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Prepared by Sean McKelvey Network Healthcare PowerPoint Presentation
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Prepared by Sean McKelvey Network Healthcare

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Prepared by Sean McKelvey Network Healthcare
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Prepared by Sean McKelvey Network Healthcare

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  1. The ReachCare Exchange Innovating Care Delivery in the Community Prepared by Sean McKelvey Network Healthcare

  2. Outline • Who is Network Healthcare? • The Evolution of Navigation • Community Care Delivery - the New “Facility” • Introduction to the ReachCare Exchange • What is it? • How does it close care gaps? • Why should you care?

  3. Who is Network Healthcare? • Founded in 2002 by pharmacists • Develop and deliver innovative health services through sophisticated networks of healthcare professionals • Specialize in managing large scale Provincial services and practice change initiatives. • Current focus is on technology enabled navigation, care plan synchronization and effective integration of multidisciplinary teams

  4. Network Healthcare Services • HealthLink BC (since 2003) • HEALTHLink Alberta (since 2007) • Alberta Pharmacy Practice Models Initiative (PPMI) (2008-2010) • BC Medication Management Project (BCMMP) (2010 – Jan 31, 2012) • ReachCare Exchange Development (2010 – Present)

  5. The Evolution of Navigation How Technology has Revolutionized “Getting There” A life’s work… A vacation of a lifetime… A cool gift… Just another app!!!

  6. Navigating our Health Care SystemPersonal Responsibility is the Name of the Game • Rule One: Stay Healthy. • Rule Two: Know as Much as You Possibly Can. • Rule Three: Organize Your Care Team. • Rule Four: Have an Advocate. • Rule Five: Take Control of Your Care - Don’t Be a Passive Patient. The 5 Rules:

  7. Reality Check!!The Current Health Care System is NOT Patient Centered YO-YO You’re On You’re Own

  8. Community Healthcare Delivery: Business Challenges The Evolution of Integrated Health Care within an ‘Extended’ Delivery System Proactive Reactive Current Challenge Area Primary focus on ‘structural delivery Improvements’ Emergent Challenge Area Increasingly important delivery system in 21st century Future Challenge Area Tomorrow’s consideration: how to Incorporate individualized delivery Area of focus for Network Healthcare’s ReachCare Exchange 8

  9. Community Care Delivery - the new “Facility” Liberating the Full Value and Capacity of Community Based Providers Proactive Reactive Closing the Care Delivery Gap Acute Community Individual 9

  10. ReachCare Exchange Dynamic, Real-Time Skills-Based Matching for Community Care Delivery Pharmacist Update Plan Assign new tasks Physician The ReachCare Exchange Hospital • Capacity Logistics Engine • - Identify available capacity • Skills-Based routing of Care Plan assignment • Auto tracking for capacity Clinical Positioning System - Synchronized Plans - Monitored Assignments - Report Confirmation of Completed Task Protocol Library - Clinical Protocols - Standard & Modularized Care Plans - Structured Care Pathways Phone consult Nurse practitioner Healthcare Provider Telehealth consult Dietician In-person Provincial Health Line Post Discharge Physiotherapist Proactive Patient Management Procured Clinical Services and Care Plans Home care Care Consumer

  11. End-State Vision Synchronized Community Care Providing Maximum Value to the System Personal Health Portal Home Monitoring Health Link Systems Primary & Specialist EMRs Hospital Systems Ambulatory Systems Community Systems Public Health Systems Lab Systems Pharmacy Systems DI Systems Interfaced Rx & Clinical Documentation EHR Lab data Drug data Diagnostic Imaging Transcribed Reports Immunizations ECGs Other Clinical Documentation Client Identity Patient Demographics Patient-Provided Information Provider Identity Systems & Clinical Information Patient’s Care Plan HIAL (pHIE) Hospital Systems & Data Access Pharmacist ReachCare Exchange Physician Physiotherapist Community Supply Demand Physician Health Line Synchronizing Community Care Home care Nurse practitioner Patient Care Plans Individual Supportive living Dietician

  12. Closing the Gap of Care Between Patient & Provider, Community & Acute, Care-Plan & Care-Pathway • Synchronizing • Activities between Patient & Providers • Acute Care Plans & Community Delivery • Care-Plans & Care-Pathways Evidenced-Based Clinical Standards of Care Clinical Protocols Provides the ability to: a) Offer optimum protocol selection - provide healthcare professionals with real-time access to credible care requirements; addresses immediate access to care b) Assign healthcare providers - prompt access to competent care; going beyond referral c) Ensures fulfillment - guaranteeing time sensitive specified care is delivered; providing outcomes and accountability management. Care-Pathway ReachCare Care-Plan Tasks & Activities Providers Patients

  13. The ReachCare ExchangeSynchronizing Community Based Care Delivery Automated Assignment Management Transforming Community into a Coherent Whole Creating structure and standards in a systematized manner The ReachCare™ Engine Monitors Assigns Identifies Protocol Library & Capacity Management Synchronization Engine Care Plan Care Pathway Clinical Protocols Matching Logistics Choice Feedback Network Assets Particular Data

  14. Key Points to RememberMore Effective Utilization of Community Based Resources • ReachCare™ effectively integrates and enables care delivery in a very complex and fragmented community healthcare system • Public and Private care delivery seamlessly co-exist, ensuring maximum efficiency and optimal use of community resources • Pharmacists will play an extremely valuable role by providing medication management services • Multidisciplinary care plans improve patient care and health outcomes • Ensures optimal use of a pharmacists scope of practice • Protocols drive efficiency and maximize value of the practice

  15. Key Points to RememberSynchronized Care Plans and Patient Focused Care is Good Business • Provides plan sponsors, insurers and the benefit industry with the following: • Customizable and targeted services following clearly defined evidence informed protocols • Flexibility to manage care plans within open or closed networks • Effective utilization of public health care funding within each care plan • Access to a high quality network of multidisciplinary providers • Extensive reporting and progress monitoring • Provides mechanism for partnering with Governments on mutually beneficial health care initiatives

  16. Contact Information Sean McKelvey Network Healthcare 604-231-3244