Europlanet in fp 7
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EUROPLANET in FP-7. 2.6 Magnetospheres / radiations JRA –Magnetosphere of the Jupiter, Saturn, Earth and Mercury modelling (PI – Igor I. Alexeev, SINP MSU, Russia

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Europlanet in fp 7

  • 2.6 Magnetospheres / radiations

  • JRA –Magnetosphere of the Jupiter, Saturn, Earth and Mercury modelling

    (PI – Igor I. Alexeev, SINP MSU, Russia

  • The subject of the proposed joint activity is the construction of the magnetospheric models by Jupiter, Saturn and Mercury. We have a successful (from our point of view) experience of joint with EU countries efforts in this direction in the course of INTAS 03-51-3922 grant (PI – Stan Cowley, UK).

  • Our new proposition can be present as Joint Research Activity which is focused on enhancing the capabilities of the current NPI computing and modeling center. As results of this project all Europlanet countries researchers ( and indeed all interesting scientist in the world) can run on their own PC or at NPI MSU server the computer code which calculate the magnetic field line by Jupiter, Saturn or Mercury magnetosphere. One of the specific goal such modeling is a projection of Jupiter and Saturn aurora to outer magnetosphere.

Jupiter s aurora

Field line mapping of the Jupiter ionosphere to the equatorial plane and tail lobe

Jupiter’s aurora

[Mauk et al., 2002],

[Alexeev and Belenkaya, 2005].

[Clarke, 2000].

Jupiter s northern polar cap

16 Aug 1999 HST/FOC FUV image equatorial plane and tail lobe

Io footprints (red dotted)

a reference main oval

the inner and outer edges of the Jovian magnetodisk (blue)

the tail lobe projection (blue)

MLT=0h,06h,12h, 18h

Jupiter's northern polar cap

Prange et al., 2007 (in preparation).

Saturn magnetosphere
Saturn magnetosphere equatorial plane and tail lobe

[Alexeev et al., 2006]

[Blanc et al., 2002].

Conclusion equatorial plane and tail lobe

Expected input from JRA activity:

  • Possibility to study the atmosphere, ionosphere phenomena, aurora and the outer magnetospheric processes by magnetic field lines mapping for Jupiter and Saturn.

    Members of SINP MSU team:

  • PI – Igor I.Alexeev, E-mail: [email protected]

  • Elena S. Belenkaya, [email protected]

  • Volodaya V. Kalegaev, [email protected]

  • Sergey Yu. Bobrovnikov, [email protected]