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Good Morning and Welcome to President-Elect and Secretary-Treasurer Training PowerPoint Presentation
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Good Morning and Welcome to President-Elect and Secretary-Treasurer Training

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Good Morning and Welcome to President-Elect and Secretary-Treasurer Training - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Good Morning and Welcome to President-Elect and Secretary-Treasurer Training. Arizona District Optimist International. Club Presidents-Elect & Secretary-Treasurer Training. Duck in the Desert. S.P.A.C.E.R. S afety Emergency Egress Rest Rooms P urpose/Objectives Next Slide A genda

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Good Morning and Welcome to President-Elect and Secretary-Treasurer Training

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  1. Good Morning and Welcome to President-Elect and Secretary-Treasurer Training

  2. Arizona District Optimist International Club Presidents-Elect & Secretary-Treasurer Training Duck in the Desert

  3. S.P.A.C.E.R. • Safety • Emergency Egress • Rest Rooms • Purpose/Objectives • Next Slide • Agenda • Codeof Conduct • Expectations • Roles

  4. Purpose • Objectives of Seminar • Acquire a better knowledge of the Club President and Secretary-Treasurer role and function • Learn effective ways to lead volunteers, conduct meetings and grow your club

  5. Agenda Morning Session • S.P.A.C.E.R. • Ted Gaffin and Jim Oliver Opening Remarks Ask the Two Questions • Accepting the Challenge • Take some Answers • Resources for Success • Finance and Budgets • Optimist OIF • Take some more Answers • ACPC • Take some more Answers • Leading Your Team • Delegating Committees Afternoon Sessions • Conducting Meetings • Success Through Growth • Membership and Inductions • PGI • New Club Building • 2014-2015 Arizona District Incentive Program • Goals Workshop • External Reporting • Wrap Up

  6. Welcome & Introductions • Code of Conduct • Please put phones on vibrate • Stay engaged and participate • Be respectful of each other • Because of the limited time and the amount of material to cover, we will not take a break so please manage your energy (restroom, stand-up, etc.) • Expectations • Write down on a Post-it what you expect from this training. • Roles • I am your resource to give the tools and knowledge to have a successful year • You need to absorb and ask questions • Introductions • Your Name • Your Club • How long have you been an Optimist

  7. Governor Ted’sOpening Remarks Ted Gaffin 2014 – 2015 Governor of the Arizona District Optimist International

  8. Optimist International Representative Jim Oliver Optimist International Board of Director Member

  9. I Have Two Questions for You • Why did you join your Optimist Club? • What keeps you an Optimist?

  10. Accepting the Challenge

  11. Accepting the Challenge • Club President is the “Chief Executive Officer” of their Club • We are in the “People Business” of motivating and managing the efforts of volunteers

  12. Commitment Friendly Optimistic Delegate Smile Promote Fellowship Good Listener Tactful Appreciative Recognize effort Persistence Organized Dependable Speaking ability Caring Characteristics of a Good Leader

  13. Duties and Responsibilities of Secretary-Treasurer • Oversee the finances of the Club, collect dues, and pay bills • Keep Member records of name, address, phone, attendance, dues payment, birthdays, and anniversaries • Keep official “minutes” of meeting • Be communication link between Club and all others; send in reports • Help your Club succeed • Also highly suggested • Provide guidance in adherence to Bylaws • Attend Quarterly District Conferences and Zone Meetings

  14. Organizing the Records of Your Club • Secretary-Treasurers Records • Make certain you get your outgoing • Secretary-Treasurer to sit down and go over this in detail. • Get a good “database” computer software program to • supplement keeping financial and member records • Update the Club checking and/or savings account signatures • Your Optimist Club is a business. It should operate as a business. • Your Club should require 2 signatures on checks written • The 2 signatures should be the Secretary-Treasurer and the President or a Vice President • No two members of the same family should be signatories on the account. • Assist Finance Committee in preparing a budget. • Send a “Member Directory” to all Club Members. • Give the Board Members a copy of the Club’s Bylaws

  15. Club Fees and Dues • What is the “fee” for a new Member to join your Club? • How much do your Members pay annually for “dues?” • Annual Club Membership fees and dues are set by the Members and are listed in the Club’s Bylaws. • These dues and fees can be changed by a vote of the general Membership • The minimum new Club initiation fee” is $30 US. • Of this amount $15 US is sent in with the “Club Roster Adjustment” form as a processing fee. • The Club keeps the rest. • Annual Club Member dues generally range from $60 US to $120 US. • Do you want to include meal cost in the dues? • How much are your District Dues per Member? • $ • How much are Optimist International Dues per Member? • Regular Members - $61.68 • College Members - $22.74 • Life Member - $26 • New Member processing fee: $15 • Life Membership fee is $456.90 (U.S.) effective October 1, 2013.

  16. Let’s Take a Few of Your Answers • Why did you join your Optimist Club? • What keeps you an Optimist?

  17. Next Resources for Success

  18. People Governor Lieutenant Governor District Committees Mentor Web-sites Publications Awards Handbook Cons’t. & Bylaws Answer books See Web-sites Conferences District (4) OI Convention (July) Resources for Success

  19. Governance of Optimist International • Optimist International Board & President • Staff in St. Louis & Montreal • Regional Vice Presidents • District Governor, Exec. Comm. & Board • Zone Lieutenant Governors • Club President & Board • The Functional Unit of Optimist International • Member Volunteers

  20. E-Optimist • Let’s take a tour of what is out there at the stroke of a few keys… • • • • • • • •

  21. Finances and Budgets

  22. Finances & Budgets Finances • Youth Fund - Monies raised from the community are returned to the community • General Fund - Dues pay for internal social and administrative cost • Club dues need to cover the Optimist International quarterly dues, Arizona bi-yearly dues, and leave some for your club Budget • Created during Summer for coming year (Oct. 1- Sept. 30) • By Club Finance Committee with incoming Sec/treasurer and President • Budget Guides available on Web-site under “Answer Book” • It’s a way the Board of Directors can approve in advance the expenditures of the Club for the year • Board must approve. • Can be revised by the Board if necessary

  23. Secretary-Treasurer Handles Club Records Dues Billing and Records • Billing of dues to Club Members • The dues statements can be sent out Annually, Semi Annually, or Quarterly • Always give a per period amount and an annual amount, and a past due amount if applicable • Use a collection system that is firm but understanding is key to keeping members current • A treasurer who handles this well can encourage a strong, stable Membership roster Member Records • Names, addresses, day and evening phone numbers for distribution to other Members as a “directory” • Birthdays and anniversaries - to recognize and observe Members for these personal occasions. • Attendance records to encourage and recognize Members who have “perfect attendance” • You will do all member ship adjustments with OI using Optimist Leaders Online

  24. Financial Records • Your Club is a business • Necessary for accountability • Board has access to your accounting • Keep your records neat and accurate • There should be no possibility of misunderstanding • Club Secretary-Treasurers should be bonded • Cash and checks received are recorded • Accurately complete the date and who gave you the money • Put in the amount in the appropriate column • List the amount to be deposited in the last column • Disbursements received are recorded • Accurately complete the date and who you paid the money to • Put in the amount in the appropriate column • List the amount to be paid out in the last column

  25. Form 990 -- A Tax Season Reminder for U.S. Clubs • February 13, 2008In 2007, Optimist International received a letter from the Internal Revenue Service alerting the organization about new filing requirements that will affect many Optimist Clubs in the United States. • All clubs MUST now submit a 990 in some form regardless of the amount of money your club brings in • How to Submit • Form 990 • Form 990-EZ • Form 990-PF • 990 e-Postcard • Consequences of Not Filing • The PPA requires the IRS to revoke the tax-exempt status of any organization that fails to meet its annual filing requirement for three consecutive years. • Therefore, any organization that does not file the e-Postcard, or a required information return Form 990, Form 990-EZ or Form 990-PF, will have their tax-exempt status revoked as of the filing due date of the third year. • For more information about the new requirements, Optimists can visit

  26. Incorporation • Is your club incorporated? • You do not have to be incorporated, but it does protect your club officers and club members from personally be sued • There is cost for initial incorporation and an annual fee to maintain your incorporation • For more details go to the Arizona Incorporation Commission website. At:

  27. Fund Raising • Funds raised from the community and from non-Optimist are held in a “Youth Fund” • They may be held in a separate bank account or they may be managed as a part of the regular bank account • Generally funds raised from the community must go back to the community in the form of youth and/or community service projects • All fund-raisers should comply with local and state/provincial and federal laws • In most cases raffles require securing a license in advance. • What are some possible fund-raisers for your Club? • Raffles • Product sales • Child identifications • Food sales • Traffic collections • Bingo

  28. OI Foundation Donations supports Scholarship and Optimist International For the Benefit of the Club: • Club Campaign Fund • Pass Through Program • Club Grant Program • Scholarships • $365 Club For Individuals: • Dime-A-Day • Century Circle • Presidents Club • Women’s Philanthropy Council • Friends of Today • Christian D. Larson • William H. Harrison Society • Friends of Tomorrow • Executives Club Contact OIF for details:800-500-8130 or Every Club should have a Club Foundation Representative (CFR)

  29. Let’s Take a Few of Your Answers • Why did you join your Optimist Club? • What keeps you an Optimist?

  30. ACPC or Annual Club Planning Conference

  31. What is an ACPC? • ACPC is an acronym for the Annual Club Planning Conference • It is a meeting between your Lieutenant Governor and your Club’s Board of Directors • The purpose is to review where your Club is now so you may consider possible goals for the coming year • As you go through the process, invite responses and ideas from your new Board of Directors • This is usually done before the Optimist year begins and ACPC form will be completed

  32. Let’s Take a Few of Your Answers • Why did you join your Optimist Club? • What keeps you an Optimist?

  33. Leading Your Team • T.E.A.M. Together Everyone Achieves More!

  34. Motivate and Manage • Light a fire under your Members (motivate) • Run along beside them (manage) • What are ways a President can Motivate Volunteers?

  35. Be Enthusiastic Be Optimistic Be Friendly/Outgoing Call people by name Listen and Respect Write personal thank-you notes Teach others Invite them to conferences Recognize Thank Appreciate Care Ways to Motivate

  36. Marketing • We are the best kept secret • Why market? • Let the community know who you are and what you do • Get new members • New club building opportunities

  37. Communications

  38. What are the various ways in which a Club President might communicate with club leaders?

  39. What are the various ways in which a Lieutenant Governor might communicate with club leaders? Addressing the club or board members Phone call Personal conversation Newsletter Format letter Personal hand written note Which are more effective?

  40. STOP – Time for Lunch STOP Time for Lunch

  41. Now that your bellies are full…

  42. Let’s rev up our jets and get back to it!

  43. Bottom-line • Communicate • Communicate • Communicate And when your done with that… Communicate some more

  44. Let’s Take a Few of Your Answers • Why did you join your Optimist Club? • What keeps you an Optimist?

  45. Delegating Committees

  46. How to Ask Member for Help? • What you want done • Why they would be the one to do it • Give them direction and expectations • Give them “ownership” of the task • Ask them for ideas to implement • Be excited when they suggest actions • Be flexible to allow them authority

  47. Greet at the door Pledge to Flag (or Toast) Recruit a new member Arrange a program Lead the Optimist Creed Give an Invocation Sell Raffle Tickets Serve on a Committee Be Chair of a Committee Write Club Bulletin Go to District Conference Visit a new club with you Build a New Club Others? Things to Ask

  48. Committees of an Optimist Club • Community Service • Fellowship • Finance • Membership • New Club Building • Public Relations • Youth Clubs Program Standing Committees Other Committees • Publicity • Social Functions • Personal Growth • Program • Bulletin • Fund raising

  49. Let’s Take a Few of Your Answers • Why did you join your Optimist Club? • What keeps you an Optimist?

  50. Conducting Meetings Presiding at Meetings