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ASUS Rock Solid, Heart Touching! PowerPoint Presentation
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ASUS Rock Solid, Heart Touching!

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ASUS Rock Solid, Heart Touching! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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ASUS Rock Solid, Heart Touching!. Jonathan Tsang. ASUS Business Performance. Unit : US Million Dollars. Target. =. =. =. =. =. =. =. =. =. =. =. =. ASUS VISION. Digital home / Digital Person. Digital Office / Digital Automation. Commercial. Consumer. Pull. Pull. Push.

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ASUS Rock Solid, Heart Touching!

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    1. ASUS Rock Solid, Heart Touching! Jonathan Tsang

    2. ASUS Business Performance Unit : US Million Dollars Target

    3. = = = = = = = = = = = = ASUS VISION Digital home / Digital Person Digital Office / Digital Automation Commercial Consumer Pull Pull Push 3C Total Solution Provider Win-Win Technical (VAR, SI) Channel (Distributor,dealer) No.1 No.5 No.2 No2 System, Box, Solution DTP, NB, SVR, Game Box/ STB, Broad Band, Gateway/ Router/ AP/ Adapter,PDA, M. phone, PVR, IPC.. BB Game Box NB D/T No.1 No.5 Module, Device, S/W M/B, VGA,ODD, Comm. Card, AV card,SPS, Thermal, Chassis, .. No.1 No.1 M/B Wire less VGA ODD Component IC, PCB, Connector, Plastic, Metal .. 55 Million pcs

    4. NB DT MB 1% 4% Game Console 29% 10% BB VGA 13% PMP ODD 23% 16% SERVER PDA/MOBILE/ Asmobile Others ASUS Business Performance 2006 *estimated

    5. Stick to Results Focus on Fundamentals 精 準 Goal QBQ 精 實 Accurate Root cause Think Thru Execute Thru Accurate Execution Do the right thing Do the thing right KBP KPI Think Through, Execute Through Global view & from customer’s point of view 務實 崇本 Strategy 4P 設身處地 找出根源 Ask “Why” 5 times 徹底執行 看到成果 Make it happen Lean People Process 現地現物做中學Learning by doing on the spot As is To be 運籌帷幄 決勝千里 Simulation 綜觀全局 直指核心

    6. Think Through, Execute Through 內功 & 外功 謙: Humble. Respectful, Appreciate. 誠: Honest,Sincere,Loyal.有情有義. 勤: Diligent. 勤儉, 以身作則. 敏: Responsive & Creative 勇: 不計眼前名利,成就長期目標 屏除私心,不計個人毀譽, 做對的事,而不是對個人有利的事 宏觀 Global view 客觀 Customer’s point of view 微觀 Look into details 達觀 Nothing comes from nothing 共好 Gung-Ho Concept Integrity Through Proactive Start with the end in mind First Thing first Seek to understand then to be understood Think Win-Win Synergy Sharpen your saw 專業能力 - 4P 目標指向力 發現良策的能力 組織力 溝通及傳達能力 觸發動機的能力 培育能力 自我革新能力 Attitude Ability Who you are Where you are Where you are going FAB Effective Communication Fool Proof

    7. ASUS Business Performance • Ranked in “The INFOTECH 100” for 9 consecutive years (Business Week) • Best Manufacturer (Russia PC Magazine) • No.1 Manufacturer in Asia (German PC Direct ) • Best Quality from Taiwan ( Wall Street Journal ) • Best in quality, functionality and service (MIC)

    8. 2168 distinguished awards in 2006 4 Awards everyday G-Mark GD-award GOLD The 1st Chinese company in 50 years

    9. ASUS Business Performance • “National Award of Excellence” • ASUS won 40 “Symbols of Excellence” in 2005 • ASUS won 32 “Symbols of Excellence” in 2004 • ASUS won 19 “Symbols of Excellence” in 2003 National award of Excellence

    10. EMI TEST

    11. ACOUSTIC ANALYSIS • Heat • Flow • Fan Asus Acoustic Noise Chamber : Sound Power/Sound Pressure/Sound quality test Acoustic Camera scan to identify noise source.

    12. SHOCK TEST DROP TEST • Brand:L.A.B • Model # 886.24.32 • Count:1 • Dimensions: 143(W)×110(L)×290(H) • Nominal Specimen Weight: 90kgs • Minimum Pulse Width:1.0ms • Maximum Acceleration:600G • Brand: Lasmount • Model # PDT-56-ED • Count:1 • Dimensions: 92(W)×142(L)×270(H) • Maximum Specimen Weight:160lbs • Test Range:35in~190in SHOCK TEST



    15. Pro-Mechanica / ABAQUS for Structure Analysis Simulation and Verification - drop testing ABAQUS/Implicit: Static, Dynamics, Natural frequency, Harmonic response ABAQUS/Explicit: Drop test, Crushing, Shock test

    16. Mold flow simulation Simulation - Plastic Injection Molding Analysis Provide a useful tool for part designers, mold designers, material suppliers and molding operators. it helps to precisely predict variable distribution (including the melt front, temperature, pressure, shear stress, and volumetric shrinkage of the plastic materials) throughout the molding process Warp: Capability to analyze the out-of-mold part shrinkage and warpage behavior of injection molding process Fill/Pack: Capability to analyze the filling /packing stages of injection molding procedure. Cooling: Capability to analyze the cooling stages of injection molding procedure. .

    17. Optical simulation: Tracepro Simulation– Optical Simulation Trace one ray or million of rays into absorbed, transmitted, reflected and scattered components. Analyze output for luminance or irradiance, candela or intensity distribution, chromaticity, volume flux, stray light and other characteristics.

    18. Thermal Simulation Simulation – Thermal Ideas ESC v8.0 & Flotherm v4.2: Component level and System level Simulation Temperature Fluid field

    19. Titanium, Magnesium, Aluminum forming process – Co-working with Najiang Aero Space University and Taiwan Chunshan University TIM Lab

    20. 10μm 10μm 10μm Tech. Center -- Advanced Research for High Precise Machines & Plastic Molding Fundamental research in raw materials and process Die Casting Press Forging THX Molding 1. AZ31B板材結晶緻密 2. 製程最穩定 ,安全 ,清潔 , 製程少 1. AZ91D壓鑄產品充填密度不均勻 壓鑄缺料問題較射出少,但針孔瑕疵最多 2. 修補製程多 , 安全問題多 1. AZ91D半固態射出產品:結晶較大, 粒子結合 密度低, 射出缺料問題與針孔瑕疵多 2 .修補製程多 , 安全問題多

    21. Inner Strength:Thermal Temperature (0c)

    22. Inner StrengthNoise Reduction Technology (Air Flow Field Modification) • Air Pressure Inside the Drive With AFFM No AFFM

    23. Testing Result of Reading DVD Disc Extracted from PC Magazine Chinese Edition Inner Strength - DVD-ROM Reading

    24. Inner Strength: ODD Vibration Test ASUS Hello PC, Japan Hello PC, Japan

    25. Quality you can Trust Though burned in a fire, the ASUS notebook survive ( 2002/07/23 China ) ASUS notebooks are trustworthy for your data

    26. ASUS notebooks are trustworthy environments for your data Quality you can Trust Though burned on a stove, the ASUS notebook survive ( 2002/07/23 China )

    27. Quality you can Trust Still workable after dropped in a tank of solvent

    28. ASUS Notebook Zero defect in the space for more than 600 days

    29. ASUS Notebook OFF ROAD RACING 登山越野 The appreciation from ISRAEL cross-country racing Organizer ASUS Laptop computer was part of the PATAGONIA 2000 trip and played a major role for navigation tasks as a dynamic map display in conjunction with a sattelite GPS , as a communication center for e-mail communication and for video conference bi-directional video communication. Needless to mention that the computer survided well the severe condition of this streous voyage without a single flaw. Aviv Shweky

    30. ASUS Notebook A doctor use ASUS NBfor X ray data storage and analysis

    31. 在澳洲,緊急救援組織視 ASUS NB 為救護士一員

    32. ASUS Notebooks in France Asus NB positioning in Retail(2004) Sony Toshiba HPQ ASUS Brand Image Acer NEC CI Packard Bell Gericom Samsung Medion Fujitsu Siemens 2499 euro 999 euro 1499 euro 1999 euro

    33. ASUS Brand Image Source: PC professional Germany Reliability Performance/speed (No.1) Quality Asus IBM Dell Sony HP Compaq Design Experience with the maker (No.1)

    34. ASUS Business Performance • Taiwan Top 2 Global Brands (by Interbrand, 2006, 數位時代雙週)

    35. ASUS Motherboard ASUS Won Tom's Hardware Guide Readers‘ Choice in 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005 “Best Motherboard Brand” “ASUS climbs the winner platform with an overwhelming majority.“ -- Tom's Hardware Guide

    36. Digital Home MOBILE MULTIMEDIA Entertainment, Personal Pictures and Video, Services BROADBAND Entertainment, E-Business, Services MEDIA Pre-Recorded Content Personal Media Consumers want their devices to work together and share content BROADCAST Services, Entertainment Triple-play net

    37. Automobile Market Cruising Parking Driver • 3D Digital Audio • Personalized Experience • PIM / PDA • Location Based Service (LBS) • VoIP and Communication • Theatre Environment • A/V Content Editing • Photo Editing • Internet and Download • Mobile Computing Passenger • A/V Digital Entertainment • Gaming • Instant Messaging • Video Conferencing 1- & 2-Way Satellite Digital TV Broadcasting Satellite Station Service Center Internet AM/FM/RDS Broadcasting Internet ServiceProvider Home/OfficeComputer Local Area Network

    38. Solution & Value Red Ocean - Blue Ocean Responsive Creative • Compete in existing market space • Limited market space • Beat the competition • Value-cost trade off • Supply, Cost, Performance • Micro-margin • Value innovation • Company Image, Product Positioning • Demand creation • High Profit To meet or to lead the customer’s requirement

    39. Solution & Value The only way to beat the competition is to Stop tryingto beat the competition

    40. Think out of the box

    41. Purchasing Scenario Selling Scenario Usage Scenario

    42. Unique Features Value & Solutions AI Game Face Security Guard Thermal EMI Products are not made equal

    43. See and chat online PC games Enjoy TV & gaming simultaneously No more typing, just see & talk Better Gaming Experience Better Gaming Experience – ASUS GameFace Live World First Multi-user PC game communicator

    44. German PlayBoy以性感迷人形容 ASUS VX1 French L’EXPRESS 雜誌封面故事

    45. 順勢 藉勢 造勢 佈局 UK網站大幅報導ASUS S6真皮NB Netherlands 媒體報導 歐洲媒體專評 ASUS S6 皮製 NB

    46. Worldwide Service Centers ASUS Russia • OstravaPrague, Czech • ACM Juarez, Mexico ASUS Headquarter Taipei ◎ Value Stream + SOP + Check List Strategy People Process

    47. ASUS Headquarter-Taipei

    48. ASUS European Operation Center • Emmen, Netherlands • Ostrava, Czech AEOC Emmen Emmen Ostrava Ostrava