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Special Education in the Classroom

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Special Education in the Classroom - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Special Education in the Classroom. Support for Teachers in implementing best practice for Students with Disabilities. The Special Education Process. When does the process begin for special education?. The Intervention Assistance Team.

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Special Education in the Classroom

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special education in the classroom

Special Education in the Classroom

Support for Teachers in implementing best practice for Students with Disabilities

the special education process
The Special Education Process

When does the process begin for special education?

the intervention assistance team
The Intervention Assistance Team

The classroom teacher is the single most important part of the team because he/she serves as the first advocate for the student in the school setting.

the iat meeting
The IAT Meeting
  • Teacher presents concerns to a member of the IAT team
  • Teacher discusses existing interventions and/or ideas for further interventions
  • IAT Meeting provides team support for teacher and documentation
  • IAT member offers guidance for teacher with forms/protocol
  • IAT member shares intervention ideas and informs other relevant members of teacher concerns
  • IAT Meeting- discussion of specific interventions and support for teacher
tiers of interventions

Tiers of Interventions

LEVEL ONE- Typical interventions provided to entire class

LEVEL TWO- modified curriculum and accommodations

LEVEL THREE – more 1:1 assistance and /or small group pull-out

decision for suspected disability
Decision for Suspected Disability
  • The IDEA requires that interventions are implemented for a few weeks before a student is suspected of a disability
  • RTI- Response to Intervention
  • The IAT Team makes the decision that the student is in need of a multi-factor evaluation
  • The MFE planning is completed as a team
  • The teacher is informed of the status of the evaluation which should be completed within 60 days of the date the parent signed for consent.
the evaluation team report

The Evaluation Team Report

Psychologist’s Evaluation

Speech-Language Evaluation

Teacher Observation and Documentation

Fine Motor /Gross Motor Assessments

Hearing and Vision Screens

Adaptive Behavior Assessment if needed

ETR establishes Disability Category

the iep process
The IEP Process
  • The ETR provides the necessary information from which the Individualized Education Plan is written.
  • The IEP is written in a collaborative process including parent, teacher, intervention specialists, therapists, and any other staff that will service the student’s particular needs.
  • The IEP should be completed within 30 days of the signing of the ETR by the parent/guardian.
  • The IEP is written for one year, but can be revisited at time by parent or teacher request.
implementing the iep
Implementing the IEP
  • Interventions that assist the student with the regular classroom curriculum.
  • Examples:


oral & written directions

  • Interventions that alter the grade level curriculum to fit the learning level of the student.
  • Examples:

reduced reading level

structured worksheets

students with multiple needs
Students with Multiple Needs
  • Behavioral Concerns

a. Functional Behavioral Assessment

b. Behavior Intervention Plan

c. IAT/IEP Team

  • Social – Emotional Concerns

a. Family Advocate

b. Community-based counseling

c. Multi-disciplinary team approach




Teacher & Intervention/Related Services Staff

Teacher & Parent

Teacher & Student

making a difference to one
“Making a difference to one…….”

Teachers making a difference every day!