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每週課程講義及使用 paper PowerPoint Presentation
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每週課程講義及使用 paper

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每週課程講義及使用 paper - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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每週課程講義及使用 paper. 20090305 航空貨物運輸講義 -Structural changes taking place in the traditional air cargo industry 20090312 航空貨物運輸講義 -What drives and constrains air cargo growth? 20090319 航空貨物運輸講義 - Issues facing our industry and Customer requirement

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Presentation Transcript
  • 20090305航空貨物運輸講義-Structural changes taking place in the traditional air cargo industry
  • 20090312航空貨物運輸講義-What drives and constrains air cargo growth?
  • 20090319航空貨物運輸講義- Issues facing our industry and Customer requirement
  • Book paper: Rolf Hellermann, Capacity agreement in the air cargo industries, Capacity Options for Revenue Management, chapter 2,pp5-20,2006(圖整合業者與航空公司服務型態差異)
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  • Book paper : Shaw, Stephen, Air Freight Market analysis, Effective Air Freight Marketing, chapter 2 pp9-45,August 1993,Pearson
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