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My 2010- 2011 class profile JAGUARS CORE OF P.A.M.S - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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VTFT 2!! Devon Johnson. My 2010- 2011 class profile JAGUARS CORE OF P.A.M.S. My cooperating teacher this year is Mrs. Donna Abrams!!! She is a proud teacher in the Jaguar core along with Ms. Reyes, Ms. Solheim, and Ms. Thompson! In her core she is responsible to teach seventh grade science.

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Vtft 2 devon johnson

VTFT 2!! Devon Johnson

My 2010- 2011 class profileJAGUARS CORE OF P.A.M.S

Who am i working with

My cooperating teacher this year is Mrs. Donna Abrams!!!

She is a proud teacher in the Jaguar core along with Ms. Reyes, Ms. Solheim, and Ms. Thompson!

In her core she is responsible to teach seventh grade science.


Did you say theme
Did you say theme?

  • The them for our class room is science.

  • There are several science posters on the walls and each table has a science name.

  • In addition, the black top tables and the sinks makes you excited for science!

Day to day crack the whip
DAY to Day------------------------ crack the whip

  • As a daily routine, the students come into the classroom, the first five will come first and put down all the chairs for a candy treat.

  • They then have a warm-up followed by the lesson and/or lab.

  • In our class there are very few behavior problems. Actually I haven't seen any since my internship began. The students treat Mrs. Abrams like a mother and they respect her enough to listen. Whatever she tells them to do, they do it instantly, but they love her!

Yep we have gifted students

In my class there are 28 students.

Half (14) of those students are gifted.

In the classroom most of the intellectually stronger students are seated together and the weaker students are together.

Yep! We have gifted students…

We laugh too jokes
We laugh too… jokes?

  • So far on my internship, my class has one inside joke!

  • One day I was asking the students individually to tell me on thing about them that makes he or she stand out from the rest of the class. When I got to Jae he replied “Uhh… I'm Asian.”I though that was hilarious.

  • Mrs. Abrams , along with Jae, several other students, and I also began to laugh.

“Uhh.. I'm Asian.”

- Jae

What are your students like
what are your students like??


“ The Flexible One”

Carly is very quiet; however, she is able to fit in where ever she is.


“The Quiet One”

Lauren is very sweet and very intelligent.


“ Mister Artistic”

Paul is a talented young man who is very creative in his drawings.


“The Gentleman”

Cole claims to be the perfect gentleman. He is enjoys getting his work done.

My students cont
My students cont…


“ The Musician”

Maggie is a talented clarinet player in the P.A.M.S marching band.


“ The Drama Queen”

Katie is a brilliant young lady who is a field hockey player.


“The Diva”

Alexis is a very outgoing young lady who likes the latest fashions.


“ The Jock”

Clay is a strong football player on the field but a smart cookie in the classroom.

Wait there s more
Wait there’s more…


“ The Problem Solver”

Andrew is one who considers himself vertically challenged. He is one who is determined to do the best he can in school.


“ Mister Nice Guy”

Jay is as well- rounded student who can be indecisive at times.

Madison L.

“ Miss Goofy”

Madison has a very bubbly personality. She always smiles and cracks jokes.


“ Miss Bossy”(in a good way)

Kayla is a very quiet young lady that’s strives to do well in class.

And more
And more…


“ The New Kid”

Isaiah is also a nice gentle man who has gained several friends.


“ Sir Literal”

Jae is a very quiet student; however, he has a great sense of humor.


“ Madam Fashion”

Jessica is also very quiet; however she show her personality by her outfits.



Mach is a very smart kid who enjoys getting his work done well.



“ The Family Man”

Jason is another band member. He loves his family and wants to make them happy.


“ The Soccer Guru”

Joseph is a very talented soccer player. He enjoys getting the good grades he does.



Sarah is a talented dancer. She performs point and ballet.


“The Multitasker” Samuel is an intense gamer who loves to read.

Almost there
Almost there…


“Mister Home Run”

Ryan is a very intelligent young man who claims to be a baseball addict.


“ The Artist”

Emma is a talented artist who expresses her outgoing personality through many mediums.


“ Mr. Confident”

Luke claims to be better than everyone in everything.


“ The Old Soul”

Noelle is a sweet young lady who loves old music.

Last but not least
Last but not least….


“ Miss Diesel”

Jessie is a very intelligent young lady who proves her athletic skills as a field hockey player.


“ The Fish”

Sean is a great swimmer. He has a long term goal of making the Kellam swim team.


“The Class Clown”

Matt is a very smart young man; however, he uses his silliness and humor in order to keep the class laughing.


“The Attitude”

Madison is also a very outgoing young lady who isn't afraid to give attitude to those who deserve it.