)

    • Answering the key questions we don’t have answers on today…ie what is the inventory, what is the sales and what we doing to maintain those sales

    • Clarifying key business questions – ensuring we don’t loose sight of the core business questions with too much minutia

    • Producing tools that are simple to use and that produce graphical and map based business answers

    • Expand the number of users who can take the systems to really make better stewardship decisions for both the short and long term

    Results success is due to a dedicated team including l.jpg
    RESULTS success is due provincial forest cover inventoryto a dedicated team including

    Summary l.jpg
    Summary provincial forest cover inventory

    • RESULTS is a key to the streamlining initiatives of government under FRPA. Significant long term business efficiencies and savings will be realized

    • It provides key stewardship information to address important business questions for a large audience

    • It will provide key information to ensure public confidence in the new deregulated environment

    • Because of profound business benefits industry is doing a great job in the new electronic business world

    • RESULTS has been a success because of great team work

    • Thanks to CGI for doing a great job in helping move us into the brave new electronic information age

    Slide29 l.jpg

    THANK YOU! provincial forest cover inventory

    For more information