The changing 1970 s
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The Changing 1970’s. Vocab: Henry Kissinger Détente OPEC Guiding Questions: What advances were made for women’s rights? What happened in the Watergate Scandal?. Election of 1968. Democrats were divided

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The changing 1970 s

The Changing 1970’s


Henry Kissinger



Guiding Questions:

What advances were made for women’s rights?

What happened in the Watergate Scandal?

Election of 1968
Election of 1968

  • Democrats were divided

    • After the death of RFK, they were divided between Hubert Humphrey (D) and George Wallace (who ran independently)

  • Allowed Nixon to win the election

Women s rights
Women’s Rights

  • The Feminine Mystique: Betty Friedan wrote a book about how women felt trapped by domestic life

  • More women were going to college, working to get jobs in the workforce

    • Campaigned for an Equal Rights Amendment for women

      • It failed

  • Roe vs. Wade

    • Made abortion legal in the US in 1973

    • Gave women control over their bodies

Nixon s presidency
Nixon’s Presidency

  • Created the “War on Drugs”

  • Established the Environmental Protection Agency

  • Nixon named Henry Kissinger as his National Security Advisor (later Sec of State)

    • Kissinger believe in realpolitik—basing foreign policy on what is best for the nation…not on principles like “communism is bad”

  • Nixon was against communism but believed in détente: the easing of tensions or strained relations

    • Brought the troops in Vietnam home

    • Started working with China and Soviet Union to de-arm

      • Actually went to China

  • Oil Embargo

    • Because of war between Israel and other Arab countries OPEC (Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries) refused to ship oil to the US

    • Caused HUGE shortages

Watergate scandal
Watergate Scandal

  • Nixon had a secret group of men he called the “plumbers.” Their job was to fix any “leaks” in any secret information

    • For example: They broke into a shrink’s office and tried to find papers that would prove that this man leaked the “Pentagon Papers” which were documents about Vietnam.

  • Worried about re-election, Nixon and his team planned to break into the offices of the Democratic National Committee (at the Watergate Building)

    • The five burglars were caught in the act and convicted

  • Washington Post reporters Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein believed Nixon had something to do with it

    • Released information that would be incriminating to Nixon

    • Had a secret informant named “deep throat” who passed them information

Watergate continued
Watergate continued

  • The Senate began its own investigation on Watergate to see if Nixon was involved

    • “I’m not a crook”

  • Nixon tried to have the people in charge of the investigation fired

  • Nixon was forced to turn over tapes of conversations

  • Transcripts of tapes suggested that Nixon knew about it

    • There was 18 min mysteriously erased

  • Nixon resigned as President before he could be impeached

  • His vice president Gerald Ford came to office

    • Pardoned Nixon