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7A Unit 1 This is me PowerPoint Presentation
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7A Unit 1 This is me

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7A Unit 1 This is me - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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7A Unit 1 This is me
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  1. 7AUnit 1 This is me Grammar

  2. Learning aims: 理解并掌握be动词在一般现在时中的用法; 2. 掌握一般现在时中含有be动词的肯定句、否定句、一般疑问句的构成与基本用法.

  3. About me I am a man teacher. I’m from Yangzhong. My name is E Youguo. My hobbies are fishing and reading. are am is

  4. Activity 1Let’s find the sentences with “ be” on P8 • I’m Millie. • I’m 12 years old. • My name is Simon. • I’m tall. • This is Sandy. • She is tall and slim. • Her hair is long. • This is Daniel. • He is from Nanjing. • He is short . • He is good at Maths.

  5. Activity 2 :Look and learn Be 动词 Be动词也叫系动词,表示“是”,具体体现形式有: 英语句子的时态是指句中谓语动词在不同的时间和状况下所使用的某种动词形式。 一般现在时表示:现在存在的状态或事实。 Eg: I am in Yangzhong now. We are Class 1 Grade 7 students. am, is, are, → 一般现在时态

  6. 能与不同的主语(subjects)连用

  7. I Activity 3: Look and say am I am “我是” =I’m Iam a girl. 我是一个女生。 =I’m a girl. Iam tall. 我是高的。 =I’m tall.

  8. 他是一个男生。 He He is a boy. He’s She is 她是一个女生。 She’s She is a girl. It 它是一只小狗。 It’s It is a dog. He is=He’s She is=She’s It is=It’s

  9. 你是一个男生。 你们是男生。 You You are a boy. You are boys. You’re are We 我们是朋友。 We’re We are friends. They 他们是同班同学。 They are classmates. They’re You are= You’re We are= We’re They are= They’re

  10. 与普通名词连用 (1)单数名词 + is (2)复数名词 + are is The teacher ________tall and slim. are The students ______very happy.

  11. am, is, are 与不同主语连用口诀 我用am 你用are Is用于他,她,它, 单数名词用is 凡是复数全用are I am a boy. You are smart. She is beautiful. He is a student. It is short. The apple is red. Footballs are round.

  12. Activity 4: Finish the exercises 用“be”的正确形式填空 1.I ____ a tall girl. 2. You___ Lily, right? 3.She ____ my twin sister. 4.We ____ good friends. 5.Millie and Sandy ____ good students. 6.The girls ____ from America. am are is are are are

  13. I her teachers he his friend you my brothers Activity 5: Let’s play a game VS VS are am is Lucy’s cat our parents

  14. I am a teacher. I amnot a doctor. We arenot in the park. We are in the classroom.

  15. Activity 6: Change into negative sentences be动词的否定句 主语 + be + not+ others am not≠ amn’t am + = not is is not\ isn’t are are not\ aren’t

  16. 变否定,很容易,be后not莫忘记。 • 将下列句子改为否定句 • This is a box. • I’m a student. • They are my classmates. is not/ isn’t This a box. am not I ________a student. are not/ aren’t They my classmates.

  17. Activity 7: Change into question sentences be动词的疑问句以及回答方式 He is a teacher. be动词提句首 Is he a teacher? 肯定:Yes, he is. 否定:No, he isn’t. They are classmates. be动词提句首 Are they classmates? 在一般疑问句的肯定回答中不能用缩写形式 肯定:Yes, they are. 否定:No, they aren’t.

  18. 变疑问,be提前,句末问号莫丢弃。 Fill in the blanks 1. It is a reading room. ____ it a reading room? Yes, it ____. 2. They are classmates. ____they classmates? No, they _____. 3. Eddie is Hobo’s master. _____ Eddie Hobo’s master? No, it ____. is Is Are aren’t Is isn’t

  19. Activity 8: Make a conclusion Be动词用法口诀 我用am,你用are,is用于他,她,它;单数名词用is,凡是复数全用are。变否定,很容易,be后not莫忘记。 变疑问,be提前,句末问号莫丢弃。 否定疑问任你变,句首大写莫迟疑。

  20. Activity9:Finish the exercises

  21. A. Help Millie complete the sentences with the correct forms of the verb to be. am 1. My name is Millie. I _____ 12 years old. 2. Hello, ______ you Simon? 3. They ____ my classmates. We ____ in Grade 7. 4. Look, Sandy _____ over there. 5. Mr Wu _____ our English teacher. 6. _____ our school nice, boys and girls? are are are is is Is Exercise

  22. B. Millie is talking to her new friends. Complete their conversation with the correct forms of the verb to be. is Millie: Hi, Sandy. Our school ____ big. Sandy: Yes, it _____. The classrooms _____ big too. Simon: Our teachers _____ nice. Mr Wu _____ a good teacher. Sandy: ______ he our Chinese teacher? Millie: No, he _____________. He _____ our English teacher. Simon: ______ you good at English, Sandy? Sandy: No, I ________. is are are is Is is not / isn’t is Are Exercise am not

  23. 句型转换 1. His cousin is good at swimming.(改为否定句) ___________________________________ 2. Those boys are from Beijing.(改为一般疑问句,并做否定回答) ———————————————————— 3. He is in Class 1, Grade 8.(对划线部分提问) ——————————— His cousinisn’tgood at swimming. Arethose boys from Beijing? No, they aren’t. What classis he in?

  24. 4.mother’s, is, my, long, hair (连词成句) ————————————— 5. teachers, they, doctors, are ,or (连词成句) ————————————————— 6. Sandy is my classmate. (改为否定句) ______________________________ My mother’s hair is long. Are they teachers or doctors? Sandy isn’t/is not my classmate.

  25. 1.完善课堂笔记 2.课课练

  26. Thank you