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Portrait of NRPC Information Systems, ca. 2006. NPSpecies. Naturebib. NPS Data Store. NPStoret. Unit Codes. RPRS. Integration of Resource Management Applications (IRMA). November, 2005 Charge from IMAC and NRPC Director:. Evaluate the current systems from a user’s perspective

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Portrait of NRPC Information Systems,

ca. 2006



NPS Data Store


Unit Codes



November, 2005

Charge from IMAC and NRPC Director:

  • Evaluate the current systems from a user’s perspective
  • Identify redundancies…
  • Determine changes needed to streamline data entry and retrieval
  • NatureBib
  • NPSpecies & Biodiversity Datastore
  • NR-GIS Data Store
  • Metadata Tools & Editor



october 2006 natural resource program center it policy
October, 2006 Natural Resource Program Center IT Policy
  • NRPC will:
  • integrate all applications (start with NatureBib, NPSpecies, NPS Data Store, but will eventually include PEPC, RPRS, and other systems)
  • eliminate redundant data storage
  • streamline standard functions across applications…
new natural resource program center it policy
New Natural Resource Program Center IT Policy

NRPC will begin transition to service-oriented architecture (SOA), starting with NPSpecies, NatureBib, and the NPS Data Store.

SOA: an alternative to complex, inflexible systems (silos) that don’t share data well and aren’t meeting users’ needs.

Full SOA transition is a long-term process; however, we will show near-term results.

new natural resource program center it policy8
New Natural Resource Program Center IT Policy

NRPC will create a

central web portal, a

single sign-on system, and a

common user interface

for all natural resource applications.

Starting point is NPSpecies, NatureBib, and the NPS Data Store.

To accomplish this task we brought in…..

what is irma
What is IRMA ?
  • Integration of Resource Management Applications
  • Umbrella project that will plan and implement the new IT policy
what is irma11
What is IRMA ?
  • Initial Focus: serving NPS users
  • Serving the general public comes later

Policy will eventually encompass other NRPC applications such as Research Permit and Reporting (RPRS), Planning, Environment, and Public Comment (PEPC), and others.

what is soa
What is SOA?





Project has strong interest and support from DOI and NPS OCIO

SOA is considered DOI “best practice” and is becoming the industry standard.

NRPC is in the forefront—no similar NPS precedents of SOA transition that we can look to.


Prototype Natural Resource Data Portal

Released at 2007 DM Conference


Can we build central access to three applications?

Can we simplify user logins and passwords?


Can we start working outside of our silos?

What are the major obstacles?


Are we on the right track with what our users want?


What we thought you wanted

How we designed it

How the programmers wrote it

How we described it to you


How it was documented

What was installed

How it was supported

What you really needed


The point is:

User-driven design.

Making the applications fit the user, instead of the user fitting the applications.

user driven design
User-Driven Design

The foundation is User Requirements:

  • Functional Analysis
    • What do you want to do?
  • Workflow Analysis
    • How do you do it?
reorganization roles
Reorganization - Roles
  • Project Management
  • Functional Analysis
  • Architecture
    • SOA
    • Application
    • Database
  • User Interface Design
  • Development
  • Quality Assurance
  • Configuration Management & Support



Lifecycle (SDLC)


SOA Implementation for Natural Resources at NPS 1-year timeline

April – September, 2007

October, 2007 – March, 2008

Task 1: SOA Roadmap - 5 Year Plan

Task 2: Institute Organizational Changes; Improve Software Development Life Cycle

Task 3: Pilot Implementation

Task 4: Integration with DOI SOA efforts, Case Study

Task 5: SOA RoadmapImplementation

where are we now
Where are we now?
  • Randy Leonard – guiding the transition
  • Reorganizing IT team structures
  • Using new tools (SharePoint)
  • Upcoming weeks: gathering user requirements

We need interested, creative end-users to set the direction of our NR IT systems.


  • Summary of current workflow
  • Initial vision of a search portal
  • More detailed process flows
  • Scenarios/Possibilities
  • Q & A

George Wright Society Conference

first a slight detour

First a slight detour

A layperson’s vision of interacting with an integrated NRPC application

George Wright Society Conference

interaction with integrated applications
Interaction with integrated applications
  • Step 1

George Wright Society Conference

Step 2


George Wright Society Conference

Step 3 (optional)

George Wright Society Conference

Step 4


George Wright Society Conference

current situation
Current situation
  • Number of good “single-purpose” applications
  • Inability to easily leverage useful information or functionality, e.g., geospatial search/query
  • Written in lingua du jour
  • Data Entry
  • Query
  • Edit
  • Report
  • Data Entry
  • Query
  • Edit
  • Report
  • Data Entry
  • Query
  • Edit
  • Report
  • Data Entry
  • Query
  • Edit
  • Report

Data Store




George Wright Society Conference

initial approach search portal
Initial approach: search portal

George Wright Society Conference

Simplified view of “Get_Data” process

George Wright Society Conference

potential scenario

Potential scenario

How would I obtain all relevant information on black-footed ferrets, and their prey, in all parks within 500 miles of Scottsbluff National Monument?

George Wright Society Conference

  • Log onto portal
  • Specify search criteria, based on geography and species
  • Retrieve list of all products: RPRS numbers, proposed reintroduction plans, bibliographic references, status of species, maps of distribution
  • Determine/select relevant “hits”
  • Visualize “documents” in their native form, e.g., as a map, as a citation, etc.

George Wright Society Conference

  • Which may be better answered by others in attendance (hint)

George Wright Society Conference