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Publications: Strategy Study Vision

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Publications: Strategy Study Vision. Migration to electronic publishing Quicker turn-around Personalized delivery of content (agent) Members need to be trained/enabled to be adaptors will take some years there’ll still be need for paper journal. Publications: Strategy Study Vision.

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publications strategy study vision
Publications: Strategy StudyVision
  • Migration to electronic publishing
    • Quicker turn-around
    • Personalized delivery of content (agent)
  • Members need to be trained/enabled to be adaptors
    • will take some years
    • there’ll still be need for paper journal
publications strategy study vision1
Publications: Strategy StudyVision
  • Web services will expand
    • service to TC’s, chapters, committees
    • authoring & delivery of educational content
    • members-only area
bring full board up to speed in transition to electronic publishing
Bring full board up to speed in transition to electronic publishing
  • Action: Invite Tony Darnea (staff pub) for a 45-min presentation, covering overall directions; adopted assumptions of author/member/library/etc; revenue model + flows; features; 5, 10 yr plans
  • When: in 2000 (May BoG?)
  • Team: Publications, Finance
  • Will libraries stop subscribing?
  • How will CPMT’s IP be valued in the IEEE portfolio
  • How will we realize the revenue stream ($350k/yr) to fund our “creation/editing” services
  • What are feature mixes for Xplore
  • How will IEEE sell it; How will CPMT sell it
focused customerized personalized journal
Focused/customerized/personalized “Journal”
  • Action: offer an all-electronic subscription: 3 journals for $15/$20 for 2001 or 2002
  • Action: Raise price for paper journal - 2003
  • Action: develop a plan by 3/2001, for budget input for 2002
discussion how to implement
Discussion & How to implement
  • Started with OPeRA in 1999 -- almost no one used it
  • Xplore has 1988-2000 issues: richer
  • Begin collecting color content in PDF versions
    • print version: B/W, static
    • on-line: full color, hyperlinks
discussion how to implement1
Discussion & How to implement
  • 2001: all reviews/etc will be postscript or PDF, color (OPRS)
  • 1999: have email notification, with ToC
    • end of 2000: notification will have 2-sentence summary, hyperlink to PDF on IEEE server.
    • 2003: customerizable profile to notify of Key Papers first, balance of content underneath
discussion how to implement2
Discussion & How to implement
  • Seek IEEE implementaion of Agent technology ~ 2003
  • Reduce # of printed copies by 50% by 2003
  • Understand IEEE’s model for sales to various constituencies: libraries, indiv. Subscribers, general public, then optimize our membership offerings
  • Optimize the $400k/yr flow, not the $70k/yr member subscriber flow
  • Need to educate members, so they want it, will/can use it
offer lifetime membership in cpmt conditions
Offer lifetime membership in CPMTConditions:
  • Pay $30 like (MTT) or similar
  • must be/remain IEEE member
  • won’t get printed newsletter -- only on-line/email one
  • can subscribe to journals
  • limited to CPMT lifetime
  • Action: explore alternatives & propose end of 2000
  • Team: finance, membership, pub’n/Newsletter
  • MTT did this -- still publishes print nsltr, but may get only e-version on web
  • no expense; no extra fees
  • 1/2 of nslter is our advertizing (conferences, books, etc.) so we want everyone to get e-version
  • still charge $10 for paper newsletter
  • This is equivalent to unbundling our journals -- no entry barrier ($10) for IEEE members, after initial $30
  • We’d never lose members!
on line dictionary
On-line dictionary
  • Action: define 10-20 terms in 2000, for understanding
  • Action: put full dictionary on-line: 2001
  • Team: Publication (Dave Palmer), Tech VP, TC’s
  • The CD-ROM project gives us a multi-year index to 40+ yrs of publications
    • borrow this for yahoo-style hierarchy
  • Ask TC’s to define a few dozen each
  • later: enrich information with links, videos, references ...
  • links to key papers, tutorial, diagrams, TC’s etc
  • a taxonomy of our field
self publishing of tutorials education on web
Self-publishing of tutorials/education on Web
  • Action: put first modules on server -- June 2000
  • Action: Mount authoring SW & how-to on website -- April 2000
  • Action: set up process & agreement -- 2001
  • We are promised EWH server space, for now; may want own server in IEEE, or commercial provider
  • we have editing SW free, for download
  • start with NSF/CPMT content; see how this looks
  • use CPMT dictionary taxonomy / hierarchy
  • for use by professors, students, re-educating engineers
  • sources for content:
    • professor lectures, short courses, conference papers, companies
  • Hope: many will want to add on to existing modules
  • stratify content:
    • unreviewed class
    • peer-reviewed (TC involvement)
    • on-line posting of reivews (as for eBay)
  • best material/production:
    • send to IEEE-EAD commercial system (Alan Trembly)
      • high stds; reviewed; professionally made
      • revenue stream
  • Might capture luncheon talks; videotapes + slides, then edit for web
members only area on web
Members-only area on Web
  • Action: explore options and make recommendations by dec 2000
  • See what surveys feel members want (another group)
  • publish 4-page newsletter for public, with our highlights and ads
    • reserve reports, etc. for members only
  • see what other content will draw members