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SET Debit

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SET Debit. Proposed Architecture. Gilles Garon February 3, 1998. Contents. Identified Requirements Proposed Architecture Cardholder Environment Common Environment SET Debit Security On-line PIN Verification Off-line PIN verification. Contents. Card and Issuer Authentication

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SET Debit

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Presentation Transcript
set debit

SET Debit

Proposed Architecture

Gilles Garon

February 3, 1998

  • Identified Requirements
  • Proposed Architecture
  • Cardholder Environment
  • Common Environment
  • SET Debit Security
  • On-line PIN Verification
  • Off-line PIN verification
  • Card and Issuer Authentication
  • Cardholder Signatures
  • Impact on SET 1.0
  • Proposed Functionality
  • Benefits of Architecture
  • Conclusion
identified requirements
Identified Requirements
  • Cardholder Verification Methods
  • Software and Hardware Encryption
  • Integrated Circuit Cards and Tokens
  • Algorithm Independence
  • Debit Reversals and Recurring Payments
  • Others
cardholder environment
Cardholder Environment
  • Selected by the Issuer
  • The Issuer has the option of using:
    • SET 1.0 (no additional security)
    • EMV ICCs, non-EMV ICCs, or security tokens
    • Secure devices (for PIN-entry, signatures)
    • Software (for PIN encryption)
  • The Cardholder SET Debit environment is defined in the Cardholder Certificate
common environment
Common Environment
  • SET 1.0 with added SET Debit functionality on the Merchant System and the Payment Gateway
  • Added functionality includes:
    • Personal Identification Numbers (PINs)
    • Integrated Circuit Cards (ICCs)
    • Security tokens
    • Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC)
  • Brand Certificates identify debit transactions
set debit security
SET Debit Security
  • On-line PIN verification by the Issuer
  • Off-line PIN verification by ICC or security token
  • ICC or security token authentication by Issuer
  • Issuer authentication of ICC or security token
  • SET signatures using ICC, security token, or secure device (e.g., PIN-entry device)
set cardholder signatures
SET Cardholder Signatures

Note 1: A common Cardholder signature key must be used. The Cardholder Signature Certificate must be obtained from the Acquirer.

Note 2: An ICC or a security token capable of generating SET signatures must be used.

impact on set 1 0
Impact on SET 1.0
  • Cardholder PC - Defined by the Issuer
  • Merchant System
    • ICC extension (only forward data)
    • ECC support
  • Payment Gateway
    • ICC support (translates ICC data)
    • PIN support (translates PIN)
    • ECC support
proposed functionality
Proposed Functionality
  • Zone Asymmetric PIN Encryption
  • Zone DES PIN Encryption
  • ICC extension based on EMV EC
    • Supports EMV ICCs, non-EMV ICCs and security tokens
  • Elliptic Curve Cryptography
    • SET Debit security
    • Certification Authority
proposed functionality1
Proposed Functionality
  • Cardholder Certificate Extension
    • Provides support providing track 2 or a cryptogram of track 2 to the Issuer
    • Informs Merchant and Payment Gateway of the Cardholder environment
  • Optional PIN for Cardholder Registration
  • Batch Debit reversals
  • Recurring Payments
  • Triple DES
benefits of architecture
Benefits of Architecture
  • The Issuer can select a Cardholder environment that meets market and security requirements
    • Option of using ICCs, security tokens, secure devices, software for PIN encryption
    • Option of accepting risks of lesser security
  • The Card Associations can define or restrict the Cardholder environment to meet their debit product strategy
benefits of architecture1
Benefits of Architecture
  • Magnetic stripe debit cards are supported
  • Currently deployed ICCs or security tokens can be used for SET Debit security
  • Private and public PCs are supported
  • SET Debit ICC extensions based on EMV’97 Chip Electronic Commerce Standard (EMV EC)
  • Issuers can deploy any Cardholder environment and migrate to EMV ICCs without impacting the common SET Debit environment
  • Changes required in SET are not significant
  • SET Debit support will be optional in SET
  • The security options will accommodate different Issuer and market requirements
  • ECC support will reduce ICC costs for SET signatures, and SET cryptographic overhead
  • SET Debit should be introduced before SET 2.0 in a SET 1.x update