Student growth goal setting foundations
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Student Growth Goal Setting Foundations - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Student Growth Goal Setting Foundations. What Skill Will You Focus on? Identifying Enduring Skills. Connecting Content to Student Needs. Foundations for identifying content. Targets.

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Student growth goal setting foundations

Student Growth Goal Setting Foundations

What Skill Will You Focus on?Identifying Enduring Skills

Connecting Content

to Student Needs

Foundations for identifying content


  • Collaboratively identify the enduring skills, understandings, processes, understandings and concepts in your content area.

  • Prepare you to identify a strong content focus for your student growth goal.

This activity will
This activity will…

  • Guide you through a process for identifying enduring skills in your content.



Think and plan tool
Think and Plan Tool

Begin here!

Questions to ask
Questions to Ask

  • Based on my content standards, what are the enduring skills*, concepts and processes students should master by the end of the school year/course?

  • Is the learning identified enduring?

Think & Plan Tool Questions!

Defining enduring

Learning that

  • ENDURESbeyond a single test date

  • is of value in other discipline

  • is relevant beyond the classroom

  • is worthy of embedded, course-long focus

  • may be necessary for the next level of instruction







Enduring learning
Enduring Learning



  • Worthy of extended focus

  • Fundamental to learning in other disciplines

  • Aptitude that has value and utility beyond one narrow context

  • Foundational for the application of content

  • Applicable beyond school

  • Can be measured over time

  • A sub skill

  • Explicit content knowledge

  • An activity

  • A skill with limited application

  • A strategy for learning


Find the “big rocks”

What are the big rocks, big concepts, underlying practices & processes of your content area?

Where can you find this info for your content? What are the guiding documents of your content?

Where is this info in your standards?

What standards structural documents resources accompany the standards in each content area

Anchor Standards-Literacy/Science/Social Studies/Technical Subjects

Anchor Standards Reading-ELA


C3 Framework (+ literacy standards) -Social Studies

What Standards, Structural Documents & Resources accompany the standards in each content area?

  • CCSS/KCAS- Critical Areas combined with math practices

  • KY World Language Standards

  • National Standards-Visual Arts, PE, etc.

  • NGSS/KCAS- Practices/Concepts-Science

On your Subjectsown…

Highlight or underlinethe skills or competencies you notice in your standards document.

Together… Subjects

Chart the skills you’ve underlined or highlighted.

Share one example
Share one example Subjects

Share one example you feel confident about.

  • Look at the examples identified by the Kentucky Department of Education for your content. Remember that these are not inclusive lists!

    • Are you on the right track for identifying enduring learning? What can you learn from the list for your content?

    • If your identified learning is not on the list…

      • Go back and check the criteria – does it match? Share with a colleague why you think it matches and come to agreement.

      • If you agree, you have identified another one.

      • If not, now you have a better understanding of what enduring is.


Continue to work of Education for your content. Remember that these are not inclusive lists!collaboratively through your standards document to identify additional enduring skills.

Record digitally (Add to your content’s Enduring Skills Initial List)

Use the tools:

*Enduring definition

*Your What It Is/What It Isn’t chart

*Initial Enduring Skills list for your content


  • You will want a list to choose from when you match your student needs to the content focus!

  • Revise this list as you teach this year. You may think of more.

  • This list can be used for other purposes beyond student growth goal setting.


Student Growth Goal Setting Process of Education for your content. Remember that these are not inclusive lists! Student Growth Goal Setting Resources