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Decision Support Software

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Decision Support Software. DECISION-MAKING SYSTEMS. Reasons for the growth of decision-making information systems. People need to People must make People must techniques, such as modeling and forecasting, to make good decisions

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decision support software

Decision Support Software


reasons for the growth of decision making information systems
Reasons for the growth of decision-making information systems
  • People need to
  • People must make
  • People must techniques, such as modeling and forecasting, to make good decisions
  • People must the corporate asset of organizational information
transaction processing systems
Transaction Processing Systems
  • C regarding business transactions/activities.
    • That data is stored in a database and then mined/analyzed using one or more decision making techniques
  • Transactional Data being captured
    • D and
    • Inventory of the system
    • Items being and .
    • Payments
  • Uses : captures data at the point of origin
the organizational pyramid and information needs
The Organizational Pyramid and Information Needs
  • As you move from lower to upper levels in an organization, information needs move from in nature to . Analytical information supports . Info also becomes and more
different decision types
Different Decision Types
  • Programmed Decisions (structured decision)
    • S relationships
    • Quantifiable.
    • Very easy to automate (program) these types of decisions.
  • NonprogrammedDecisions (nonstructured decision)
    • Ill-structured situations with between variables
    • Not easily quantifiable in advance. No agreed-on decision making method.
    • There may be (although some answers could be better than other answers).
Most decisions that you make structured and nonstructured (containing elements of both).
  • Various forms of decision support tend to be used when dealing with nonstructured aspects of a decision. (DSS helps you )
  • With artificial intelligence, the decision making expertise is so that the AI system
problem solving approaches used by computer aided decision making systems
Problem Solving Approaches Used by Computer-Aided Decision Making Systems
  • O : find the very best solution given the constraintsprovided(aka the )
  • S : find a , onethat of your decision , without necessarily being the best solution.
decision support system dss

Highly flexible and interactive IT system that is designed to support decision making when the problem is ( i.e. Nonprogrammed decision).

are a common form of decision support system (DSS)

alliance between you and a dss
Alliance between You and a DSS
  • Decision support systems help you , but you must know how to , and how to use the results of the analysis
    • A DSS in making a decision, as opposed to making the decision for you.
    • Power of a DSS is its ability to analyze information and its ease of use.
quantitative models often used by a dss
  • Three quantitative ( ) models often used by DSSs include:
    • S – the study of the impact that changes in one (or more) parts of the model have on other parts of the model
    • W analysis – checks the impact of a change in an assumption on the proposed solution
    • G analysis – finds the inputs necessary to achieve a goal such as a desired level of output
dss quantitative model goal seeking analysis what must occur in order to achieve the
DSSQuantitative Model:Goal-seeking analysiswhat must occur in order to achieve the ?
a dss can help with analysis tasks like
A DSS Can Help With Analysis Tasks Like
  • Deciding where to spend advertising dollars
  • Analyzing sales trend information
  • Analyzing drug interactions
  • Developing airline schedules
  • Pricing products
  • Allocating limited investment dollars among several potential projects.
  • Budget setting. Inventory control.
  • Cash flow forecasting.

Processing rules are . Human required.

Y SYSTEMS are a form of DSS used by airlines to alter the price of seats on available flights on a minute by minute basis, comparing the number of seats sold to an estimate of what was expected. If fewer seats have sold, more low-cost seats are made available. If more seats have sold, less low-cost seats are made available. Objective: have the
Airlines are using optimization software to save money on the costs associated with each flight by reducing the number of miles traveled, fuel used and/or overflight fees paid, with the system also taking weather and wind speed & direction into account.
geospatial information systems gis
  • A Geospatial Information System (GIS) is a specialized decision support system designed specifically to
    • Spatial information is that can be shown in , such as roads, population distribution characteristics, sewer systems and other utilities, income levels, health conditions, areas of high or low crime, etc.
    • The strength of a GIS is the ability to with a mouse click.
ArcExplorer 2: showing features in San Diego (can find out more info about an attraction by placing your mouse over it)
  • Pg. 213: Haag
    • GIS used in the space shuttle Challenger investigation
    • GIS used in tree maintenance in Chattanooga
    • GIS used in the 2001 Virginia highway sniper investigation.
  • Pg. 188: Analyzing hurricane destruction in Florida.
Businesses use GIS software to information,, and make decisions.
  • Can layer in info with a mouse click
  • Marketing applications
executive information systems
  • Executive information system (EIS) – specialized DSSs designed for use by in order to make
  • Most EISs offering the following capabilities:
    • Consolidation – involves the and features simple roll-ups to complex groupings of interrelated information
    • Drill-down – enables users to get , and , of information
    • Slice-and-dice – looks at information from
digital dashboards
Digital Dashboards
  • Digital dashboard – from multiple components and presents it in a unified display