early jazz artists l.
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Early Jazz Artists

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Early Jazz Artists - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Early Jazz Artists. Buddy Bolden. probable 1 st jazz artist (“inventor of jazz”) loudness of his playing distinctive timbre and attack “seductive” style of playing, particularly slow blues no known recordings. Freddie Keppard. one of the 1 st New Orleans musicians to travel widely

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Presentation Transcript
buddy bolden
Buddy Bolden
  • probable 1st jazz artist (“inventor of jazz”)
  • loudness of his playing
  • distinctive timbre and attack
  • “seductive” style of playing, particularly slow blues
  • no known recordings
freddie keppard
Freddie Keppard
  • one of the 1st New Orleans musicians to travel widely
  • star of the Creole Jazz Band (played vaudeville theaters throughout the US)
  • allegedly refused an opportunity to record in 1916
original dixieland jazz band
Original Dixieland Jazz Band
  • played at Reisenweber’s Restaurant in New York in 1917 (probable 1st jazz group to play extended engagement in New York)
  • “Livery Stable Blues” and “Dixie Jass Band One-Step” probable 1st jazz recordings
  • relationship between white and black musicians
jelly roll morton
Jelly Roll Morton
  • 1st jazz composer – proved that the music could be written down
  • falsely claimed to have invented jazz
  • assimilated a number of musical styles
  • 1923 recordings with Gennett Records in Richmond, IN (1st integrated recording session)
  • fall 1926, Victor recordings with Red Hot Peppers
  • LC recordings with Alan Lomax (1938)
  • died in 1941 just before a revival of interest in NO jazz
joe king oliver
Joe “King” Oliver
  • achieved local fame in band led by trombonist Kid Ory
  • particularly noted for variety of mutes
  • moved to Chicago in 1918; after time on the road, returned in 1922 to form King Oliver’s Creole Jazz Band
  • 1923 Gennett recordings introduced Louis Armstrong to the world
sidney bechet
Sidney Bechet
  • clarinet, later soprano saxophone
  • toured with Will Marion Cook to Europe
  • tour Europe again on his own, returned to NY in 1921
  • hired briefly by Duke Ellington, but preferred soloist status
  • time spent in Europe may have contributed to relative lack of renown in US