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OPENSTA and ColdFusion

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OPENSTA and ColdFusion - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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OPENSTA and ColdFusion. Using Open STA for load and functional testing ColdFusion based applications. What is Open STA. Open Source Testing Tool Used to be a product called Cyrano Written in C++, currently windows only

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opensta and coldfusion

OPENSTA and ColdFusion

Using Open STA for load and functional testing ColdFusion based applications

what is open sta
What is Open STA
  • Open Source Testing Tool
  • Used to be a product called Cyrano
  • Written in C++, currently windows only
  • It is actually two tools the Open Sta commander and the Open STA gateway.
why use a testing tool
Why Use a Testing Tool
  • Automate tedious jobs
  • Increase code quality
  • Decrease time debugging
  • Increase predictability
  • Create real benchmarks and metrics for planning
open sta vs ms wast
  • Open STA is open source
  • Has richer functionality
  • Less issues with SSL
  • Great support and development community
how open sta works
How Open STA works
  • Commander and Gateway
  • Scripts, Collectors, and Tests
creating a script
Creating a Script
  • Create a new script name
  • Setup your browser
  • Record a session
some comments on creating scripts
Some Comments on Creating Scripts
  • Try to break down your scripts to use cases for functional testing. Remember you can combine many small tests into on big test.
  • Get with real stakeholders for modeling realistic tests.
create a collector
Create a Collector
  • Collectors are just Win NT perfmon counters.
  • You need to have CF counter on in the admin
  • Model your counters in Perfmon
  • Then build a collector, collector can have any number of counters
create a test
Create a Test
  • Create a new test
  • Add your scripts
  • Add your counters
  • Adjust virtual users, monitors, ramp up time etc.
  • Tests can be changed in real time!
  • Open STA Analytics are virtually nonexistent
  • You need to use some other tool but most of the time Excel should be sufficient.
tuning coldfusion
Tuning ColdFusion
  • JVM
  • Testing and tuning for performance
basic jvm settings
Basic JVM Settings
  • Basic Settings for Performance
  • Heap VS. Perm
  • Monitoring the JVM
  • Tuning the JVM
  • Getting to know the JVM
jvm resources
JVM Resources

More JVM and Java performance references:

  • The JVM FAQ:
  • Sun Java 1.4 Performance and Scalability Guide:
  • Sun JVM Specification
  • Resource on Tuning CF:
  • IBM Article on Tuning a BlueDragon CFML Site:
jrun xml
  • Services (Scheduler VS. Proxy)
  • Active Threads
  • Min and Max threads
  • Timeout
  • Testing increases usability
  • Increases predictability
  • Lowers development cost
  • Makes people happy