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Rayzz - Youtube Clone PowerPoint Presentation
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Rayzz - Youtube Clone

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Rayzz - Youtube Clone
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Rayzz - Youtube Clone

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  2. Sports and Fitness This script allows you to build sites through which you can share sport activity videos; like videos from cricket, football, and tennis matches, and martial arts and extreme sports videos as well. This script also gives users a chance to introduce new sports to people and to teach new techniques. You can also promote your fitness centre and the trainings that you give. You can also give tips and suggestion on physical and mental fitness. In addition to this, you can build FAN pages for your favorite teams where people can share videos of matches, trainings, photos of the team, marches for the team, pictures of the players, and everything about the team.

  3. MEDICAL This script allows to build websites where the doctors and medical staff can find videos of courses, discuss the latest trends, find a job and a lot more. People can also can share their ideas and experiences in these pages. Businessmen in the healthcare industry can also network and build contacts. New medical equipment and products can be promoted using this script.

  4. FASHION You can create a site for featuring online versions of some magazines, as well as internet-exclusive material such as event photographs and style-related articles. You can share fashion news , trend reports, and extensive galleries of fashion-show photos, and videos.

  5. News and politics This is the best script to publish news. News videos, photos can be published with it. People can share their thoughts on any news item.

  6. EDUCATION With this kind of web page designs, teachers can post homework assignments, student work, famous quotes, trivia games, and so much more. They can also post videos of the lessons in case the student want to take a look at previous lessons to recall, before going on to the next.

  7. TECHNOLOGY With this script, you can share news and features about the latest technological advances including e-commerce, digital media and gaming. It offers selected video and audio programs. Presents a top stories section with news about the internet, games, business tech and personal tech. It also includes links to special reports.

  8. ENTERTAINTMENT With this script, people can read movie reviews and music reviews, celebrity gossips, discuss forthcoming movies and download wallpapers and screen savers. You can see photo galleries, movie fragments or parts of concerts and play online games.

  9. For more information please visit http://www.agriya.com/ http://www.rayzz.net

  10. Thanks for your time