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Comp 401 Concluding Remarks

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Comp 401 Concluding Remarks - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Comp 401 Concluding Remarks. Instructor: Prasun Dewan. What did you Achieve?. Java? Some of you already knew Java Java++. Assignment Every Week!. Online courses offer assignments/quizzes every lecture. Large-Scale Object-Oriented Programming!.

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comp 401 concluding remarks

Comp 401Concluding Remarks

Instructor: PrasunDewan

what did you achieve
What did you Achieve?
  • Java?
    • Some of you already knew Java
  • Java++
assignment every week
Assignment Every Week!

Online courses offer assignments/quizzes every lecture

large scale object oriented programming
Large-Scale Object-Oriented Programming!

Large in terms of number of number of classes/types

Defined by you (Programmer-defined)

Count them!

use methods
Use Methods
  • Drag method names from the details window Methods area
    • to first method
  • Can Group Methods
    • Do in order
      • One after the other
    • Or Do together
      • At the same time

You built an Alice-like environment that can be used by others to program

Other learn how to use Alice

Barbara Ericson

Georgia Institute of Technology

what did you achieve1
What did you Achieve?

Advanced Algorithms

Design Patterns

Advanced Java Features

Complex Data Structutres


Composing questions is difficult!

Composing answers is even more difficult!


You learn and lead by teaching

multi modal help
Multi-Modal Help

Would it help if you knew how long it would take to get a response and from whom


Office Hours

Would it help if when you are in difficulty, you could indicate to Eclipse you need help and the instructors could push help to you?


Physical study groups

Should Eclipse automatically determine you need help and fill overridable status for you

multi faceted learning material
Multi-Faceted Learning Material

Which would you not use if all of these options were available?

Why come to class?

why come to class
Why Come to Class?
  • Is it worthwhile to give a lecture if the recording of the lecture is available?
  • If no, what should we use lecture time for?
    • Quiz?
    • More recitation like assignments? (will take time from projects)
    • Help solve project problems? (200 students?)
    • Have designated students present lectures in their own words?
what have you achieved
What Have You Achieved

You have had most elements of MOOCs and face to face education elements in this course

You have an educated opinion on this topic

what did you achieve2
What did you Achieve?
  • Design patterns
    • observer, MVC, command objects, adapter, delegation
  • “Advanced” Java Features
    • Threads and thread synchronization
    • Implementing Generics
  • “Intermediate” Programming Data Structures and Algorithms
    • Tables, Trees (More in 410)
    • Preorder, Postorder Tree Traversal (More in 410)
  • “Advanced” Algorithms
    • Animation, Scanning, Recursive Descent Parsing
  • Large-Scale Object-Oriented Programming
    • Large in terms of number of number of classes/types
    • Defined by you (Programmer-defined) (Count them!)
  • Experienced multi-faceted learning and help