the impact of recent iom reports n.
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The Impact of Recent IOM Reports

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The Impact of Recent IOM Reports - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Impact of Recent IOM Reports. The New Meal Pattern: From Recommendations to Regulations . From Recommendations to Regulations. IOM Recommendations. USDA: Regulations. Healthy Meals & Snacks. From Recommendations to Regulations. First Phase.

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the impact of recent iom reports
The Impact of Recent IOM Reports

The New Meal Pattern: From Recommendations to Regulations

from recommendations to regulations
From Recommendations to Regulations





Healthy Meals & Snacks

from recommendations to regulations2
From Recommendations to Regulations
  • IOM makes science-based recommendations
  • USDA evaluates & translates recommendations to create proposed regulations:
      • Consistent with Program Structure
      • Enforceable
      • Practical
      • Financially Feasible
from recommendations to regulations3
From Recommendations to Regulations

Practical & Affordable:

Florida Juice Limit

from recommendations to regulations4
From Recommendations to Regulations

CACFP: Aligning Dietary Guidance for All

IOM November 2010

“If the recommended meal requirements are fully adopted, continued participation by most providers will require an increased reimbursement.”

from recommendations to regulations5
From Recommendations to Regulations


  • Consults Stakeholders
  • Evaluates Evidence
  • Conducts Research

From Recommendations to Regulations

USDA Issues Proposed Regulations for Public Comment


Child & Adult Care Food Program

New Meal Regulations Estimated Timeline

Summer: June 2012 or later.

Public comment period: 90 days.

Implementation could be phased in.

Timeline subject to change.

from recommendations to regulations6
From Recommendations to Regulations

Phase Two: Public Comment Activity


From Recommendations to Regulations

School Meals

Lessons Learned: Read the Fine Print to Avoid Sticker Shock

proposed school meal rule vegetables
Proposed School Meal Rule: Vegetables
  • Limited starchy vegetables (e.g., white potatoes, lima beans, corn, peas)
    • Breakfast: eliminated starchy vegetables
    • Lunch: limited starchy vegetable to 1 cup per week

Argument: Potatoes don’t make people overweight -- fried potatoes make people overweight


Honorary Congressional Co-hosts:

Senator Olympia J. Snowe • Senator Susan Collins

Senator Mark Udall

Rep. Collin C. Peterson • Rep. Jean Schmidt

This event is hosted by the National Potato Council


Congress Interferes with Regulatory Process

Congress steps in & prohibits USDA

from limiting any type of vegetable.

final school meals regulations
Final School Meals Regulations


  • Removed the daily meat/meat alternate requirement at breakfast to reduce cost
  • Removed the proposed starchy vegetable restrictions to abide by Congressional prohibition
from recommendations to regulations7
From Recommendations to Regulations

Child & Adult Care Food Program

New Meal Regulations Estimated Timeline



Geraldine Henchy

Food Research & Action Center

1875 Connecticut Avenue NW Suite 540

Washington, DC 20009