Stalemate in washington
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Stalemate in Washington. Patronage, Stalwarts, Pendleton Act, rebate & ICC. Tradition dictated that jobs or spoils went to the winning party in the elections (patronage). President Garfield was assassinated because of this system. Cleanup Politics.

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Stalemate in washington

Stalemate in Washington

Patronage, Stalwarts, Pendleton Act, rebate & ICC

Cleanup politics

Cleanup Politics

Stalwarts halfbreeds

  • Rutherford B. Hayes attacked the patronage system when he took office.

  • His actions angered NY senator Roscoe Conkling. He was the local political boss of the Republican party machine (Stalwart).

  • Republican’s were angered by Hayes abandonment of Reconstruction. He along with other reformers were called halfbreeds.

Stalwarts & Halfbreeds

Pendleton act

Pendleton Act

Two parties

Two Parties

Democrats reclaim the white house

  • Democrats nominate Grover Cleveland against James Blaine . service.

  • Cleveland runs against the corrupt political machine of New York (Tammany Hall).

  • The election was about corrupt government. Voters concentrated on the candidates morals.

  • Republican reformers called Mugwumps voted for Cleveland instead of Blaine.

Democrats Reclaim the White House

Presidential problems

Presidential Problems

Stalemate in washington


Stalemate in washington

  • Both parties believed that the government should not interfere with corporations property rights.

  • States passed laws in 1886 regulating freight rates.

  • Supreme Court overruled the states in 1886.

  • 1887 due to public pressure Congress created the ICC regulating interstate commerce.


Republicans regain power

Republicans Regain Power

Sherman anti trust act

Sherman Anti Trust Act