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Nursery Enterprise Project PowerPoint Presentation
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Nursery Enterprise Project

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Nursery Enterprise Project
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Nursery Enterprise Project

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  1. Nursery Enterprise Project Canvas Handprint Art

  2. Learning Overview • To plan a project to enhance the curriculum by extending it into fund raising and enterprise • Funds raised to be used to buy class equipment and resources • Through these activities pupils will develop basic entrepreneurial skills, team working and working with others • The project will support all areas of learning and will particularly enhance pupils’ financial understanding and skills in • handling money and coin recognition • calculating totals • awareness that there is a cost element in the production of items on offer for sale • concept of profit

  3. Class Thinking Web “How do you get money?” “In the shop” “My mummy / daddy” “In my pocket” “It’s in my teddy bear (money box) “I got money at my home” “Put the card in the machine, it gives you pounds”

  4. Class Discussion “What do you spend money on?” • Toys • Sweets • Stickers • Drink • Car(toy)

  5. Class Discussion “How could we raise money in Nursery?” We talked about this but it was a difficult concept for children to grasp without any prior experience so Sam (Nursery Nurse) and myself (Class teacher) engaged in role-play. We each decided on something to make and sell to parents. We then asked children to decide in talking partners, which idea they preferred • Planting a seed and growing a plant • Buying a blank canvas and painting on it Market Research We discussed ‘market research’ and told children they should ask their parents which they would prefer to buy. Children went home with a simple tick sheet for their parents to complete. When the slips were returned, we sorted and counted them and chose the one with greater ‘demand’ – canvas art

  6. Class Discussion “Where do we start?” We need: • Blank canvases (£1 each from pound shop) • Paint • Ideas / inspiration • Money to buy blank canvases (kitty from office)

  7. A Little Trip to Poundland • We took the tram to the Parade. Each child was given £1 to spend on a canvas • When we got back we talked about the jar of money (kitty) being empty but demonstrated how spending some money can make more money

  8. Production • Children researched on the internet to find the handprint art they wanted to create • Children then created their masterpiece

  9. Advertisement • Children made posters to advertise the canvases for sale • Children wrote invitations to parents

  10. Selling • We organised an ‘Art Gallery’ for parents to visit and purchase a canvas • Children put the money into the jar and watched as it became full • Children looked through the catalogues to find new resources for Nursery • We bought blank canvases for £1 and sold painted ones for £4 so made a profit of £3 on each one. All children sold their canvas and parents and staff put in orders for more canvases!