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Christmas ceramic nativity scene & Sets for sale in Bay Area,CA PowerPoint Presentation
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Christmas ceramic nativity scene & Sets for sale in Bay Area,CA

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Christmas ceramic nativity scene & Sets for sale in Bay Area,CA - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Nativity scene & Sets are one of those Christmas decorations that can be passed down through the generations.Each figure is detailed with gold trim and realistic textures.Buy ceramic nativity scene and sets with online support.

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Christmas ceramic nativity scene & Sets for sale in Bay Area,CA

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Nativity scenes

Represented by:

about me

About me

About me

In September of 1975 I came to the United States as an immigrant with big dreams but empty pockets; most of us did, and I think most newcomers still do. Czechoslovakia at that time was a communist country, and the best you could hope for was to escape through another nation, carrying only a small suitcase so as not to draw attention from officials. I had to risk my life, and everything, really…Worst of all, I had to chance never seeing my family again.



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Nativity: In my homeland, Christmas was always my favorite time. It was all about family and our traditions, the smell of my mother’s Christmas cookies, and the tree, under which was a nativity scene that our family had kept for generations. I was expecting my first child a few months after my first Christmas in the USA, and I dearly missed and tried to replicate that old warm atmosphere for my new family in my new home for all our years to come…

Czech legend has it that when Jesus Christ was born, not only the three wise men came to greet him and bring him gifts, but common villagers also grabbed the best things they possessed and rushed to bring them to the Christ Child. The gifts they carried reflected their occupation and social standing: the Magi and their gifts; then the shepherd with his sheep; farmers bringing apples, baskets of eggs, jars of milk, a goose; the butcher bringing pigs; the baker bringing bread; and others with their various goods to honor and to bestow upon the little Baby Jesus.This old legend not only has religious significance; it also continues to convey a powerful message to share and to be kind to each other, especially in times of need. I hope that portraying these common folk and including them in my nativity scenes reminds us all of this and promotes this spirit.



My first Christmas in the United States stands out in my memory. I was on a tight budget, so I waited until Christmas Eve to buy a last-minute tree for just a few dollars. It was sorry looking and already drying out from standing in the lot in the heat, and one string of lights and a few donated ornaments were our only decorations, so the next Christmas I made my own ornaments. These became a hit with my kids and friends, so I created ornaments for other occasions; Valentine’s hearts, Fourth of July stars, and various shapes and colors to perk up the house every day.



Angel Candlestick Holders: Angels always were and still are essential to our Christmas. In the old days Christmas trees were adorned with real chime candles secured by special clip holders. Each year our tree stood in a sitting room connected to the dining room where we celebrated Christmas Eve dinner…

Through the glass door between the two rooms, with translucent curtains drawn close, as a little girl I could just make out a faint light moving from candle to candle. My parents told me an angel was flying around, lighting our tree. I now assume our poetic angel was a neighbor.

Angel candlestick holders gracing each place setting on our Christmas table is a tradition I continue to observe, and not only for sentimental reasons. I think our little personal angels watching over our table are sweetly festive, poignantly beautiful, and quaintly elegant.

art tiles

Art Tiles

All tiles pictured are the original, hand-made, one-of-a-kind artworks mounted in each tile’s custom, unique frame. (Storm At Sea & Charles Bridge, Old Town, Prague are unframed.) All are ready to hang easily.

contact us

Contact us

Telephone: (844)301-0202