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Forces. By Amanda. Gravity. How can parachute travel up when there is gravity?. Gravity is making the parachute fly up. Forces. By Amanda. Parachutes fly up in the air. Eagle.

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By Amanda



How can parachute travel up when there is gravity?


Gravity is making the parachute fly up.


By Amanda

Parachutes fly up in the air.


The rocket flew up in the air even when gravity is pushing it down. It was flying still because the pump was pumping it hard. The rocket was plugged in to the pump that is why it flew But then It fell to the ground. There were 3 rockets that werdifferntisises. And wun was scward, shapes to. It was a bit like experimenting. Therwus water in the rocket. It was entresting. MrLasscock was pumping the pump whith his big musals. I like the hol ting. Aspeshaley the rocket it was the coolest. The rocket wus blasting owt of the air. It was fer her expermenting. I had lots of fun lerning about gravity and roket gravity. But ost of ol gravity. Becos I lerntmosleyabowt that thing. I chos that. It was relly fun.


My most inporthent this is that I lerntabowt gravity.

25 th march 2010