mrs manton s class letters to a veteran n.
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Mrs. Manton’s Class Letters to a Veteran PowerPoint Presentation
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Mrs. Manton’s Class Letters to a Veteran

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Mrs. Manton’s Class Letters to a Veteran - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Mrs. Manton’s Class Letters to a Veteran

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  1. Mrs. Manton’sClass Letters to a Veteran

  2. DEAR veteran Inghegouoyforsaveo Love BROOKE

  3. Dear veterans T hank you for fighting for our country. you guys do a good job. We are talking you right now. Thank you for everything. Love, Brooks Mitchell.

  4. Dear ugl Mil You wrbafUifsNlthetal You from firn. Yo were brav. live abby

  5. Dear veteran Tnak you foorfitegfoor are cunchre .merica I wish my dad was on yoor team .i wish you cood win evrewor I wood like it a lot.lovealex

  6. Deregreatgrandpa Thank you for serveng are contrey I thenk I wosent born win you servud I know you wont be arawndmutch longer but yorstil alive love brendan

  7. Dear veteran Thank you fore srving our country and fighting fore our country love chloe

  8. Dear veterns I Hnbounuv my Grat Gat Grandf a T0 . His navwschristian . His bsindjas Eorfrandchritan

  9. Dear cropo To jon that ome to be a cadim for thuotommes so tha can fit tac you for hereg us love taryn

  10. Dorgrap wsitere hews adodr it hyr me. love sawyer

  11. Dear veteran What bid you do for us it was niecfosaveg are tumn. Bandan I love you. Don. T ginthritbenkples us muroyronen Love ella

  12. Dear g pouwy I like h owyeu took me To the mte bas Tuforfihne LOV ETHAN

  13. Dear grampoe Thank you for helpeng are conchrethea are nice and helfol. Thea save or lives. Love preston

  14. Dear Veteran, Thank you for serving our country. You help make our country a better place to live. We honor you because you fought hard and never gave up. You are brave to protect our country and make it free. Love, Mrs. Manton

  15. danrvatrin I like how you are fiten for us butyounavrlgivup Love Zack

  16. Dear tone I lik that you hav the samnam as mi dad . You thepl the can . luv giana

  17. Dear granddadyneal Thankyou for saveingpepole. Fighting for us and helping pepole and being brave Love holland

  18. dearveteran You mad my lifbttrt day is the bes day evr in my osllif you are brabev what is it like in the aerme love izzy

  19. Dear Granp Thnkyou for sirving are contee. One of the veterans talld me that you did from the jet love kaleb

  20. Der pop thae you for fitennith the amut. Was it fun? Love katie

  21. Dear dad Feco for savegoerwrld.andoll my frens or happy for you and my to and feco for fidig the odrs that aerro .. woneg or wrld and weteawtgedeghrt Love nicquet