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Enabling the Disabled to Fly Saudi Arabian Airlines PowerPoint Presentation
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Enabling the Disabled to Fly Saudi Arabian Airlines

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Enabling the Disabled to Fly Saudi Arabian Airlines - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Enabling the Disabled to Fly Saudi Arabian Airlines. Presented by: Abdulaziz A. Al- Mohisen. Special Needs Unit. Agenda . Background Achievements Services New Ideas Events & Ceremonies Special frequent flier program Social Media Awareness Movie Production. Purpose of the Study

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Enabling the Disabled to Fly Saudi Arabian Airlines

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Presentation Transcript

Enabling the Disabled to Fly

Saudi Arabian Airlines

Presented by: Abdulaziz A. Al-Mohisen

Special Needs Unit



  • Background
  • Achievements
  • Services
  • New Ideas
  • Events & Ceremonies
  • Special frequent flier program
  • Social Media Awareness
  • Movie Production

Purpose of the Study

As the world is becoming a small village all the human efforts have to join in hands and come with newly programs to assist the disabled. Saudi Arabia is very fast growing country with an age of 70 years.

We at Saudi airlines have been in the business of providing services to the disabled passenger since 1992.

Approach and Methodology



As there are almost 1,500,000 million disabled citizens and a total of 28 domestic airports in Saudi Arabia, the transportation of disabled passengers is very essential. My government has supported the disabled by giving discount on all the governmental transportation including Saudi Airlines where any disabled can get 50% discount on his flights along with 1 companion and 50% on domestic and international flights with no limits on the number of flight per year.

In 1997 Saudi airlines established the onboard services programs (special need unit). Since then, we have continuously been studying and researching on what the exact needs of the disabled community requires in air travel.

We have gathered all the data needed to smooth the travel by air



Saudi Arabian Airlines Special Needs Unit has been active for many years now, always seeking to anticipate the needs of special needs passengers

  • Along the way, we have been appreciated and recognised, by international organisations, local institutions, governments and above all passengers themselves
  • Today, we will summaries our accomplishments for your consideration



Mercury Gold Award ‘92

    • From the international flight catering Association for creating a special meal for the visual impaired
  • Mercury Gold Award ’97
      • From the international flight catering Association for Deaf Communication Passenger Guide
  • The First Millennium Presidents Award ‘ 2000
      • From the international flight catering Association & the international in-flight food services Association for across the board services for special need passengers
  • Award of Merit / Appreciation ‘ 2000
      • From the Onboard Services Magazine Orlando USA
  • Diamond Award for Autistic Meal ‘2000
      • From the Onboard Services Magazine Orlando USA



Any special needs passenger can benefit from the personal care & attention offered from special needs unit.

We address requirements together with wide range of dedicated services for their convenience:

  • Meal Services
  • Special Treatments
  • Collaterals
  • Wheelchair accessible onboard toilets



Meal Services

Three type of meals for the special needs passengers :

    • Autistic Passenger Meal
    • 2. Visual Impaired Meal
    • 3. Liquidized Meal



Special Treatments

    • Counters

We have a special needs facilities with its dedicated

Staff and counter units in (Riyadh, Jeddah &


2. On Standby in emergencies

We are at the main airports in the

Kingdom with Stretchers, ambulances, oxygen facilities

And mobile lift to transport the special needs passengers

From wheelchairs to the aircraft (advance request)

Through reservations




To make sure that everything is easier for our special need passengers we provide them with special collaterals such as :

    • Braille Safety Instructions Guide
    • Deaf Communications Passenger Guide
    • Braille Menus
    • Al Fajer Magazine Braille




Kiosk” or “info-kiosk” is another word for “information terminal” where people can do self-service tasks, such as (in case of an airport) looking up departure times, arrival times, which airlines are at which check-in counters, or get information about the airport terminal building, etc., etc.

  • New Ideas

We are always looking to insure that the people with special needs are given the best treatment by being their voice by participating in several related events & ceremonies to show the type of services that we provide as well to get close to them by hearing what their needs and try to provided to them in the near feature:

Events & Ceremonies


The special need department with the affiliation with our loyalty program from Alfursan department is introducing a renewed featured called “Friends of Alfursan”

Friend of Alfursan is basically a sub brand of Alfursan but will be handled by the Special Needs department through a special dedicated unit which is in an on call duty 24/7 to serve and help the disabled passenger either to be in board or on the ground

We have over 4000 disabled subscribed passenger with Alfursan Program

The Friends of Alfursan member is given an attractive mileage reward package as they are eligible to get a free ticket when they acquire 15,000 miles which is less than the requirement of a normal passenger (25,000 miles)

We are also building a dedicated call center for this purpose

All what need to be part of this program is to fill the application, a booklet and an Audio CD is also been developed for the peoples with low visions disability

Special frequent flier program


Membership Card

Special frequent flier program


Application Form

Special frequent flier program


Transed 2010

Hong Kong


Social Media Awareness


Support Program


Twitter & Face book


The world was a small village but with the social media the world became as small cup that the message can travel in matter of seconds to as many people around the world. That is why we took the opportunity to participate in this field with wide range of international and local audiences where the whole society now is looking towards and easy accessibility into travel.


Our aim is to improve Saudi Arabian Airlines’ image for unsatisfied passengers

  • Being available 14 hours on daily basis to answer any comments in a fast way and ensuring the voices of Special Needs is heard
  • It makes a big difference to our passengers when they know that who they are writing is a friend and cares which helps to regain his/her confidence

What we do with collected information


To ensure passengers’ trust and loyalty, complaints are:

  • Are referred to GM Customer Relation
  • Addressed on the spot on different stations


Valuable comments and suggestions to enhance services are received which are forwarded to concerned departments with in Saudia

helps to enhance services.



  • When unsatisfied customers are properly handled:
  • They becomes very loyal to Saudia
  • Their opinion about Saudia is changed


When questions asked regarding our services, we provide correct information to make their experience with Saudia memorable