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iphone apps for small businesses n.
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mobile apps for Photographers PowerPoint Presentation
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mobile apps for Photographers

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mobile apps for Photographers
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mobile apps for Photographers

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  1. IPHONE APPS for Small Businesses • Web : Mobile Apps for Bars & Clubs !

  2. Why Mobile apps? • Stand out exclusively and Beat your competitors in the market

  3. Why Mobile apps?(Cont.) • Deeper Customer Engagement : • Sow the seeds for customer engagements Your App Logo

  4. Why Mobile apps?(Cont.) • Expand your business and customer base Your App Logo

  5. Why Mobile apps?(Cont.) • Know your mobile audience • Hundreds and Thousands of new customers are waiting for your very own branded app at app store • If you’re visible on app store, you’d catch your customers attention by maximizing your reach.

  6. Why Mobile apps?(Cont.) • Establish your mobile presence : Be Available • Mobile App provides an easy way for your customer to contact you 24x7 • Don’t make your customers wait longer for your mobile app at app store. • Provide information about your profession to your customer whenever & wherever they are.

  7. Why Mobile apps?(Cont.) • Keep the customer informed • Offering your customer your app means leaving a good impression on your customers mind, enhancing your brand value by keeping you up-to-date with technology innovations • Most of your customers have smartphones with them and they’ll try to search you on app store and download your app to reach you easily.

  8. Why Mobile apps?(Cont.) • Attracting New Customers • 80% or more people are accessing through their smartphones to order food, search for your bars/restaurants • Offering your customer enables you to attract them faster, better and innovatively.

  9. Why Mobile apps?(Cont.) • Increase no. of take away orders? • Help boost your orders through offering your customer your app.

  10. Benefits of Mobile apps for Bars and Clubs ? • Innovative approach to promote your restaurant/bar/club to new customers. • Enable them to book tables. • Share your customers photos/video of your venue photos. • Provides you with a quick way to update your customers on menu changes and special offers. • Direct your customers to your business via Maps in the mobile apps. • Your App icon will also be an advert for your business when they look at the homepage of their phone. • Link into your Facebook and Twitter page. Create your fans through your mobile apps. • Provide customers with an easy way to find special offers or any events that has occurred.

  11. Features : Information • Manage your Profile/ About US / Studio Information • A Photographer can put his/her biography, information about studio, Services etc.

  12. Features : News • Manage the Photos, Artworks, Create Albums • A Great way to showcase your recent photography shoots any Artwork created by you. 

  13. Features : Events • With Events feature you can easily schedule events and invite your customers. • It provides an interactive & effective approach for client retention and keep them engaged with you.

  14. Features : Videos • Manage Videos of your studios/ recent Shoot etc. • You can upload as many videos as you want with the mobile app.

  15. Features : Photo Gallery • Manage the Photos, Artworks, Albums • A Great way to showcase your recent photography shoots or any Artwork created by you. 

  16. Features : Maps • Let user know about your venue to visit yourself. • An easy way to locate your studio such that your prospects can find you on maps with directions.

  17. Features : Facebook • Facebook has created a BUZZ around the world such that millions and billions of people are getting along with it. • Facebook has a more established relationship with brands that could seamlessly cross over into mobile. • You can easily connect to your prospects through Facebook from your mobile app itself. • Facilitate your customers to get you connect & know about your status, new offerings, services, photographs etc. • Wherever Facebook goes, companies/brands (and their money) will likely follow it.

  18. Features : Twitter • As a professional photographer you should keep your presence on different Social Media. Twitter is one of powerful tool ! • Let people find you on Twitter. • An innovative approach connects yourself to social media. • Since all customers are connected to each other through Twitter, it acts as your promotional tool.

  19. Features : Email • Email is a fastest way to reach out your targeted customer. • Get inquiry about yourself through Email.

  20. Features : RSS Feed • Keep your customer updated constantly. • Now, with RSS Feed you can keep your customer updated whenever you add photographs, videos, services, events, news etc. • RSS can account for a massive boost for your app if you mold it in the right way. • This can bring about a massive change in traffic to your app and increase the value of your business.

  21. Don’t waste time • AppsKnack is a leading cost effective & feature rich iPhone app solution provider for Photographers . • Go & subscribe yourself for free to get your app today : • • Easy & fastest way to mobilize your business today.

  22. Coming soon… • We continually follow new techniques and keep on adding new features to improve your experience better. All these features will be free for you !

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  24. Contact Us Contact : Celina Williams Mail: | Web : Skype: celina.appsknack